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    With a notice of increasing personal attacks between forum members I have decided to create a new rule on how to deal with such....

    If you disagree with another members post by all means disagree...

    Do not resort to personal attack on any members character (if you cant win your argument by being intelligent without resorting to childish slander then leave the debate..)

    If you feel that you or any other member has been the victim of a personal attack (Report It ).

    Any post that is a personal attack on any member will be deleted ...Period no reason will be given ...

    If a member continues to behave in this manner and attack other members characters they will be asked to refrain and receive a polite warning if they continue they will receive a time out ban of one week.

    After that ban has been lifted and if they continue with inappropriate behaviour the ban will be permanent...

    If you have a gripe with any other member you can chose to ignore them, or resolve by sending them a private message.

    PLEASE DO NOT air your grievance publicly on any of the threads..

    I hope this is all CRYSTAL CLEAR..

    Enjoy your time on the forum...

    God Bless John
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