Persecution of Irish Patriots

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    I have been pleased to see the actions of some Irish Patriots like Niall McConnell from Donegal who entered Knock Shrine on the 15th August to pray the Rosary at the Shrine which was locked because the Church has surrendered itself to the secular fascists.

    Niall revealed today that he received a 'fine' because a copy of his newspaper The Irish Patriot was found on the street in the town of Monaghan. He wasn't in Monaghan on the day in question so will fight this in the courts.

    In addition Niall reveals in this video that the council is going to remove the ancient 6th century Celtic High-Cross from the centre of the town of Clones. They claim it is unstable but of course the real reason is to appease the newcomers who happen to be Muslims.

    Clones High Cross Day of Action!

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    Niall McConnell tells the truth about Abortion --

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    As though limiting the murder of the unborn to a mere 13,000 should be seen as a form of merciful restraint on Pearse Doherty's part! Such devilish deception!

    Lord have Mercy!
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    God bless Niall McConnell. God is raising up Knights again. Real bravery against a different kind of dragon. St George St Michael St Patrick protect him.
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