Our Lady of Ghiaie di Bonate Italy 1944

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  1. The local Bishop has approved this apparition set.
    Read more about the whole thing at this link. It is very descriptive and there are many photographs.

    Within the first link, during the seventh apparition, Adelaide Roncalli asked the Virgin Mary to make everyone believe that she was appearing. The Virgin responded, "The time for it will come, many will be converted, and I will be recognized by the Church." Then she added gravely, "Meditate upon these words all the days of your life, summon up your courage in all your sorrows. You will see me again in the hour of your death; I will keep you under my cloak and will take you to Heaven.

    I was not able to find if Adelaide is still alive. Does anyone know?
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    Such a tiny kid! Bless her. I am glad to learn about these!
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    I found a story and ran it through google translate, looks like in August of 2014 she died:

    Swap to Italian
    Adelaide Roncalli will soon return to her home in Ghiaie di Bonate. The coffin of the visionary from Bergamo, who in 1944 brought to Bergamo thousands of people thanks to its miraculous visions, will be brought and displayed on Monday afternoon in the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes, near the village's oratory. At the behest of the woman, who for years has chosen to live in the strictest privacy in Milanese, the funeral will be celebrated right in the country of her childhood.
    In May 1944 Adelaide Roncalli was the last direct witness of the so-called "Fatima d'Italia", the visionary of those apparitions of Ghiaie di Bonate who for a long time had discussed and that today, after seventy years, they are not still recognized by the Church despite believers from all over the world arrive on the Bergamo Island to pray to the Queen of the Family. The people of the faithful, in fact, never gave credit to the countless oppositions of the Curia of Bergamo that, with the figure of the "inquisitor" Don Luigi Cortesi, a brilliant philosopher of the City Seminary, has tried in every way to hide and silence the facts.

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  4. This region of Italy must be important not only for Ghiaie di Bonate, but the Rosa Mystica apparitions (1947) of Montichiari took place nearby and Father Gobbi (locutions from 1972-1997) was from the Lake Como region and the Medjugorje visionary Marija Lunetti lives with her husband and children in Monza at least for part of the year.
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    Pope John XXIII was named Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. I wonder if he is related to Adelaide?
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  6. Pope John XXIII did respond to the Ghiaie events in a letter dated July 8, 1960. He wrote: "We must allow for the circumstances that need to be studied and valued above all things. What is valid is 'subject materia' - is the seer's witness - and the authenticity of what she still maintains at 21 years of age and in conformity with her first statement at 7 years of age but withdrawn on account of threats and fears of hell exerted by somebody (Don Luigi Cortesi). It seems to me that the terror of threats still persists."
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    Thank you!
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    Actually, the only declaration I can find from the local bishop regarding the status of the apparition is Negative....

    I’m confused as to why there is a sudden increase in threads claiming approval of apparitions which isn’t so.
  9. On Jan 1, 2019 the local bishop, Francesco Beschi reversed the decision of his predecessor and in a four page letter https://lightstorage.ecodibergamo.i...&src=img&site_source=RelatedBottomImg-1302468 allows the devotion to Mary Queen of the Family. Here is the google translated to English version of the four page letter https://translate.google.com/transl...&src=img&site_source=RelatedBottomImg-1302468
  10. from pages 3 and 4 of the google translated letter
    Now it is time for this devotion, always accompanied and never stifled by the shepherds
    of the Church, free from the bonds of bias and from that need of signs that hides
    unbelief, may shine to illuminate and support the path of so many faithful,
    especially those who live in situations of fatigue and suffering.
    A devotion that right here, at the Ghiaie di Bonate, near the chapel dedicated to
    Mary Queen of the Family, a small house for all pilgrims and wayfarers, finds a
    safe harbor.
    Here, at the Ghiaie di Bonate, entrusted to the prudent and wise guidance of the shepherds of the
    parish community.
    Here, at the Ghiaie di Bonate, where the worthy commitment of the parish community,
    supported by that of the diocese, he has seen in recent years a not indifferent effort, but
    necessary, to protect and guard these places to remain places of the
    silence, of a simple and cordial welcome. Of that essentiality where everyone, but
    just everyone, no one excluded, can feel at home.
    As Pope Francis writes: "Mary lived like no other the Beatitudes of
    Jesus. She is the one who winced with joy in the presence of God, she who kept everything
    in his heart and that he let himself be crossed by the sword. She is the saint among the saints, the most
    blessed, she who shows us the way of holiness and accompanies us. She does not accept that
    when we fall we remain on the ground and sometimes carry us without judging us.
    Conversation with her consoles us, frees us and sanctifies us. The Mother does not need many
    words, you do not need them to strain too much to explain what happens to us. That's enough
    to whisper again and again: "Hail Mary ..." »(Gaudete et Exultate, No. 176).
    Thanks dear pilgrim and traveler for your passage and your visit. I ask you
    a prayer for me and for the Church of Bergamo assuring you mine. What a god
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through the intercession of Mary, Queen of the Family,
    bless you and your loved ones.
    Bergamo, 1 January 2019, Mary Most Holy Mother of God
    Francesco Beschi, Bishop of Bergamo
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    Thanks for the link. It appears the approval is for devotion only and the apparitions are still considered non constant.
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    Thank you for clarifying.
  13. You are correct that the Bishop does not speak about the apparitions , but without the apparitions, would the Bishop have written a letter approving devotion to Mary, Queen of the family?
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