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  1. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 + To Jesus through Mary @-}--

    Started with a fire in the kitchen. :confused: A paper napkin caught on an open flame. Quickly doused.

    Breakfast consisted of crisp bacon, eggs scrambled with Colby cheese, and buttered toast with grape jelly.

    Sandy (outdoor stray cat we've adopted) has vanished. Usually he's "bright and early" at the door for another helping of Purina. :sneaky:

    Breakfast dishes done.

    Roast beef, potatoes, and carrots -- DINNER -- are simmering in the slow cooker.

    Husband crawled back into bed for more sleep.

    Peach pie is baking in the oven. Will serve with whipped cream.

    Now back to work. Yes, it's a regularly scheduled workday for me. No problem, as I'd rather be busy than bored. :coffee:

    Didn't attend Christmas Mass as we're restricted to 25% capacity and I'd rather "my space" go to someone attending with family, or an elderly person.
  2. AED

    AED Powers

    Sounds like great Christmas dinner!
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  3. Mario

    Mario Powers

    I'm drooling! :LOL: My Irish side loves the dinner: simple and filling (Burp!).
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  4. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    The turkey gets stuffed ready for the oven, and when it is all dished up and served, it gets it's own back by making me feel stuffed. :ROFLMAO::LOL:

    We never manage to fit in a pudding on Christmas day, just too full after the dinner. LOL.

    Praise God and happy birthday my dear baby Jesus. :love:
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  5. Katfalls

    Katfalls Powers

    Well I didn't get to Mass in the parking lot. Wed. night came down with one of the worst sore throats I ever had! I started throwing everything at it . . .then yesterday felt awful. Sore throat finally went away but Got up this a.m. with pains in my lungs, started with the diffusers and rosemary with eucalyptus. Caught Midnight Mass and this a.m. Mass on the internet. Tonight I'm feeling fine, Thank God. Just hubby and me and the cat . . .
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  6. Denise P

    Denise P Archangels

    I went to 9:00 am mass this morning, the only English mass of the day. There were only about sixty people in attendance, in a church that last year was packed. We couldn’t sing. It only lasted about half an hour. I left there feeling incredibly sad— like I had been robbed of the joy of Christmas. The rest of the day was good— spent with close family and friends—but I really feel our Christian culture being slowly taken from us.
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  7. Christy Beth

    Christy Beth Archangels

    Today was mostly quiet for me. But I did get invited to a friend's house for Christmas dinner. Ham, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and rolls. It was good, and I managed to eat enough without making myself sick. At Thanksgiving, I ate way too much. I didn't expect a gift from my friend, Annette. She has been really good to me these past couple of months. First, there was my surgery in October. She took care of my cat and visited me almost everyday I was in the hospital. Then she helped me more than I can say after I got home. I had told her I didn't need anything, but she still went out and got me a gift card to Hobby Lobby. So, we're going there tomorrow. What luck, I get to see her two days in a row!!! Annette is like the sister I never had. Growing up, I got stuck with two brothers. Anyway, it was a good day. At least I didn't have to spend the whole day alone.
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  8. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    Quiet Christmas here too, but that's not unusual for us. The usual turkey and ham lunch/dinner with trifle for desert. Rosary and Benediction in the evening. I lit a candle for all your intentions.
  9. AED

    AED Powers

    Those symptoms are scary Katfalls. Take care! Any fever?
    We were alone too--very quiet. I was able to get to Mass at the chapel in spite of high winds and driving rain. So grateful for that.
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  10. Katfalls

    Katfalls Powers

    Feeling fine today! No, did not have a fever. Started on the quercetin/zinc routine asap along with other things. If if was not covid, I'm thinking that whatever it was the quercetin knocked it out of me. Thanks for asking! Lots of bad weather across the country, we had tornado warnings but just ended up with bad thunderstorms and lots of wind. My friends up in Tennessee had ice damage, my nephew in Michigan who is a lineman was working Christmas Day to restore power up there.
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  11. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 + To Jesus through Mary @-}--

    Good to know!

    My dad's work (he died in 1987). They go out in all kinds of terrible weather. He always dreaded "the midnight phone call" with winds howling or thunder crashing. Those people EARN their pay. It's good pay but it's also fraught with lots of danger, electricity and foul weather.
  12. Jo M

    Jo M Powers

    They certainly do earn their pay, so very brave to work in those conditions. We had some pretty bizarre weather on Christmas in my corner of New England. It was 60 degrees, with high winds and torrential rain, we were very fortunate that we didn't lose our power. I was praying to St.Joseph all day to keep our power on so I could prepare our Christmas dinner, we were blessed. :)
  13. AED

    AED Powers

    Same here Jo. Very strange weather. And we never lost power!
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  14. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Well, a mild winter so far. There was a lake effect band that set up north of us yesterday which dumped over a foot of snow between Pulaski and Sandy Creek. It drifted south a little bit last night and we got 6". So we cleared out the mouth of the driveway after the plows came through; a very pretty Holy Family feast day. A visiting elderly priest came this morning and I assisted him at Holy Mass - Fr. Michael Kane. There is an advantage of serving close to the altar because there are priestly prayers not said for the congregation to hear. Fr. Kane prayed them very reverently, especially the one following his reception of Holy Communion. He normally would have prayed it while purifying the sacred vessels, but he chose to allow me to do that today. Anyway, it was precious to witness his deep faith!

    “What has passed our lips as food, O Lord, may we possess in purity of heart, that what has been given to us in time may be our healing for eternity.”

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