Our Lady of the End TImes

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    Message September 1, 2018

    My children, I bring a message to all of you in my divine son’s Name. God has waited and warned, generation after generation, to see if His children will change since my visitations at La Salette, France, and Fatima. But, sadly, heaven’s cries for conversion and repentance have gone unheeded.

    The time of my son’s coming is near. Turn away from your sins, my children. Come to my divine son who awaits you. He shed his blood for mankind, and His mercy still waits for His prodigal children. Before the door of His mercy will be closed and replaced by His justice.

    When His justice comes, pray for strength. God is about to chastise the world in a huge manifestation of divine wrath, far worse than the earthquake in New Zealand, the tsunami in Japan, China. In your country, you will be surprised by a volcanic eruption. In other parts of the world, many lives will be lost because of the disease that will shock the world. God needs to send natural chastisements to bring you to your senses, but no one responds to the calling of true conversion and repentance.

    Pray, my children, especially the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Rosary, and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. Wear the scapular and many sacramentals offered to you.

    I bless you all, my children. This event is very near. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    December 30, 2018:

    Pray, my children, pray from your heart, for much will change for the earth very soon. Tsunamis, earthquakes, tidal waves will lash the land, the earth will split, volcanic eruption, leaving people homeless. My children, pray from your heart because the warning will soon be upon all of you. Watch and be vigilant.

    My children, I do not say these dreadful things to frighten all of you, but so that all of you will know these events are very near. Next year will be a year of heavy trials to mankind as seven years of desolation are near.

    Go to confession, attend mass daily, receive Jesus in communion, pray the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy from your heart. These two prayers are very important in these times.

    As your mother, I love you all. Just look at my portrait, it will bring consolation. I will send many angels to protect all of you from the power of the evil one. My children, great changes are coming to the world. Unless all of you are protected by the seraphic angels, the evil one can touch all of you. Pray to the seraphic angels as they hold great power over men.

    I love you, my children. I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


    January 5, 2019:

    My children, 2019 begins, a year of great trials and great wonders to expect. The seven great angels standing at the threshold of heaven and earth, waiting for the command from my son: to release the seven capital punishments on earth. My son is ready now! For men have blocked their ears and their hearts to do the will of God.
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    “For men have blocked their ears and their hearts to do the will of God.”

    ain’t that the Truth. God will open their ears soon enough...
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    I think I would like a copy of this painting, although I am not sure where I would hang it, all my walls are taken up.:) It looks very modern and beautiful; very touching, the tears.
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    I was walking around the hospital garden there towards the end of my night shift and was annoyed with myself for being distracted in prayer by so many things. Then the though came to me from the Lord that distractions, like so many hordes of flies are very much a part of life and can form a ladder in themselves to God, when we battle against them.

    There is an old saying, 'If you want something done ask a busy man'.

    Perhaps the same can be said of a praying man? If you want prayers done ask a busy man. A busy man will try even harder to pray well. It seems to me that those hordes of flies turned Golden Fire Flies in the love of God.:)

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    With what has been going on at my church, I still have the feeling that the satanic attack will come. The devil needs to unleash his own attack against the army of God. We aren't in the clear yet.
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