People use to go to Communion less in the past...

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by TinNM, Jun 28, 2021.

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    This is something I have wrestled with. The good Bishop Paprocki was saying how in the past, sometimes people went only a few times a year because they needed to make a full confession.. and I could empathize with that. At times, I have not gone for months at a time because I didn't feel like my soul really was in a proper condition to go if not in a state of mortal sin. I could relate to what he was saying. It's not for me to judge but I know at church sometimes one goes and it seems like everyone almost is standing in line but are the lines to reconciliation, to confession ever that long?? I found it interesting that he mentioned this.

    Some books by Bishop Paprocki, they mentioned his latest on the show: Books - Diocese of Springfield in Illinois
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    I will often refrain if I am not in a proper recollected frame of mind. I made many sacrilegious Communions in my youth. I have a horror of ever doing that again. It has probably made me hyper-aware.
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    I don't think I'm ever in a good enough frame of mind to receive Jesus worthily in Communion, so after making the Act of Love, I ask Mary to receive Him for me, within me. Thanks be to God, love covers and transforms weakness and imperfection.
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    I find this quote from Jesus to St. Fautina very helpful to me. D45751FC-28DA-4226-AFE1-175FB36516CF.jpeg
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    Yes! When I recently heard that most people wouldn't receive Communion several decades ago, that made me sad. I think unless you're in mortal sin, you should go to Jesus and receive Him, because it's not a reward for being perfect or worthy... It's you and Jesus loving each other so much you can't bear to be apart! He's not looking at your faults when you run to Him with love!

    This is entirely different from someone in unrepentant serious sin who is taking Communion out of habit, keeping up appearances, or out of a sense of being owed the Eucharist as long as they say they're Catholic.
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    St Pius X encouraged frequent reception of Holy Communion.
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    This is very helpful. Thanks.

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