Parish issues: how is it in your parish?

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by Bartimaeus, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Hello All, I have been away from this forum for a few years but have been silently reading for the past few weeks. I felt compelled to post on this thread in particular. It really hurts my heart to hear of such a poor attendance in the confessional. I did not realize how fortunate I am. I live in Pennsylvania, to the west of Philadelphia. After reading how deprived some parishes are, I kind of feel guilty to say that I go to Confession every three weeks or so, and usually I have to wait for 30 minutes or longer to get to see the priest (long lines). We have confession times, if you consider the neighboring parishes, 4 days per week. It is more common for folks near me to complain about how long some people take in the confessional, when instead we should be appreciative that so many people are taking advantage of the sacrament.

    I have been impressed by the breadth of knowledge and depth of love of God here; to think that many members here live in areas where the faith is so starved! You all are such a beacon of light to those around you! How blessed!!

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    I'll start by admitting I think Anne the lay apostle is genuine, but won't get in a fight about it ;)
    I assume that group is only buying the monastery because it was put on the market? Are there enough new vocations to sustain it?
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    I've only ever seen queues like that at Divine Mercy conferences!
    You must be living Divine Mercy in Pennsylvania!
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  4. A friend of mine did a retreat in Medjugorje in the early days with Fr. Zozo. His reply to some retreatants complaining about their priests poor behaviour, lack of teaching etc in their parishes was, "Have you prayed and fasted for him?"
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