Otto Warmbier RIP Divine Mercy

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by Bella, Jun 20, 2017.

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    I have been following the story of this young man, as he is the same age as my own son and also studying politics. I remember feeling shattered when I learned that this boy had been convicted of an offense that earned him 17 years in hard labour in North Korea, simply for a prank: he stole a flag to bring back with him as a souvenir to the US. How many 21 yr olds would do a similar thing ? many, I suggest. They are still growing and maturing.

    I don't think I slept that night thinking of his poor mother and his family. I have thought of him often since then and prayed to Our Lady to somehow protect him.

    As you may know, this young man has now gone to his eternal judgement, and rest. I was truly shocked to learn that he had died this morning. I have been saying the Divine Mercy for his soul today. If anyone would like to join, I am sure it will bring comfort to his family at this time.
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    Bella, Thank you for posting and making this suggestion. I will be praying.
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    I will be praying the 3:30 pm Rosary on EWTN and will offer it for Otto's soul, and for his family. I have three minutes to go! BYE
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