Padre Pio: The Twelve Signs

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    The Twelve Secrets of the Apocalypse given by Jesus to St. Padre Pio. “The world is walking into ruin”
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    By Shirley Aaron | January 14, 2019

    Not many know that Padre Pio among so many gifts had a very special one, that of prophecy, and the Lord Jesus Christ himself communicated with him, and in a letter of 1959 addressed to his superior, Padre Pio tells the revelation that Jesus made about the World’s End.

    The epistle, attributed to Padre Pio, is quite long, full of messages, so we will only take an extract with 12 messages taken from the book by Renzo Baschera “I grandi profeti”.

    1. The world is walking in ruins. Men have abandoned the right path to venture on roads that end in the desert of violence … If they do not drink from the source of humility, charity and love, it will be a catastrophe.

    2. Terrible things will come. I can no longer intercede for men. Divine piety is about to end. Man had been created to love life, and ended up destroying life …

    3. When the world was entrusted to man, it was a garden. Man has turned it into an atmosphere full of poisons. Nothing now serves to purify the house of man. A deep work is necessary, which can only come from heaven.

    The Three Days of Darkness
    . Prepare to live three days in total darkness. These three days are very close … And in these days they will remain as dead without eating or drinking. Then the light will return. But many will be the men who will not see it anymore.

    5. Many people will escape scared. It will run without a goal. They will say that there is salvation to the east and people will run to the east, but it will fall on a cliff. They will say that to the west there is salvation and people will run to the west, but they will fall into a furnace.

    6. The earth will tremble and the panic will be great … The Earth is sick. The earthquake will be like a snake, they will feel it crawling everywhere. And many stones will fall. And many men will perish.

    7. You are like ants, because the time will come when men will take their eyes off for a crumb of bread. Businesses will be looted, warehouses will be taken in assault and destroyed. Poor will be one who in those dark days will be without a candle, without a jug of water and without the necessary for three months.

    8. A land will disappear … a great land. A country will be erased forever from geographical maps … And with it history, wealth and men will be dragged into the mud.

    9. The love of man for man has become an empty word. How can you expect Jesus to love you, if you do not even love those who eat at your own table? … Of the wrath of God men of science will not be forgiven, but men of heart.

    10. I’m desperate … I do not know what to do for humanity to repent. If you continue on this path, the tremendous wrath of God will be unleashed like a tremendous thunderbolt.

    11. A meteorite will fall on the earth and everything will shine. It will be a disaster, much worse than a war. Many things will be canceled. And this will be one of the signs …

    12. Men will live a tragic experience. Many will be overwhelmed by the river, many will be burned by fire, many will be buried by poisons … But I will stay close to the pure of heart.

    Be attentive, because the Lord will come like a thief in the night.
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    I have no idea at all if any of this is the least bit true.

    For your discernment.

    But if any of it is true, the 8th Secret....

    8. A land will disappear … a great land. A country will be erased forever from geographical maps … And with it history, wealth and men will be dragged into the mud.

    ...must be the USA?
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    Maybe Ireland, especially when you think in relation to St. Patrick's prophecy about Ireland being inundated with water before the appearance of Anti-christ....Ireland was once a great land...
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    I notice many mystics speak of nature destroying the usa. Would that be the moment of a takeover? When as a country we are destroyed economically and through nature?
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    As I see it from several credible prophecies:
    • Minor natural disasters (in progress now)
    • Schism in Church (in progress now) True Church becomes very small in numbers
    • Short Nuclear War - When communism returns and millions killed (soon coming)
    • Warning (when things are at their worst)
    • Garabandal Miracle
    • Rise of Antichrist (1290 days from the abomination of desolation)
    • Global Economic Collapse -millions more killed
    • Global Major Natural Disasters
    • 3 Days of Darkness (climax and end of purification of our world)
    • Era of Peace and the Divine Will, fulfillment of the prophecy of our Lords Prayer of His kingdom on earth where his will shall be done as it is in heaven.
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    Desmond Birch has explained at length that Padre Pio did not write this letter and he feels it’s apocryphal.
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    If Yellowstone were to erupt, apparently it is a super-volcano and would take out a massive part of the USA. Might it also cause 'the big one' and California to rupture away from the land and disappear into the sea? Only God knows how this will play out and normally I don't try and figure it out...
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    Note: you might find it useful to have a map of the USA handy to see the affected areas and get a gander a the size of the problem. (

    About 10 years ago, through events wondrous strange, I began to delve into the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ). For our non-American brothers and sisters, New Madrid (MAAA-drid) is a town in what's called the boot-heel of Missouri, where the states of Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee all meet along the Mississippi River. Starting in December 1811 and continuing until March of 1812, it was the epicenter of the most severe earthquakes (and accompanying aftershocks) that have ever been felt in the continental US. The quake of Dec. 16, 1811 was strong enough to ring bells in Boston and collapsed chimneys in Georgia.

    One of the things I began doing was to explore what would happen if those same earthquakes happened today. (Full disclosure: this was based on a dream a friend had, which had prophetic qualities). I was shocked to the extent that I have kept a close eye on the events in Missouri since then. All of the descriptions I read covered what the effects would be along the Mississippi River. Quick answer: all river traffic would be closed from the Arkansas/Louisiana border all the way up to Iowa; possibly up to where the borders of Illinois and Wisconsin meet the river. This is partially due to changes in the river course, as well as damage or destruction of almost every lock and dam on the river. All bridges across the river would be closed pending structural examinations.. What doesn't get mentioned is that the Ohio River is also a major waterway in the NMSZ. The effects there might be even worse than those along the Mississippi, because this region is more heavily industrialized. Traffic along this river would also be closed, possibly up to the Pennsylvania border.

    It gets worse. Look at this map: The Tenn-Tom is a waterway that links the Tennessee River and the Tombigbee River. It brings raw materials up from the Port of Mobile to the factories in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and brings the finished products down to be exported to the world. When the Ohio gets blocked, the Tenn-Tom will also be blocked, not to mention all the bridges will be closed down too, for safety. This map gives you an idea of how many rivers there are in the Southeastern US and how important they are to commerce.

    All truck traffic across the Mississippi will have to go north, to Dubuque, IA or even Minneapolis, MN in order to cross the river. No bridges across the Ohio, not for a while. MAYBE US Route 1, going along the east coast from Maine to Florida, will still be open; but it may have to be closed to all but truck traffic to ship supplies to the southern states. We'll have to transport supplies by ship. It will be decades before the infrastructure will be repaired to where it was the day before the quake. Famine is not unthinkable. We will have to airlift food to the people living there, at least until all the aftershocks have stopped and we can fix the bridges.

    One thing that got me researching this was stories of how President Obama was going to force Israel to give up Judea and Samaria "for peace". Now, there is a rule that has become axiomatic: what a nation does to Israel is what G_D will do to that nation. Per the CIA Almanac, Judea and Samaria, together, form about 25% of the land area of Israel. It took some time and calculations, and some more time to get over the shock: this New Madrid earthquake would cut almost the exact same percentage of land from the Southeastern US.
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