Ongoing Marian apparitions in Dechtice, Slovakia

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    I wasn't familiar with the messages before this summer, but from those that I have seen these messages are not usual at all. They used to be similar to those from Medjugorje, calling for repentance for our sins, importance of prayer, consecration to united hearts of Jesus and Mary, which are all important messages for all times...

    But when I went through last years of messages and I noticed three messages starting from March 15th 2020, refering strongly to its current time (when Covid hit whole world and lockdowns started). First may be referring to widespread giving of communion by hand in churches.

    15.03.2020 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    I am coming among you today to immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart, which are a refuge for you in this difficult time you are going through. Let these troubles, permitted by God make you truly repent. Therefore, ask God to forgive your sins. Especially apologize to the Eucharistic Heart of my Son for the indifference and contempt he receives in the Sacrament of the Altar. He himself wants you to apologize to my Immaculate Heart, which has also received so much contempt and ingratitude. Humble yourselves before the Triune God and simply ask Him to have mercy on you.

    15.04.2020 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    Today I want to strengthen you with a living faith unscathed by doubts. Soothe the joy of Easter flowing from God's truth. Look at my resurrected Son with my eyes, so that you may see him with a true, unseen look. Remain hidden in my holy, pure heart, so that you, dear children, may also remain pure and holy. Persist in sanctifying grace, and no evil or sickness will harm you. Do not be afraid, for I am immersing you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.05.2020 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    In this disease-marked time, remain calm, trusting the Heart of my Son and my purified Heart, in which you have refuge. They are a lifeboat for you from the demons who are deliberately destroying the Holy Catholic Church and will destroy it even more. They want to choke out every manifestation of piety and sow the weeds of worldly ways. But do not be afraid, but trust in the pure Heart of your Mother, whose victory is near, because I am the Woman of living faith, who will crush the head of the old serpent. Pray the Holy Rosary in your families and I promise you that my protective arms will always be above you. It is my great desire that you maintain a deep respect for my Eucharistic son. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    After these messages, this year messages starting from February stand out. I will post them below, including the ones already posted before.
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    15.02.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    Approach the beloved Triune God in fear, forgiveness, and in sincere repentance. Put all your suffering in my purest, motherly hands, to cleanse it and sacrifice it to God for the conversion of the most stubborn sinners, so they would find God and stop harming the world. I am especially asking for the sacrifices of the seriously ill to ask with me for mercy and salvation of the poor souls who are in the bondage of evil and want to enslave the whole world. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.03.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    I come among you by the grace of God so you may flee to me under my mighty protection. Whenever you see painful events that will strike my holy Catholic Church, of which I am the Mother, do not be poisoned by the poison of hatred and anger. Lie even more lovingly to me, pray, ask, and repent. All this must come in order to finally shine forth the victory of Jesus and my Heart, our Holy Hearts, the victory of true, pure faith. I will always help you to receive the Savior in a sacramental way. Only you, dear children, always accept Him with as much humility and respect as possible. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.04.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    Look at my resurrected Son, who, through his suffering and glorious resurrection, has restored the lives of God's children to you. You are free and no one can take that freedom away from you. Only you can enslave yourself to a sinful and ungodly life. Therefore, avoid the spirit of liberalism, which is enslaving the whole world and spreading the culture of death. Woe to those who oppose God and life. Woe unto the proud mighty, for they shall be smitten by the hand of God. You, my dear children, sacrifice your suffering and prayers for the salvation of immortal souls who are on the path of damnation. I pray with you that the eyes of the wanderers may be opened and they may return to the life of the Gospel and walk the path of God's commandments. Don't worry, my children! When the liberal spirit appears in all its abomination, which is permitted by God for all blasphemy against Him, I will descend as the Woman of living faith, the mediatrix and the advocate, and my heel will crush the head of this proud serpent. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.05.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    It is the wish of my purest Heart that you should continue to pray the Holy Rosary in your families, that you may receive all the graces from my hands that you need in this time of deception and unrest. Those families in which pure love for me, your Blessed Mother, burns, the Holy Spirit will overshadow them, cover them with His mighty protection, and they will not lack true light. Remain in the true faith of the Triune God. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart, which are mysteriously united in the Holy Spirit.

    15.06.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    Today I am with you to encourage you to live the Gospel and to respect and uphold holy Catholic traditions. Follow my Son faithfully and be encouraged by the example of the lives of the saints. Do not compromise with the world, but live by faith in the Triune God. I bless you and immerse yourself in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.07.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    I see the confusion and suffering of the whole world, as well as the shackles that are ready to reach even more for the freedom of God's children. Therefore, run under my protection with even greater confidence. My simple and tiny children, you are doing well not to rely on the powerful of this world, but on your only faith and trust in God. Reject all modernism that suffocates all the sacred. Stay simple and humble, paying deep respect and homage to the Triune God. Pray with me, with a pure heart, daily to the Holy Rosary, for the battle is escalating. You will win with me. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.08.2021 - through Martin - anniversary
    My beloved children!
    I come to protect you from the gift of living and true faith. I am sending you St. Michael the Archangel to defend and protect you. You are created in the image of God, you are children of God. Therefore, do not listen to the evil spirit, resist him, because in his pride and hatred he wants you to resemble his abominable image and he wants to bring as many souls to hell as possible. Pray the Holy Rosary with me every day. We will win together. I love you immensely. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.09.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    Look at the Sacred Heart of my Son and my most pure Heart, which you have consecrated to with your love. Our Hearts burn with love for you and you have received this light of love. But they are also covered with thorns of insults, ungratefulness, and contempt, for there is not enough repentance. Therefore, spread the light of the truth that repentance must be done for all the evil that is happening in the world and thus hurting our holy Hearts. My children, who have given yourself completely to us, know that as our Hearts are wounded, so will yours be wounded from the coming events. In silence united with us, sacrifice the pains of your hearts as repentance for atoning the insults that come to the Triune God. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.10.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    Remain gathered around my Immaculate Heart, praying the Holy Rosary, for the great devastation has begun. Heresies and delusions are spreading. It is the last struggle to preserve the true Catholic faith. It has nothing to do with the new spring of the Holy Spirit. It will come after a great devastation. Stay protected in our Sacred Hearts. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.

    15.11.2021 - through Martin
    My beloved children!
    This is a time of purification, of returning to God through true repentance. Cleanse your hearts from sins. It is high time you abandoned false charismatic ways and returned to the Catholic way of life and traditions. That way you will be guided by the Spirit of God, not the demons who divide and destroy. Behave, pray, and act as my Son taught you, with me and with the great saints and the Church Fathers before you. Pray every day the holy rosary united with me.
    I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.
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    Dusica, thank you for posting these messages.
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  5. Thank you, Dusica, for your posts. I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to make these messages known.
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    No. This is the fire from hell, demons being unleashed. God will counter but not until we all repent and this has run its course...
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    I was thinking about the great frost, the once in a 1,000 year winter that theyre saying is coming shortly. Suddenly I realised they mean a long winter bacuse of volcanic ash blocking the sun.....
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    We had a long hazy year on the East Coast after Mount St Helens erupted on the West Coast. I don’t remember details, but we were affected.
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    Intrestingly I watched a TV program this evening on the destruction of the Egyptian culture under Cleopatra and it was caused by several years of famine caused by unnatural cold. The cause of this was a massive volcanic eruption close to the equator on the west coast of South America. The resultant clouds of sulphur dioxide spread right around the globe blocking the heat of the sun. The Nile didn't flood so the land returned to desert. It made me think of Lá Palma.
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    Yes. In Fact this has happened many times in history and a handful of times in more recent history. How apt that all the proud works of man should be brought to dust by a mere natural phenomena like this. It makes man and all his works look so very smal indeed. Tiny in fact. Like little ants.
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    Say it ain’t so, Padraig. That would mean my solar panels are just so much dust . At least there’s hand pumps on top of the wells
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    Who knows really? It's just a guess.:) But I suppose there would be worse things than severe frost. At least we will no longer have to listen to Greta and the global warming stuff. :D That might make a big chill worth it.
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    Like Krakatoa. The year without summer.
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  16. Sadly, in my own diocese, there was a recent atrocity at the opening mass of a synod. From a CNA article,
    The Diocese of San Bernardino says its opening Mass for the Synod on Synodality Oct. 17 sought to celebrate the California diocese’s rich cultural diversity and welcome those on the “periphery” of the Church.

    But the liturgy’s unusual pageantry, featuring liturgical dancers, a Native American prayer to the “four directions,” and the appearance at the end of Mass of a colorfully costumed figure that resembled traditional representations of an Aztec demon, has raised eyebrows and sparked criticism on social media...
    The live streamed, multi-lingual liturgy began in dramatic fashion. A lay minister who works at a nearby Indian reservation led the procession into the sanctuary, waving a large bird feather with one hand while carrying a basket in the other, to the accompaniment of beating drums.

    After circling the altar and arriving at the lectern, Michael Madrigal, who the diocese identified as a lay minister at St. Joseph Mission Catholic Church on the Soboba Indian Reservation, removed a wooden rattle from the basket and shook it while chanting in a Native American language. Then, in English, he recited the “Native American Prayer of the Four Directions.”

    “We begin to the North,” Madrigal began. “It is the direction of the cool winter snows and ice. It is the direction of our healing medicines from where we receive prayer and ceremony and blessings from our creator. In this direction, we pray for all of our spiritual leaders. We pray for strength and blessings for Pope Francis, as he has called us together for this year of Synod. We pray for all of our bishops, priests, religious, and community leaders. We ask you to give them wisdom, strength for the journey.” Similar prayers directed to the East, South, and West invoked the Trinity and asked God for guidance, healing, and protection.

    “Paganism in full bloom,” read one comment on YouTube. “This is an absolute disgrace to God and His Holy Church,” stated another.
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    It is truly a disgrace,
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    It's like watching a Demolition Crew coming into your home.
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    How horrible, the great devastation has begun... at the same time as the synod...
    It seems this prayer which Queen of Help taught visionaries is really needed right now:

    21. august 1996
    Prayer for priests, bishops and monks:
    Lord Jesus, give your priests, bishops, and religious a strength in this pastoral work, to which out of your great love for them you have called them to serve and bring people straight to you. Lord Jesus Christ, you have given them the power to forgive people's sins here on earth. Heavenly Father, if you have already chosen them to serve you, help them in this service. Father, let them be good preachers of your gospel through Christ our Lord. Amen.
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    And they go right to work and you can’t stop them.

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