Ongoing Marian apparitions in Dechtice, Slovakia

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by Dusica, Aug 13, 2021.

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    I worked with a lady years ago and her husband had recently passed away from a blood disorder. She was in a state of peaceful joy. I asked her about it and she quoted the Scripture: the joy of the Lord is my strength.
    I have never forgotten that.
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  2. The more that I think about what the Virgin Mary has said, the more that I conclude that I don't think she was referring to Catholic Charismatic groups, but rather the types of groups that arose at the time of Masonry, like Mormonism and Jehovah witnesses. I do believe that these groups are growing in previously Catholic countries, like in South and Central America. I don't know if they are a growing threat to Catholicism in Slovakia (?).
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    I have mixed feelings about what I have experienced in the charismatic movement personally.
    I'm just not sure if it's all from God. I don't like that devotion to Our Lady is kinda ignored. There are good things but I think you have to be careful that the leaders are good and to be trusted. I could be totally wrong but that's my 2 cents.
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    I agree. It drew a lot of Catholics out of the Catholic Church. Including priests.
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    It may be so, you made me realize that she is probably speaking about problems on global scale, not only local.

    Statistics from last year’s counting of population in Slovakia came in few days ago and there is almost no rise in these evangelical denominations.

    Compared to 2011, sadly, there was a 6% decline for catholics (or 308 000 less for 5 and half million population)
    - 55% of population are now roman catholics + 4% are greek catholics
    - 5,5% are evangelicals
    - and the number of atheist has doubled to current 24%
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    Latest message from the Queen of Help
    through Martin

    February 15th, 2022

    My beloved children!
    United with me, hold the holy cross of our Savior before your spiritual eyes and draw strength from it in your sufferings. Christ the Lord, my Son Jesus, is the one and true God, and there is no other god but Him. Only in Him is salvation. Remember this, children, and abide in the true faith, especially when they will try to impose on you another, false teaching in which they will reject my Son in a blasphemous way.
    Stay hidden in our united Hearts. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.
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    Post with messages from 2021 and 2022
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    Thank you for posting.
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  9. just relooking up the meaning of blasphemy "the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God"; it is now also used with the meaning "irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable." May God have mercy on us. At the place where I work, several people take the most precious name of the LORD in vain. Maybe I should quit? I have only been back to work for 6 months after taking 25 years off to raise children. It takes its toll on me. Our inspection for a major accreditation is on Good Friday (of all days). May God have mercy on us. For the sake of His Sorrowful passion, have mercy on us, and on the whole world.
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    I dealt with this when working. From colleagues and from students. With colleagues I would say a prayer against blasphemy in my mind usually. Sometimes I would ask if they could find another expression please. But with students I would sometimes say to a blasphemy using the Name of Jesus "Are you praying? Let me finish it for you. Jesus have mercy on us." That was many years ago. Times are so much worse now. An act of love and reverence to Our Lord in your mind as a response is probably the best way to cope.
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    We are in the world but not of the world. AED gave a good solution. WBTW, go to the latest page of the Coronavirus thread where AED gave the remedy for the Covid shots from mystical priest Fr Anthony Odiongo. I know you were interested but I was unable to send you a PM.
  12. Thank you, AED and HH. I wear a green scapular with me and so I hope and pray that the people who offend the Name of the LORD will stop doing it immediately. I'm too chicken to say anything directly, but I hope they know that I'm a believer, at least. Thanks for your good suggestions.
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    I’m just gathering that we are talking about when people take the name of The Lord in vain. I hate when people do it, and usually they do it so freely, as though such language is just so accepted by everyone. I instantly, though not loud, say Jesus is Lord to myself. Now if Im having a direct conversation with someone, I’ll tell them to watch the language. But most times, you just hear it in stores or wherever else. I often feel like I should do more, but if I battle everyone who takes God’s name in vain, I’ll be battling people constantly.
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    I agree. My mother taught me to pray "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I love you" in a spirit of reparation every time I hear God or Mary's name taken in vain--whether in person or in a movie--and I've taught my kids to do the same. In person, often just looking shocked and saddened when someone takes God's name in vain is enough to cause a person to, at the very least, realize they should never do so in your presence.
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    All good suggestions
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    I agree, a prayer of reparation when it happens. I still show my distain for the blasphemy in my face and occasionally remind them they are using Gods name in vain. It depends.
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    I thought that in these troubling times, it would be fitting to put together and share some words about peace from Our Lady and the Dechtice visionaries, as well as some prayers and other beneficial information relevant to our times.

    Messages from the Queen of Peace
    PEACE (April 27, 1996)
    Dear children!
    I'm telling you again today. Peace, peace must reign between man and God and always only peace. Children, God is infinitely good to you, so thank Him, praise Him, and exalt Him forever. Great is his love that sends me to bring you peace. Open your arms to Heavenly Father, for he gives you peace. Accept the invitation to receive peace. Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, I love you.
    The Virgin Mary finally added: PEACE, PEACE, PEACE !!!

    RECONCILIATION (April 28, 1996)

    Dear children!
    Do not reject this message that your Mother is giving you today. Only out of the great love of the One who sent me I can speak to you now.
    Be reconciled, be reconciled to him, be reconciled to God. Because I being here with you is a sign of great love from Him to you. I exhort you, children, first reconcile in your families, then among the neighbors and in the nation, and then among the states. Only then can you reconcile with God. I call you to the reconciliation that comes to you from the Creator.
    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, I love you.


    At one apparition in October 1997, the Virgin Mary told me that people should not forget to thank the Lord Jesus for at least one sentence or one sigh after each Holy Mass.
    Our Lady demanded that in all the devotions of Fatima we pray for the conversion of Russia - this is a very important part of the devotions of Fatima that are forgotten.

    PRAYERS FOR THE HOLY FATHER (November 23, 1997)

    At the apparition of November 23, 1997, the Virgin Mary showed me the Holy Father. He was in a glowing light, but he was attacked by sharp arrows on all sides. There were very many of them. These attacks on the Holy Father were repulsed by the mantle of the Virgin Mary. Prayers for the Holy Father need to be intensified.

    The children of the Queen of Help speak of peace:
    "Why is there so little peace in today's world?"
    Visionary Simonka:
    Nowadays, people lack peace very much. This is mostly due to the fact that they are too focused on materialism, are focused on this world, and do not find time for God to talk to him in silence. Our Lady once said that God sends us love and grace every day, and wash us with them every day. It gives us peace, only we cannot accept it because our hearts are hardened. We cannot open our hearts and accept peace and distribute it everywhere.

    Visionary Martin:
    The fact that there is no peace among the people can be seen from various wars. Let's imagine our country Slovakia. There is still peace. But many can't appreciate it because they haven't experienced a war. Those who have experienced the war are aware of the importance of peace and tranquility. The cause of war is our pride. People can't forgive each other. When we have pride in our hearts, this grievous sin prevents us from receiving peace from the Lord God. We should all understand that if we want to have peace, we must forgive each other, and then there will be love between all of us.

    When we distribute peace among ourselves, we do not have to fear any war. When we want to spread peace around us, we must first find peace in ourselves, in our hearts, and understand it so that it can spread in our families, among our neighbors, in the nation, and then throughout the world.

    Visionary Simonka:

    In order to gain peace, we must first be quiet and seek God in silence. In that silence, open our hearts and meditate on our relationship with God, and let God speak into our hearts. We must accept all that he tells us. But above all, we must ask God to be able to truly receive into our hearts what He tells us.

    Visionary Martin:

    The best example of peace is the Virgin Mary. Because her life, though painful in some places, was full of joy and peace. She was very humble. Let us learn to ask the Virgin Mary to teach us peace. Let us ask her Immaculate Heart to be a refuge and reassure us when we experience unrest, when we experience confusion. Let us ask the Virgin Mary to bring us to peace.

    Our Lady recommends that we always radiate peace and joy when we meet different people. Some people on the outside look smiling, joyful, but inside they have restlessness. We must realize that first and foremost, one should have peace in one's heart, within oneself.

    Prayers for the times of troubles and hardship taught by Our Lady

    When you feel the worse, pray:

    Mother Mary, through Your pure Heart, rid us of evil, may we feel the love of our Lord Jesus, who loves us so much.
    (February 22, 1995)

    If your heart hurts, hand it over to me and say these words:

    Mother Mary, I give you my sore heart. Please bandage it with prayer, treat it with love and press it to your Immaculate Heart, let it hear the beating of your loving Heart.
    Then I will come and help.
    (August 12, 1995)

    Prayer to united hearts of Jesus and Mary
    Dear Jesus and Mary!
    With sincere faith, respect, and gratitude, we look to the spiritual beauty of your hearts, in which the incomprehensible richness of perfect love is hidden.
    Sacred Heart of Jesus!
    Conscious of our fragility, we surrender our whole being to your Mercy.
    Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we consecrate ourselves and ask for your special maternal prayer and protection.
    Dear Jesus and Mary!
    Let the consecration to your loving hearts inspire in us a desire for holiness, thanks to which we want to be the creators of true peace in today's world.

    Prayer to the Queen of Help
    Mother of great merciful love!
    Behold with your tender gaze at your children who have gathered here with you. Open your arms to us, Mother of goodness and love. We pass on our hearts to you with confidence. Hide them from us in the depths of your mother's heart, so that they may always remain clean and full of peace. Help us, our Queen, to love Jesus and all your wounded children whom you call to your garden of love. Help us heal their wounds through our sincere love. Let us never reject the one you send us, but let us always open our hearts to him. Send us where we need to bring God's love, God's word and light, God's joy, God's peace and reconciliation. Bless us, Mary, and accompany our steps, may all those we meet experience a touch of God's great healing love.
    (December 2, 2003)
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    Latest message from the Queen of Help

    March 15th, 2022

    My beloved children!
    Look at the Sacred Heart of my Son and my motherly Heart as they are both wrapped around by the thorns of the sins of the world. Have compassion with them and repent.
    Seek forgiveness from them, especially for the wounds inflicted from the shepherds who have betrayed our Sacred Hearts, and pray for the faithful priests who are humiliated, oppressed, and persecuted.

    I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart.
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    It seems that the shepherds who were led astray and are leading astray their flock are the biggest thorns Our Mother’s and Our Lord’s hearts... Please don’t stop praying for our priests, our pope and our Church, nothing seems more important now.

    The latest news about the consecration saddened me, but I won’t submit to the fear that I felt hearing these news. I will focus on the united hearts and won’t stop praying that the consecration will not be done in vain. I encourage you all to still pray for the miracle of a succesfull consecration of Russia, but also for the strength and courage for all faithful in the face of coming events, no matter if the events will be good or bad.
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    Thanks for the encouragement, Dusica. What else can we do?
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