Our Nurse Rose Campbell RIP

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    Our Nurse Rose Campbell RIP​

    Rose Campbell died this morning at 5:15 AM. I have known her since 2006 when after an interview hired her as our infirmary nurse. The first thing that I noticed about her and actually led me to picking her over others was her direct attitude and also her ‘eagle eyes’. It was like she could see a mile. I thought she was looking right through me. I did ask her if she could stand up for herself, since she was going to work for a community of men. She told me resounding yes!

    She was a hard worker, and when one of the monks was sick or dying she gave her all to make sure that they were well taken care of. She would spend hours in the ER if anyone in the community had to go in for a serious reason.

    Over all, I worked with her from 2006 until 2013 when I was sent to work in our retreat house. I never regretted hiring her. We had an ongoing joke. I like things more or less tidy, well Rose was not the tidiest person in the world. So we worked something out that she would have her work space to do with as she wished, but the rest of the infirmary needed to be kept neater than she would have been accustomed. She understood and was fine with that.

    She was from Malta, and around 2008 she was going to go for a visit for two weeks. The day before she left, she came into the med room, I was doing boxes and told me that she had a dream last night. The dream was about her returning home from her visit to Malta. When she walked in her ‘space’, she found that I had made everything neat and threw out a lot of her ‘stuff’. I laughed and so did she, but I could tell that it was a concern. However, in her own way she was organized, It was just that I never figured it out. She knew where everything was, I would have had to look for a week to find it. She had her own filing system and I was fine with that.
    Not only did she give herself for the monks, but when she was not at work, she was always doing things for her ‘little friends’. She had some very funny stories about her friends. She also went to a lot of funerals. She was a true woman of God, and a natural born from birth, 3rd order Franciscan.

    She used to drive me a little crazy with all the birthday cards she wanted me to sign. She loved parties, cake, ice cream, and most of all people. She loved bringing people together even an old curmudgeon like me. Not much for parties, but over all it made me a better person. I still do not know what to say on a birthday card, so I just put something original like ‘happy birthday’ and leave it at that.

    Rose will be missed, she was loved by many, and I have no doubt that her room was packed by a multitude of ‘little friends’ that she had helped our over the year to come and take home.

    May God’s light illumine your soul Rose, may His love draw you close, and may you never forget you many ‘little friends’ still on this world of struggle, and joy.—Br. MD
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    Very, very nice memorial. :love: I'm glad Rose is Home.
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    Prayers for the repose of Rose.
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    Lovely memories
    RIP Rose
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    God Bless Rose.
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    What a beautiful elegy Brother Mark. She is on my list.
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    Such a beautiful tribute and beautiful name. Rest in Peace Rose.
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    Simply beautiful. Loved reading the tribute.May she rest in peace. I also have a bubbly nurse daughter!
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    Mark, it's marvelous when God places an extrovert in our lives or an introvert, as long as he or she is an opposite. That person may get under my skin, but they are great for one's humility. Thomas Green, SJ, a spiritual director in the Philippines, once said some of his holiest directees were grumpy! :eek: Imagine that!
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    LOL, yes I can imagine that, thanks for the smile.


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