PF blasts reactionary American Catholics who oppose church reform

Discussion in 'Pope Francis' started by BrianK, Aug 28, 2023.

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    Padre Pio had wise advise concerning this to his Spiritual Children. He advised them ,after having fallen into sin simply to repent dust themselves down and get into action again without a backward glance. Anything else coming from the evil one.

    I recall a vision of Jesus a very holy French nun had and she started at once to apologise for a sin she had committed. Jesus looked at her blankly with no idea what she was talking about. He went on to explain that sins confessed in confession were wiped clean. As though they never existed. He not only forgave but totally forgot.

    When St Paul in Romans informs us that for those who love God all things work together for the good, He really does mean ALL things ,even our sins. Thus even our sins serve for our sanctification.

    Only God could do this.

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    If we're in no position to judge whether someone is validly pope or not, then who are we to judge what this pope is saying regarding faith and morals? Until our direct authorities tell us otherwise, shouldn't we just believe whatever he says regarding faith, morals, and how the Church should be behaving in our times? As I've heard often here we are just the laity and have no right to question his position . Also I'm not sure who the 'authorities' might be as we already have Archbishop Vigano calling him a heretical false prophet.

    Please explain to me how, on the one hand, we can clutch our pearls in horror at what he says, but on the other, swear up and down that's he's the pope as a fact that we have no right to question.
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    It's not what he's saying, it's what he is implying by his actions. If he came right out and said what he was up to he would be one dead duck.

    He says what he thinks not by what he openly proclaims but by his actions.

    It was Jesus Himself who said that by their fruits you shall know them. Popes are included in this.

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    We have 2000 years of Catholic Tradition as our guide. A pope can only guard and pass on the Truths handed down to him by the apostles. He can’t make it up as he goes. Development of doctrine does not change Church teachings 180 degrees on its head. It can’t. Anyone who insists otherwise - even a pope - is wrong and must be resisted.

    If a pope deviates from the Truth, we owe no false obedience to his error.

    Me personally? I suspect he is an antipope.

    But I can’t make that claim publicly - that he IS an antipope- until The Church makes that determination. If and when they will do so is anyone’s guess.

    And I very well could be proven completely wrong in this regard in the long run.
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    This is correct. Our understanding rests on the Hierarchical nature of the the Church with the Twelve Apostles, like the twelve tribes of Israel as it's twelve foundation stones and Peter as the Rock on which it rests.

    It is up to those who stand in the footsteps of the Apostles to action this. Either this or Christ Himself to intervene directly in order to save His Bride the Church.

    I have no doubt whatsoever He will do so.

    It is His Church and He himself will take care of it.

    He may be leaving it to the very last minute and giving lots of folks heart failure. But that is up to Himself too.
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    None of this is easy. But Jesus never promised us an easy ride.

    We'll just have to trust. Trust and pray and hope.

    Doing as Padre Pio advised and not worry may be a step to far. But it wouldn't do any harm to try that too.
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    They are after catechism 2357.

    Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. CCC.2357

    Four words that the modernists need to change in order to "enlarge the tent" as they are an obstacle to their progressive and diabolical plan.

    They believe the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah is a myth. They are the same people who want to rehabilitate Judas. The Synod on synodality agenda is proof of the diabolical disorientation mentioned by Sister Lucia of Fatima that indeed the smoke of Satan is blowing freely through the Vatican.

    It now becomes a priority that the written part of the 3rd secret is released as it surely speaks directly to this time and this pontificate.
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    Agree 100%.
    Their blindness about the truth of the Scriptures is frightening. Jesus referenced Sodom. Was He quoting myths? He spoke of Noah and Jonah. Was He telling tales? Of course not. He above all people knew the truth of all the Scriptures. The arrogance and pride of so called biblical scholars is staggering.
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  11. They are gaslighting us too. Some of these scholars said that the reason why Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed is because of social justice, i.e. they do not help the poor. This is their propaganda cover...
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  12. This is true. Another story is that of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque during the apparitions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Her confessor St. Claude asked her for proof of her visions , so he ordered her to ask our Lord Jesus what was the last mortal sin that St. Claude confessed.

    When St. Margaret Mary asked this to our Lord Jesus, He simply said , "I don't remember..."
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    That is one thing God does that is very, very difficult for us to do. We can forgive, often with great difficulty but we never can forget, not really. But what we can do at least is kind of bury things in love.

    I was talking to a couple of Catholics a while back who were very holy. What struck me about them was their great charity. They always looked at the kindest most positive way at looking at people and things. But they did so quite effortlessly, they did not seem even to have to try. When the conversation moved on to topics that might involve uncharity they swiftly changed the subject. Again this was not an artificial thing, it was an outflowing of their love.

    This was not some kind of false niceness or pink cloud in the sky stuff, it was a based on a real understanding and perception of people and life around them. It is just everything was buried in their love. They had a very clear hard nosed understanding of all that is going on the Church. But everything coated in a deep love.

    It is wonderful to meet people whose very lives are sermons. When you meet a person who is charitable they really, really stand out. Years ago I knew one such who was a Passionist Brother called Brother Martin who had a great reputation for sanctity. He used to before he joined religious life work in a brewery where there was a lot of bad talk and cursing, but even his hard boiled fellow workers toned down their talk and behaved themselves in his presence ; they just knew he was different.

    I was very immature and I admit something of a nasty piece of work back then and used to test him in conversation to see if I could get him to say something negative about people, but I always failed. I could also tell he found me a great pain the ass but he never showed this by the last sign or comment, only by observing him closely could I tell.

    Such people are not only a light but are Prophetic, they teach us what it is possible for us to be if only we respond to God's grace . It is one thing to read about a saint , quite another to actually talk to one and it is really quite something.

    The Mother of Sorrows teaches us everything about forgiveness. She never had to pause to forgive it was always immediate and constant. She did not so much bury wrong doings as incinerate them in the fires of love which poured from her maternal heart.

    I love the saying of the Desert Fathers,

    'Punish your enemies by pouring down hot coals of charity on their heads'.


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