'Padre Pio and I. Memoirs of a Spirtual Son'.

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    'Adolfo Affatato is one of the last living spiritual sons of St. Pio of Pietrelcina. Recently translated into English, “Padre Pio and I” is the culmination of what he witnessed as he sat by the saint’s side for sixteen years. This is not a typical biography by a journalist, friar, or academic; instead, the author presents “the Padre” intimately and personally -- as a father figure who tenderly guided and directed him. This book is filled with riveting new accounts of the mystical side of Padre Pio: from the moment Affatato was called by name by Padre Pio out of a crowd to Padre Pio’s characteristic rose-scented fragrance Affatato does not disappoint. Yet, the author’s motivation for writing this book is not to boast of supernatural phenomena he was privileged to witness. Instead, it is a response to what Padre Pio once told him some six decades ago: “Give the love that I have put into your heart to those to whom you draw near, because in this is the meaning of life.” And Adolfo has spent his adult life responding to that mandate. While most octogenarians spend their final years in repose, Adolfo tirelessly traverses the Italian peninsula giving conferences to audiences of a few dozen or a few thousand. He has spoken to popes, cardinals and countesses and regularly appears on Catholic radio and secular prime-time talk shows alike. And he never accepts a cent for his work; all proceeds for his book sales are donated to a charity. Now for the first time what Adolfo received from Padre Pio is available in English. For those who want to know Padre Pio “more and better” this book is a must read. "This book has touched the heart of Italy; yet, it also touched me. This book can change your life." Andrea Bocelli'
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    Just came across this wonderful book last night (free on Amazon unlimited).

    Padre Pio has of course millions of Spiritual Children throughout the world whom he nourishes unceasingly and in a very personal way. But he had time to only pick only a few as direct personal children to guide and when he did so they tended to be the very cream of the crop. Adolpho appears to have been such a one.

    When he was just sixteen he went to see Padre Pio in their own home region of Apulia, the heel of Italy. He was hoping that Padre Pio would let him know the results of High School exam which had not come out yet. :) Instead Padre Pio picked him out of the crowd in the Sacristy and took him under his wings for 15 years, up until the saints death. Adolpho and his wife were the last couple to be married before the old saints death.

    Pope St John Paul 2 invited the author to the Vatican to chat with him about Padre Pio and tell him a few tales.:)

    I suspect Adolpho may be more than a little bit holy himself. He gives the most wonderful quote at the start of the book which applies perfectly to Spiritual Marriage, the End game of the Spiritual Life.


    (The Odes of Solomon is a collection of 42 odes attributed to Solomon. Various scholars have dated the composition of these religious poems to anywhere in the range of the first three centuries AD.

    ODE 17.

    A peculiar change of personality, scarcely realized until the return from it in the last verse.

    1 I was crowned by my God: my crown is living:
    2 And I was justified in my Lord: my incorruptible salvation is He.
    3 I was loosed from vanity, and I was not condemned:
    4 The choking bonds were cut off by her hands: I received the face and the fashion of a new person: p. 129 and I walked in it and was saved;
    5 And the thought of truth led me on. And I walked after it and did not wander:
    6 And all that have seen me were amazed: and I was regarded by them as a strange person:
    7 And He who knew and brought me up is the Most High in all His perfection. And He glorified me by His kindness, and raised my thoughts to the height of His truth.
    8 And from thence He gave me the way of His precepts and I opened the doors that were closed,
    9 And brake in pieces the bars of iron; but my iron melted and dissolved before me;
    10 Nothing appeared closed to me: because I was the door of everything.
    11 And I went over all my bondmen to loose them; that I might not leave any man bound or binding:
    12 And I imparted my knowledge without grudging: and my prayer was in my love:
    13 And I sowed my fruits in hearts, and transformed them into myself: and they received my blessing and lived;
    14 And they were gathered to me and were saved; because they were to me as my own members and I was their head. Glory to thee our head, the Lord Messiah. Hallelujah.

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    Still reading this wonderful life of St Padre Pio, from a close Spiritual son.

    He mentions many stories about Padre Pio's gifts . One time a man came to Padre Pio to help a poor woman who was very sick . But Padre Pio turned to him and said, 'You should worry about your own soul!' The man died tow weeks later, very suddenly.

    Padre Pio often said that he was, 'A mystery to myself', in regards to his mystical gifts.

    The author quotes St Paul in order to explain these:

    1 Corinthians 2:16

    Spiritual Wisdom
    …15The spiritual man judges all things, but he himself is not subject to anyone’s judgment. 16“For who has known the mind of the Lord, so as to instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ.

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