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  1. "The Church will become small. . . . " - Pope Benedict XVI

    We're watching what I call the parody of a pope.

    Francis sends McCarrick as a political envoy to China. That would be like Jimmy Carter sending John Wayne Gacy to talk to the Iranians during the Embassy takeover in the late 70s.

    Francis sits mum, while Hong Kong is terrorized.

    He'd rather spend lots of time with Jeffrey Sachs, where the two of them can fret about the climate.

    He should be spending all of his waking time, in a more noble fashion, gathering together a coalition, to form a consensus, and formulate a plan, to put forward in motion, the eradication and expulsion, of all sexual predator pedophiles, homosexuals, Luciferian loving Freemasons and Communist clergy members from the Church.

    Yes, the Church will become smaller, as Benedict predicted. It must eventually in order to survive.

    "The smoke of Satan has entered the Church" - Pope Paul VI

    We could say "the smoke of Satan" entered during the forming of the Church, through the actions of Judas.

    The Church has been systematically destroyed, little by little from within.

    Whereas Judas was the foundational stone, then brick by brick came others. A hideous pile of dung has been built over the Church, in an attempt to crush it.

    It looks more and more like Francis is the capstone.

    I hope and pray I am wrong.
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    HIGHLIGHTS:eek::eek: --

    “Church organisations and agencies, quite apart from the good intentions of their individual members, sometimes end up turning in on themselves, devoting energy and attention primarily to promoting themselves and to advertising their own initiatives”

    “Control anxiety”
    “Institutions and agencies sometimes set out to help ecclesial communities by employing the gifts generated in them by the Holy Spirit, yet over time they presume to exercise supremacy and control over the very communities they are meant to serve”

    “An elitist feeling, the unspoken notion of belonging to an aristocracy, takes hold at times among those who are part of groups and organized institutions in the Church: a superior class of specialists who strive to increase their own influence in collusion or in competition with other ecclesiastical elites, and train their members according to secular notions of activism or technical-professional competence, but always with the main goal of promoting their own oligarchic privileges”

    “Isolation from the people”
    “The elitist temptation in some organisations connected to the Church can be accompanied at times by a sentiment of superiority and of intolerance towards the rest of the baptised, towards the people of God who may attend parishes and visit shrines, but are not ‘activists’ busy in Catholic organisations”

    “Once they become self-absorbed, institutions and entities connected to the Church lose contact with reality”

    “Self-absorbed and elitist organisations, even within the Church, often end up staking everything on the imitation of secular models of worldly efficiency, like those rooted in competition, whether economic or social”

    Summing up all those “pathologies”, the Pope warned that “a Church afraid of entrusting herself to the grace of Christ and focusing on the efficiency of its bureaucracy is already dead, even if structures and programmes that favour the interest of ‘self-absorbed’ clergy or lay people linger for centuries”.

    Starting again: “criteria and starting points” for authentic mission

    To overcome the pitfalls associated with relying on Church members’ own initiatives, instead of God’s grace – and to clearly distinguish the Church’s confession of faith for what it is, “something different from all political, cultural, psychological or religious forms of proselytism” – the Pope proposed again a series of “criteria and starting points” for mission he set out in his 2013 apostolic exhortation Evangelii gaudium:

    “The joy that radiates from those attracted by Christ and by his Spirit is what can make any missionary initiative fruitful”

    “Gratitude and Gratuitousness”
    “Only in the freedom of gratitude can one truly know the Lord, whereas it is useless and above all improper to insist on presenting missionary activity and the proclamation of the Gospel as if they were a binding duty, a kind of “contractual obligation” on the part of the baptised”

    “One can never think of serving the Church’s mission by employing arrogance as individuals and through bureaucracies, with the pride of one who misunderstands even the gift of the sacraments and the most authentic words of the Christian faith, seeing them as merited rewards”

    “To facilitate, not to complicate”
    “The Church is not a customs office and anyone who participates in the mission of the Church is called not to impose unnecessary burdens on people already worn out or to require demanding programmes of formation in order to enjoy what the Lord gives easily, or to erect obstacles to the will of Jesus, who prays for each of us and wants to heal and save everyone”

    “Proximity to life ‘in progress’”
    “Jesus met his first disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee while they were focused on their work. He did not meet them at a convention, a training workshop, or in the Temple. It has always been the case that the proclamation of Jesus’ salvation reaches people right where they are and just how they are”

    “The ‘sensus fidei’ of the People of God”
    “There is one reality in the world that has a kind of ‘feel’ for the Holy Spirit and his workings. It is the People of God, called and loved by Jesus, who for their part continue to seek him amid the difficulties of their lives”

    “A special care for the little ones and the poor”
    “Those directly involved with the Church’s missionary initiatives and structures should never justify their lack of concern for the poor with the excuse, widely used in particular ecclesiastical circles, of having to concentrate their energies on certain priorities for the mission. For the Church, a preference for the poor is not optional”

    “Leaving room for the Holy Spirit”
    The Pope illustrated the necessity of moving past the “pitfalls and pathologies” of a self-centred Church to the new criteria he proposed for mission by pointing to those “many situations” in Catholic life today where he said “the primacy of grace appears to be no more than a theoretical concept or an abstract formulation”.

    “Many initiatives and entities connected to the Church end up being concerned only with themselves”, Francis deplored, adding that “many ecclesiastical establishments, at every level, seem to be swallowed up by the obsession of promoting themselves and their own initiatives, as if that were the objective and goal of their mission”.

    It is imperative the Church leave behind the “presumption of self-sufficiency” and “the temptation to commandeer Christ’s flesh, ascended to heaven, for narrowly ‘clerical’ projects and aims”, the Pope cautioned.

    At stake, he said, is nothing less than “leaving room for the working of the Holy Spirit”.

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    POPE ANNOUNCES EXCITING NEW REFORMS IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH (note just a parody written by myself not Pope Francis;))

    'A Church afraid of entrusting herself to the grace of Christ and focusing on the efficiency of its bureaucracy is already dead'.


    Pope Francis has announced that since all religions are willed by God then there is no need for 'mission'. The Pope says that it doesn't matter what religion you belong to since they are all equal. It is time to wind down the missions. Baptism is not necessary for salvation so the missions are not needed. Missions will close at the end of 2020.

    The 'People of God' that is all who love Jesus have no need for the celibate priesthood because clericalism is a form of elitism contradicting the truth that all are equal in the eyes of God. So the Pope has decided that the Presbyterian way is best form -- that it is the people who will elect their pastor priests in a democratic manner. Presbyteries will be able to elect their pastors from the beginning of 2022.

    From 2023 the Pope will no longer carry the title Vicar of Christ but will be only known as the Bishop of Rome. Humility is the road to unity. All Christian churches will unite from 2024. The umbrella of unity is the work of the Holy Spirit. A new pachamama ecumenical service will be introduced at the same time, which can be said by laity or pastors, male or female since there is no division in Christ. Unity through diversity.

    An ambitious plan to be completed by 2025 is to make all church buildings sustainable. Stained glass windows will be replaced by solar panels in order to cut costs and reduce carbon footprint. Car parks will be closed at all churches and the faithful must walk to Church. Holy water fonts are to be taken out of all churches and replaced with hand sanitiser dispensers for fear of cross contamination. Gloves will be provided for the sign of the peace.

    The Pope is concerned about the complex lives that the people of God find themselves in. As a result of reflection on the complexities of modern life and the situations that the people of God endure it has been decided that from 2025 the Ten commandments will be relaxed for those living in 'concrete situations'. Sabbath obligations are no longer required if one needs a lie in on a Sunday to refresh the body from a hard weeks work. Adultery is not as serious as it used to be since we live in a permissive society. So those in second unions can receive communion after a chat with their pastor. Those in 3rd or 4th unions need to be accompanied by the pastor in dialogue. Those in 5th or 6th unions can just forget about church --- you have too many other things on your mind. Homosexual couples are welcome to the table of the Lord since none of the ten commandments apply to this minority group on the margins.

    The new synodal path has revealed that the Church was wrong to impose rules and regulations on the faithful. This is a form of spiritual terrorism. The Church proposes a year of repentance for the sin of indoctrination. The primacy of Conscience must be at the centre of all things. A new encyclical on conscience will be published in 2030 to coincide with the Year of Repentance.
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    The Red Pope
    Written by Elizabeth Yore
    (48 votes)

    Francis has cast his lot with the Communists and red smoke enshrouds the Catholic Church. In the words of Cardinal Joseph Zen, Francis “delivered the Church into the hands of the enemy.

    Nobody has any illusion about Red determination to eliminate all religion.” - Shanghai Bishop James E. Walsh, Imprisoned by the CCP for 12 years (1958-70) for refusing to join the Patriotic Church.

    ON MARCH 13, 2013, white smoke billowed out of the Sistine Chapel chimney, signaling a newly elected pontiff. Cheers erupted from the crowd in St. Peter’s Square, “Habemus Papa.” On that portentous spring evening, the huge Vatican campanone bell bellowed throughout the chilly Roman evening air. Emerging onto the loggia, sans papal stole, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., the first Jesuit pontiff— the first Black Pope appeared before the multitude.

    The stage was set for a new papacy.

    Exit stage Left…. the Black Pope fades to Red. [​IMG]

    On that March evening, the Church militant were unaware of the impending danger that would befall them. With the curious and startling resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the foundation of the Catholic Church seemed to be teetering, the ground was shifting, something was afoot, but the change was intangible and amorphous.

    Time would tell.

    Seemingly, the tumultuous events surrounding the papal handover were eerily suggestive of the ominous words of Vladimir Lenin: “Sometimes, history needs a push.”

    Jorge Bergoglio provided that historical push. His election would soon demonstrate that the Catholic Church was experiencing a titanic rupture, propelling the barque of Peter into treacherous waters, driven by dark forces, and engulfed by red skies. At the helm, Jorge Bergoglio, and his cadre of communist clerics and cohorts, steering the Catholic Church into the dark abyss of communism.

    Seven very long and tumultuous years later, consensus builds that Bergoglio, the Black Pope, governs as the first Red Pope, a sympathetic, secretive, and cunning ally of the world’s atheistic, repressive and violent Communist regimes. The omens emerge as Bergoglio donned his red moniker, a cross with the crucified Jesus Christ, embedded with the hammer and sickle, the symbol of the atheistic communism.

    [​IMG]Communist Evo Morales gifting Francis with a Hammer and Sickle Crucifix.

    Papal court of Communist sympathizers- Sorondo and McCarrick

    Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, known as a flack for China with his outrageous and preposterous defense of Communist China as “the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine,” or praises of the Xi government “for observing the common good.” At an organ trafficking conference where China was a participant, Bishop Sorondo unctuously stated:

    China could be a model we need today to respond to globalization, a model for the dignity and freedom of human beings, a model for the eradication of the new kind of slaver-organ trafficking.

    For the hideous truth of China’s Organ Trafficking Program, see the independent China Tribunal findings here.

    Sorondo described the critics of the China-Vatican pact “as merely a loud minority.” Shockingly, he also praised the world’s biggest polluter, China for its “fight against poverty and pollution.”

    Communist China Secret Deal: Papal Priority

    June 2013

    Only 3 months into his papacy, Francis dispatches the notorious serial sexual predator and alleged Communist operative, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to initiate negotiations with the brutal Communist regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Despite the fact that Archbishop Carlo Mario Vigano personally informs Francis that McCarrick is a documented sexual predator. The Pope disregards Viagno’s warning and sends McCarrick to China to restart talks with the Chinese Communists on behalf of the Vatican. [​IMG]

    Both Vigano and McCarrick’s Rome secretary, Msgr. Figuereido confirm that McCarrick is the Pope’s personal choice to serve as diplomatic envoy to Communist China. McCarrick would travel to China a number of times on behalf of Francis, and meet with Communist officials over a potential deal with the Holy See. Ultimately, McCarrick’s trips result in the calamitous secret September 22, 2018 Vatican-China agreement, which according to Cardinal Joseph Zen, would “drive the faithful Underground Catholic Church further underground” and trigger a massive surge in widespread religious persecutions by the Communist government.

    [​IMG]Jeffrey Sachs, UN Special Advisor on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, papal consultant, who spoke at the Francis Vatican at least 30 times.

    Francis’ Support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals- the United Nations Communist Climate Manifesto

    July 1, 2013

    The following month, on July 1, 2013, United Nations official, Jeffrey Sachs, is honored by the Vatican with the prestigious lecture, Vatican Lectio Marginalis at Sorondo's Pontifical Academy. Sachs will become a close collaborator of the Pope, a fixture at the Vatican, as he directs the papal climate change agenda in close conjunction with the UN and Paris Climate Treaty.

    More here:
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    Amazing! He has met with Jeffrey Sachs 30 times but does not have time to meet with any of the dubya cardinals! If he wasn't the pope I would call him a satanist.
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    "He should be spending all of his waking time, in a more noble fashion, gathering together a coalition, to form a consensus, and formulate a plan, to put forward in motion, the eradication and expulsion, of all sexual predator pedophiles, homosexuals, Luciferian loving Freemasons and Communist clergy members from the Church".

    Alas, that should have been the priority of the Pontives when all the above became known to them. Yes Francis is to hlame but he's not the only one.
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    You're looking more correct every day.
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    I was listening to Ann Barnhardt's latest podcast. Her contacts are telling her that Pope Francis will likely resign this year and another pope will be elected. Then we'll have threeo_O The front runner for next pope is Cardinal Tagle from the Phillipines. Tagle shares Francis' views and opinions. Moreover he has a big problem: a lot of gambling debt in Macau which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. Crazy times.
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    :)I have found it a great source of peace to kind of forget about Pope Francis. I can't really change any of his various goings on and reading about them only upsets. Its a bit like having a toothache , if you try not to think about it the pain grows a lot less.

    Funny enough the way the Holy Father thinks about a much younger self, just before I lost my Faith. He thinks exactly as I used to do about things. I had an answer for everything. I was really, really, really hard to stick. This makes me so sad.
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  11. AED

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    This "dry rot" goes way back I'm afraid. The 19th century at least--i remember reading the life of Pere Lame who was shown by the Blessed Mother the seminaries in France before WWI. Very very bad.
  12. AED

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    I hold on to these words by Our Lady of Good Success "when all seems lost all will be saved".
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    I think that he and Cardinal Parolin are the most likely successors to Francis, the first being openly liberal and the second alternating between liberal and conservative at times.
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    Yes I try to ignore all the goings on inthe Vatican. I pray a rosary for the Pope and the church. Its all baffling and there is nothing else I can do.
    I trust in the Lord and try and advance my own spiritual life as best I can
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    The best course of action by far.
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    I agree Padraig. What a rudderless church we have become. PF answer, pachamama.

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