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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by padraig, Jul 20, 2021.

  1. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Well up the mountains for the night! So very,very hot, even high up in the Mournes. Came down brown as a berry.

    My backpack was far, far too heavy I had to keep stopping to take it off. Eventually I reached a waterfall and seeing a couple of families in swimming. Went in swimming myself . Heaven.

    After walking about nine hours in the heat, the big dog, 'Tor' simply refused to walk anymore so decided to camp for the night at the Spelga Dam Resevoir. 'Tor' is a Spitz husky type dog with a double coat for extreme cold temps.

    We were both totally dead to the world in the tent , when I heard a voice saying quite clearly , 'Padraig!' . I was sure this was my imagination and turned on the light. But , sure enough my dog was sitting bolt upright looking in the direction of the voice with great attention. This was in the middle of the night high up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere.

    What was it? Well it was a woman' voice.

    We should always pray for the souls in Purgatory, but one of my all time favorites is for those we owe charity most too when they were alive. Perhaps a relative, a teacher a Supervisor at work, Who knows?

    But we have debts that should be paid and we should pray for them.

    They prayed for us , we should pray for them and not have them waking us up in the middle of the night and giving us heart attacks. :D:D:eek:

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  2. padraig

    padraig Powers

    People are so very,very angry right now. Maybe the heat.. but I don't think so.

    St Faustina writes of an incident, was back in the 1920's when she returned home to have a visit to her own native village in the country in Poland. Recall she loved these people very,very much , these were the country folk she grew up with. Her fellow Catholic, people who were proud of her for being a nun and had come from far and wide to support her and show their love.

    ..and yet her words on them were chilling..and this from an Apostle of God's Mercy. She wrote of how uncomfortable she often was with them, their materialism and how very far from God they are are.

    My own experience is nowadays waling about and about in Ireland is for most God is only a very, very distant memory. Not only are people far from God , but very ,very often , with the virus, how angry they have become.

    That they are just dying to find something, or someone to blame for their misfortune.

    Anyone that is, apart from themselves..

    'We don't want word to go out that we want to exterminate the negro population'

    Margaret Sanger


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  3. padraig

    padraig Powers

    As far as Our Holy Father Pope Francis putting the boot in to the Old Mass (this rather than putting the boot into Father James Martin or the Schismatic German Church) my thought would be this.

    Consider how Doctors often treat a boil full of pus.. The Doctor allows the boil to progress to its full extent before dealing with it.

    So with the actions of Pope Francis, the humble Pope of Mercy and accompniment, towards the unfortunate adherants to the Old Mass. In his actions he has united most of the Church in opposition to himself and his various nefarious activities. The boil has come full terms and full of pus.

    He has overreached himself. The boil is about to burst.

    The same thing happened to Adolph Hitler, Imperial Japan and Communist Russia.

    Pope Francis had totally overreached himself. Shooting himself not so much in the foot as in the head. Well then, let him get on with it.

    Leave it peacefully in the Divine Physicians hand . .He knows what He is about.

    If Pope Francis as Pope wants to persecute his own Church, well fair enough, let's see how that works out.

    Hosea 6:1

    “Come, let us return to the Lord.
    For He has torn us, but He will heal us;
    He has wounded us, but He will bandage us
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  4. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I don't want to sound like I am on a hit job campaign against the Holy Father but I see his latest utterance if that people, 'Need to take a break for Smart Phones and an over fast life.


    He also said that we need to develop an, 'Ecology of the heart' , I have no idea what the means and I suspect no one else on the planet knows what it means. In fact I suspect that the Holy Father has no idea what it means himself.

    His advice reminds me of the advice a New Age Agony Aunt in a local rag. There is nothing whats over spiritual in this, it is as we say in Ireland as deep as puddle of cows piddle.

    The correct Spiritual advice would be for people to pray and frequent the Sacraments more, especially visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

    But agony aunt Francis never let such thoughts cross his mind.

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  5. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Yesterday I was pulling clothes out of a drawer when I little tiny Miraculous Medal on a little blue bit of thread fell out. I have no idea where in Heaven it came from, but took it as a Sign from the Blessed Mother and began to wear it at once. It reminded me of one of those tiny little things people put over a baby's cot.:)

    I was concerned because I took it a Sign I might be in need of protection.

    Last night I had a dream, I dreamt I was in work and someone got angry, told me I had the virus and ran away. You know I think our brain unconciously processes stuff we already know beneath the surface..

    Anyway I woke up shaking like a jelly fish with the cold, even though it was the hottest night of the year.

    I took my temp this morning and it is 78.5 C so I am pretty sure I have the thing.

    It is certainly no joke. I feel like I have been hit by a train.

    But it was so touching to see that tiny little medal yesterday. I have of course like an idiot gone and lost it! Oh well.


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  6. padraig

    padraig Powers

    The numbers of people visiting the site went up very highly for a while there. I take it this has to do with carry on with Pope Francis and the Latin Mass.

    So that is good thing. Being unwell gives me time to hunt for the 50 messages of that young Catholic seerer in Mexico, so that's a good thing too.:)
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  7. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Praying for you Padraig.

    As well as for my son who has tested positive for covid was due home on Sunday but now will be a week later.

    The tribulation has begun but what we see at the moment are birth pains - God knows what labour will be like.

    I am on a mission to complete a project our Lady wants me to finish over the summer months - that means by the end of August.

    It is something that will help my family and friends to get through (spiritually) the tribulations to come - especially after the warning.

    I think we are in for a dark, dark winter followed by government fascist/communist takeover as mentioned in Garabandal -- if the warning is an even year I think it will be 2024 or 2026 as I think next few years will see demise and collapse, anarchy, war and even famine before God intervenes with the warning.
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  8. Michael Pio

    Michael Pio Archangels

    What an amazing story! Who do you think was it, someone you had known?
  9. Michael Pio

    Michael Pio Archangels

    oh dear Padraig, you will be in my prayers!
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  10. Michael Pio

    Michael Pio Archangels

    I would be keen to hear more about this project.
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  11. Donna259

    Donna259 Powers

    Padraig, I am glad you had some beautiful hiking experiences and spiritual as well. Our Lady loves you and rewards you with these things. Thank you for this forum.
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  12. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    You will in due course.

    I will be sharing it at the end of August beginning of September I am just praying it all comes to fruition please God if it be His will.
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  13. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Prayers for your son.:)

    I am offering this up for Our Holy Father the Pope and for bad clergy everywhere.

    It's funny how this effects people differently . My brother and his family just got it and have all taken to their beds. I don't really want this. I think I will find somewhere quiet to walk the dogs.

    In my case I feel like a crowd of people have given me a severe kicking, which is not the worst thing in the world.

    Isn't it wonderful to have Faith and Trust at times like this? I feel carried on Eagles Wings. Very, very happy and at peace so glad to have a chance to offer up a little Cross for our Holy Mother, the Church

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  14. josephite

    josephite Powers

    God speaks in the silence of the heart!

    Here Bishop Fulton Sheen tells us how this is possible. It is a beautiful because it is so informative

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  15. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Yes, Donna ,someone who can do a nine hours mountain hike in hot sun with a heavy pack will shake of the virus like a dog shakes of fleas.:)

    I am so sorry for other people who get this thing though. It is not the easiest, it is no small thing.:)
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  16. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Thank you so much, will watch later!
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  17. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    At least you will get natural immunity, Padraig!

    Not need for the vaxzine lol
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  18. Luiflower

    Luiflower Principalities

    Praying for you, I hope you will get totally rested after the long shifts.

    And He said to him, “Stand up and go; your faith has made you well.” Luke 8:48
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  19. Luiflower

    Luiflower Principalities

    The Nypost paraphrased the Popes speech, which may not reflect the context in which the words were spoken, below is the speech from the Catholic Media Network.

    Addressing the faithful in Saint Peter’s Square for the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis says we need an “ecology of the heart” developed through “rest, contemplation and compassion”. And the summer is a good time to do this.

    In his reflections before leading the recitation of the Angelus, the Pope drew from the Gospel of the Sunday liturgy, which recounts when the Apostles return enthusiastically from their missionary labors and Jesus invites them to “Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and rest a while” (Mk 6:31). Jesus offers us an important teaching here, the Pope observed, as He is concerned about their wellbeing due to the physical or interior tiredness, even though He rejoices on seeing their happiness over the success of their preaching.

    We too can get caught up in the rush of all our activities and be focused always on doing things and achieving results, the Pope said, and this presents a risk of thinking we are the prime protagonists. We see this at times in the Church, he noted, where we are very busy, thinking everything “depends on us”, but we risk overlooking Jesus. Jesus’ invitation to take time out to rest is “not only physical rest, but also rest for the heart” he added.

    Pope at Angelus: We need to develop an “ecology of the heart” | Catholic Media Network
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  20. miker

    miker Powers

    Will offer up the Mass this morning for Padraig and Garabandal son full recovery. Having gone through it myself, the first 10 days may not be great, but it does get better I’m sure you’ve gotten lots of advice already on what to do but I am happy to provide what we did (my entire family -14 of us) got it back in Fall. Prayers for you
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