Perseverance in Faith:

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    Could someone share in this topic examples of saints and everyday people who persevered years in prayer for an intention and in the end they were answered? I always remember Saint Monica praying for 33 years for the conversion of her son Agostine who would become the most famous name in Patristics; but I would like to read more about these faith-invigorating examples.

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    There is a priest from the 19th century who converted from Judaism and prayed and prayed and prayed for years for his mother's conversion but she absolutely refused. Even on her death bed. It seemed he had implored heaven in vain. But then a very holy Catholic mystic sent to him the message that Our Lady prevailed on her Son to give the mother at last moment of life perfect contrition and a desire for baptism. His mother was saved. I heard about this on senses fidelity but I don't remember his name. Very sorry.:):(
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