Ongoing Marian apparitions in Dechtice, Slovakia

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    Hello, I am a 24 year old student from Slovakia and this will be my first post here. I was led to this forum sometime last winter and since then it gave me a lot of new knowledge about our catholic faith. I am really grateful for the members of this forum and I keep you all in my prayers, especially in these hard times.

    Last month I discovered a website about Marian apparitions which took place in our country (Slovakia). What surprised me was the discovery that there are ongoing apparitions of Virgin Mary taking place in a village less than 100 kilometers from my home! Since 1994, the Virgin Mary is showing up to a young boy Martin Gavenda and later started to show to 6 other children too.

    These apparitions are under investigation of local archdiocese since 1998. They have not been approved nor condemned because of the secrets that the visionaries should announce in the future (like Garabandal or Medjugorje).

    I thought I would share some notable messages and a bit of information about these apparitions. All for your own discernment. Text from the slovak website is translated through google translator, so hopefully it will be enough haha.. There is a lot of other interesting information which I will try to add later. I will also try to get to Dechtice this Sunday as there is an annual anniversary pilgrimage on august 15th. Hopefully I will be able to get there and share my experience.

    How did the apparitions of the Queen of Help begin?

    Martin says:
    "It was Sunday, December 4, 1994. I, Adrian, Michael and Simon went from the morning of St. mass home. Along the way, we talked and debated when and how we would go on a pilgrimage to Dobra Voda. As we parted, we found that neither of us wanted to go because it was cold and freezing. Suddenly Michael shouted in fright, "Look at the sun!" Then we saw the sun twirling, changing colors, and then approaching and receding. When this phenomenon ended, we saw ourselves and the surroundings immersed in dark colors. We were frightened and understood it as a sign that despite the cold weather we should go to pray. Simon's mother didn't let go because she was just sick.
    As we walked the way to the cross, we prayed the Holy Rosary. Then we saw the solar phenomenon again. Prayers to worship and reverence for the Holy Cross were held at the cross. After these prayers, we prayed to St. rosary. Suddenly I felt a gentle gust of breeze. A large room penetrated me. I noticed a white light and the figure of a pretty lady in it. I was scared and closed my eyes. I was very afraid. Then I heard, 'My dear children, thank you for coming here and praying with me here.' The Virgin Mary addressed me:

    Martin, do not be afraid to accept my words, I want to use you for God and my plans. It radiated great love, great peace, and my heart was radiant with great joy. When this meeting ended, I found that I didn't notice what was going on around me - as if time had stopped.
    As we returned home, I experienced great joy in my heart and needed to share that joy with someone. That's why I told Adrian and Michael. I asked them not to tell anyone. For them, it was also an encouragement and a pleasure, but they shared it with their families. This event spread rapidly in the village. I call this day the day of intercession.
    The next day, December 5, in the evening, my family and I prayed the prayer of St. rosary, during which the Virgin Mary came and blessed our family. At that time, we had a statue of the Virgin Mary at home, traveling around families and praying. This day was the first day that the Virgin Mary appeared in our parish. "

    In the following days, the Virgin Mary came through the prayer of the Holy Rosary, and Martin could already see it more clearly. "The meeting with the Virgin Mary was wonderful, the feeling was wonderful." with water. If it is an evil spirit, it will certainly disappear - he will not tolerate holy water. According to that, he will know whether it is the Virgin Mary or not. Martin prepared a mug of holy water for the next meeting. When the Virgin Mary appeared, he dipped his fingers in the holy water and sprinkled the apparition. The Virgin Mary smiled fondly. Martin thought, "Shall I sprinkle her one more time? Will it be enough? Maybe the drops didn't hit her, and that's just Satan making fun of me. ”Then he took a little more water and sprinkled it again. She had wet spots on her dress.
    She smiled kindly again. "To be absolutely sure, I took even more holy water, and I took a lot," says Martin, "and I splashed her so that her clothes stayed wet. The Virgin Mary smiled at me once more, a great bright light came out of her, and I felt joy and peace. Then we prayed and talked together. I was very happy that it was the Mother of God, that it was not Satan, "adds Martin.
    The apparitions continued every Thursday at the church. However, they were not regular, so Martin did not know when the Virgin Mary would come. On Thursday, he received messages that the Virgin Mary wanted to spread to the whole world and she wanted them to start living in the parish according to the messages, because she wants to lead this parish in a special way. She appeared on Dobra Voda several more times. Then the apparitions ended there and continued in Dechtice. The Virgin Mary requested a pilgrimage to the cross on August 15, 1995. On this day, she introduced herself as the Blessed Virgin Mary - THE QUEEN OF HELP. She wished August 15 to be celebrated as the anniversary of the apparitions. After the August pilgrimage, the Virgin Mary began to appear regularly - every day. On Thursdays in the church, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at home with the visionaries, always at 8.40 pm. summer time and 7.40 pm winter time. On weekends, the Virgin Mary comes to the cross and to the hill of Pentecost.
    the Queen of Help gradually chose other visionaries. There are seven of them together. They are:

    Martin Gavenda (born February 10, 1979), whose revelations began on December 4, 1994
    Mária Gavendová (born 21 December 1980), who has been hearing the voice of the Virgin Mary since 19 September 1995
    Lucia Vadíková (born July 26, 1981), who heard the voice of the Virgin Mary from December 28, 1995
    Martina Kalašová (born 9 May 1984), who saw and heard the Virgin Mary for the first time and heard on 2 May 1996
    Adriana Kúdelová (born 8 January 1981), who has been hearing the voice of the Virgin Mary since 21 May 1996
    Simona Árendásová rod. Kumpanová (born 6 January 1982), who has been hearing the voice of the Virgin Mary since 21 May 1996
    Jozef Danko (born 27 May 1985), who has been hearing the voice of the Virgin Mary since 22 May 1996
    The Virgin Mary sent the children to the bishop's father. They were accepted by Mons. Dominik Tóth, the holy bishop of the Bratislava-Trnava archdiocese, who listened to them and gave them a blessing. The local priest is also informed about the apparitions.
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    At the beginning of the apparitions, the arrivals of the Virgin Mary were irregular. Martin started to receive messages in did not know when he would meet the Mother of God. The Virgin Mary started to come daily after August 15, 1995.

    Initially, the Virgin Mary left messages for visionaries and pilgrims almost daily. During the meeting on August 31, 1995, the Virgin Mary announced that she would give messages mainly on Thursdays and on the first Sunday. She said:

    Child, my revelation will continue through the rosary on Thursday, because it is necessary to convey a Thursday message to you. The other days I will appear to you as I told you - after the rosary. And if a message is needed, I will deliver it on other days during the week. On the first Sunday, I will deliver a message for a whole month. I love you and stay with you.

    Every month, the Messages of Thursday were passed on by the Virgin Mary through a different visionary. She delivered messages for the first Sunday through Martin Gavenda.

    On June 27, 2002, the Virgin Mary announced:

    My children!

    I immerse you all deeply in my motherly Heart, which loves you so infinitely. Kids, I want to tell you that this Thursday's message is the last. I want you to live my messages more thoroughly and deeper, so I will only pass on the message to you every fifteenth of the month. I know that many of you will be saddened by this message today. Do not be sad, but may you be pleased that, out of God's great love, I will continue to come among you daily.

    Thank you for hearing my call.

    The Virgin Mary always began to convey the message on the 15th of the month through Simona Árendásová. On the anniversary of the apparition, i. On August 15, he delivers a message through Martin Gavenda. If necessary, the Virgin Mary leaves us a message on another day, for example on the first Sunday. Since July 2008, the Virgin Mary has been delivering messages on the 15th day of the month through Martin Gavenda.

    The Virgin Mary gave 7 main messages. They are:

    GOD (31/03/1996)

    Dear children!

    Thank you for coming here. God sends me from my Son to bring you help and peace from him. He sent me because his love is great. He loves you, he wants you to learn to love him too. I have come to assure you, all the children, that God exists. He sends me to help you and teach love. He wants me to help love get into this world. He wants me to defend you through peace, and that is why I, dear children, will defend my Dechtice like my rose. I hide the village under my cloak and pray that it develops into beauty.

    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, dear children, goodbye, dear angels.

    FAITH (4/13/1996)

    Dear children!

    Great is the love of God that sends me to you. God sent me to tell you: Grow and develop in the faith that has been given to you as the greatest gift. He sent me to help you find the right path, the path of Jesus Christ. Therefore, become a living gospel and a joy to God, for the love of the Father is great. Great is the love of the Holy Spirit and great is the love of my Son and our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore let the will of the Father happen. Dear children, enter the gate of my motherly Heart to eternal love - Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, dear children. I love you.

    PRAYER (April 20, 1996)

    Dear children!

    As meadow flowers develop after raindrops, so may your hearts develop after prayer. May prayer flood your hearts. May your homes be filled with daily prayer that your hearts may become a developed flower garden. Dear children, that is why I invite you to daily prayer. Prayer will become soothing if your heart happens to feel it. That is why I invite you to prayer of heart. Only then will you feel the joy of prayer. Dear children, open your hearts to prayer.

    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, expensive diet.

    CONVERSION (23.4.1996)

    Pay the utmost attention to this message that I am giving you today, dear children!

    Dear children,

    the love of the Father is great. Open the gates of the hearts and receive the love of the Father. You will see his love in conversion. Children, turn your heart to understand love. He who does not want to know love cannot understand conversion. Open the gates of conversion, for great love is coming to you. My father sent me to hand you the palm of conversion. I love you and I want you to come to Jesus Christ through conversion.

    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye.

    FASTING (24.4.1996)

    Dear children!

    Today I want to tell you and at the same time invite you to fast. Children, as you sacrifice and observe this fast, great love comes to you from the Creator. Therefore, sacrifice him out of love for the Lord. That is why I invite you to fast again. Accept this invitation. Thank you for accepting the invitation and for being here.

    Martin: Virgin Mary, what is the best fast?

    Virgin Mary: Dear children, the best fast is about bread and water every Wednesday and Friday. Goodbye. Promise to come to church tomorrow and back here on Friday.

    Martin: Yes, Mom.

    PEACE (4/27/1996)

    Dear children!

    I'm telling you again today. Peace, peace must rule between man and God and always only peace. Children, God is infinitely good to you, so thank, praise Him, and exalt Him forever. Great is his love that sends me to bring you peace. Open your arms to the LORD, for he gives you peace. Accept the invitation to receive peace.

    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, I love you.

    The Virgin Mary finally added: PEACE, PEACE, PEACE !!!

    RECONCILIATION (4/28/1996)

    Dear children!

    Do not reject this message that your Mother is giving you today. The one who sent me, out of his great love, I tell you. Be reconciled, be reconciled to him, be reconciled to God. Because being here with you is too much love from him. I urge you, little children, to reconcile first in your families, then among your neighbors and in the nation, and then among the states. Only then can you reconcile with God. I call you to the reconciliation that comes to you from the Creator.

    Thank you for accepting my invitation. Goodbye, I love you.
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    In her messages, the Virgin Mary invites people above all to a sacramental life. He invites us to the frequent St. confession, vol. Mass and St. reception. He invites us to daily prayer and fasting. As she said, it does not come of her own will, but of God's will, and what she wants people to return to Jesus and live in God's presence.

    I'm happy you're here. Because being here was my invitation. Dear angels, I want to tell you, if you should choose between the Holy Mass, the Sacrament of the Altar and me, you must choose the Holy Mass and the Sacrament of the Altar. Because being here is to teach you the love of Jesus Christ. Dear children, I would find you, even if you were anywhere.

    May 21, 1998 left us this message:

    My children,

    I bow to you and bless you. My wish is for you all to understand my messages and for them to find out how much I love you. My words cannot be understood, children, so that you will think of them wisely. My words are given out of love and only through love and your hearts will you understand them. And so you will find that through them I really want to teach you to love Jesus because you have forgotten it. Come to my well of grace, to my Immaculate Heart. You can always start living my messages.

    Thank you for hearing my call.

    The united hearts of Jesus and Mary

    One of the important messages of Dechtice is the message of August 15, 2000, in which the Virgin Mary offers the people the Heart of Jesus and her Heart as a powerful protection. He says:

    My children!

    Thank you for coming here and I bless you all. My children, today my Son and I offer you refuge in our united hearts. You apologize to the heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart through the first seven Sundays after the first Friday, which I wished for all the insults we receive. Consecrate yourself to the Divine Heart of my Son and to my Immaculate Heart - our united love. Thanks to this initiation, you will be protected in the storms of your life. In them you will find refuge and peace. Stay in our loving hearts. Our hearts will be your ship, which will never sink, even when the sea is rough. I love you, my children.

    Thank you for hearing my call.

    Again, I want to remind you that in the heart of my Son and in my Immaculate Heart, you will find refuge. Therefore, dedicate yourself daily to our loving hearts. My Son and I hide the whole world in them and protect it from its misery. (07-07-02)

    Children, enter my arms. Immerse yourself in the love of my Son and mine and feel the love of our united hearts. It is important that you constantly open your hearts to our united love, and thus accept the graces that our love brings you. (15-10-02)

    I immerse you and my Son in our love-connected Hearts to find security, peace and love in them. May our love be a refuge for you. (09-01-02)

    On November 5, 2000, the Virgin Mary encouraged us with the words:

    My children!

    Even today, I call you to be those who experience in this place the love of the Heart of my Son and my Immaculate Heart, the love of our united Hearts, so that you may make this love known to your lives even to those who do not know it. Come all to the garden of these two Hearts, where there is a new spring, where there is always joy and peace. God has given my Son's Heart and my Immaculate Heart to the new millennium as a great hope and refuge for all. It is a garden for all of you, in which a new spring will begin for all mankind.

    Thank you, my children, for hearing my call.

    LATEST MESSAGE (15th of July 2021)

    This message seemed different from the others I saw, but to me it just confirms what lot of us have felt for some time now and gives me some hope.

    "My beloved children!

    I see the confusion and suffering of the whole world, as well as the shackles that are ready to reach even more for the freedom of God's children. Therefore, run under my protection with even greater confidence. My simple and tiny children, you are doing well not to rely on the powerful of this world, but on your only faith and trust in God. Reject all modernism that suffocates all the sacred. Stay simple and humble, paying deep respect and homage to the Triune God. Pray with me, with a pure heart, daily to the Holy Rosary, for the battle is escalating. You will win with me. I immerse you in the love of Jesus and my Heart."
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    We live in a time when we expect the promised victory of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This time, events and events that precede and during which the predicted events take place, Mary makes the visionaries know. Lucia of Fatima knew about them, the visionaries in Medjugorje know them and the visionaries in Dechtice also know about them. This information is hidden in secrets that will be revealed when the time comes.

    Three of the tar visionaries (Martin, Maria, Lucia) are to receive ten secrets. The others have to get five secrets. Although visionaries cannot divulge secrets, some side effects may be revealed.

    Martin Gavenda says:

    "I can't tell you secrets, but what I can tell you are some side events. The realization of the first secret is preceded by floods (this made me thinking about recent floods in the world but still, this may be only the beginning...).

    The events contained in the first secret shall take place three days before the second secret.

    I will not reveal the second secret when I say that it involves a great warning.

    The third secret concerns the great miracle that the Virgin Mary promised.

    The content of the other secrets is the seven punishments that will come if humanity does not change on the basis of a great warning. All I can say about the great warning is that people seem to see it first, and then everyone inside it will experience it. Man will gain knowledge about his inner self, about what he has done wrong, what he has done well, what he has not done and should have done… It will be God's great mercy - man will know his inner self and know the truth. Before that comes the persecution of Christians - It will not be the end of the world, but it will be the end of time. "
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    That will be all for now. But as I mentioned, there is a lot of other interesting information about the visionaries, their conversations with Mother Mary, visions of purgatory or reports of healings from the Queen of Help. There are also other interesting apparitions that took place in Slovakia. If you are interested, let me know and I will try to post more here. God bless you all
  6. Please let us know how your pilgrimage goes, what your impressions were, etc. Thank you so much for the information!
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    Welcome to the forum Dusica! I am looking forward to hearing more about these apparitions and messages. Thank you for sharing with us.
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    'Some of the visionaries had the opportunity to see or, hell and purgatory. Martin describes it as follows:
    “It was on the feast of all the saints, and Mary had asked me before, whether I wanted to see or hell and purgatory I refused because I was afraid Mary missed, respected my free will When she asked me again, I told him that I wanted to see it First he showed me hell I can not describe it But I try to get at least how it looked and what I was living The hell was like a big cave of very large size It looked like a gushy sea, it can not be described, such a strange matter, and in that mass or fire the souls were like burning coal – something abominable – gone out of that terrible fear, uncertainty, the souls made terrible animal shrieks, curses … There was great chaos in everything, there was no room, there was no security and I felt a smell of sulfur It was horrible to look at it Now, when I talk about it, I have everything in my sight I was very afraid but I felt the closeness of Our Lady. there’s a lot of souls falling like snow, I can not talk about it anymore, because when I say that, like I’ve been through it again and it’s terrible …
    There was a great gap between hell and purgatory. I did not even know how deep or how wide it was, or how long it was. Purgatory looked like a field of gray ash. It was divided into three parts. I saw only a few souls, some were turned to joy. Those were the ones who were waiting for them to go from the purgatory to the light. At least I think. Everything was like a mist. There was a terrible cry and annoyance, praying God for sins.
    There was also a great gap between purifier and heaven. Our Lady showed me or. I saw a great yellow glow and it seemed to me that it was the gate. There was no door, it was also strange – in space. The crowds of angels welcomed us. They did not have wings, they were tall – adults, they could be 18 years old. It seemed like I was there. When we passed a number of saints, Our Lady showed me a paradise garden. We were still light and light in the light. The beautiful flowers, and all the beauty can not be described. There are no flowers on earth. Even the trees, inexplicably beautiful. Our Lady showed me the middle of the paradise, and there was a pitcher. She did not tell me anything, but it seemed to me that it was the place where she was going to rest, where she was going to pray. It was all very strange. I heard beautiful singing and everywhere there was an endless room. It was something wonderful, and the man did not want to go or go. It can not be uttered … ”
    The children also had other experiences with the Virgin Mary. I remember one. When she called them to the hill, they were afraid and told of her fear. She encouraged them not to be afraid to go with them, but they would not see it. Signs of her presence will be the butterflies flying around them. When the revelation came to an end, the children went to the village and about 8 butterflies flew around their heads. One of them sat on the hand of Marika. They ran, Marika waving her hand, but the butterfly sat on her arm as if she were glued. As they climbed down the hill to the village, they took the butterfly reflection and left for the Boričiek.
    In addition to such lovable events, visionaries often have the difficult moments that already arise from their position as the narrators of Mary’s messages. They are greatly empowered by the prayers of three holy rosaries praying daily, and fasting for bread and water 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. It’s not easy and it could not be done without the help of Tej, who comes day and day and helps the Queen.
    One of the visionaries – Lucka is attached to a wheelchair. When the Virgin Mary asked her what she wanted most, she did not ask for her healing, but she asked the Queen of Help that the priest Michal who was in this village should have been in this parish for a long time.
    Our Lady of Mary sent her father to the bishops. He accepted them mons. Dominik Tóth, the holy bishop of the archbishop of Trnava, who listened to them and gave them a blessing. The local priest is also informed about the revelations.'
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    For whats worth I think these apparitions are legit to boot.

    As in Fatima, La Salette, Medjugorje and Garabandal, Our Lady came to a small rural village in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

    Folks there seem simple and devoted.

    Dechtice is small (population 1,864), elevation 1,020 ft (310 m).

    For some reason Our Lady avoids coastal areas - maybe these will be wiped out by future geological events, as in Sister Lucias famous vison - and the sites of these apparitions are to remain as refuges where signs will remain as proof of the authenticity of these apparitions.

    Welcome to the forum and please share more information when you have the time - thanks and God bless.
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    Renee Laurentin (fairly recently deceased) widely considered the foremost Mariologist in the world at the time comments regards the appearance of Our Lady that they are often preceded by a breeze or slight wind.

    This displays the coming down of the Holy Spirit as at Pentecost. The presence of the Holy Spirit enabling the apparition.

    This is an obscure point not many pick up on. But it did happen here in Slovakia.

    I have several other reasons for believing these to be authentic and I will try to post these later.:):)
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    Three points from the Secrets fascinate me.

    1. The coming Severe Persecution of Christians.

    2. The world wide flooding.

    3. The Globalist one world Satanic Control. (The shackles of Satan.)

    I believe as regards the Shackles of Satan this was mentioned before the onset of the virus.

    The virus is all about Globalist Satanic control.
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    Yes. Even the beautiful movie "Song of Bernadette" clearly shows this (1:30 mark)

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    The sections in bold above are of my own choosing and demonstrate the hesitations we have here on MOG concerning world events and the world elites. I was told at the hospital that mandatory vaccination is just around the corner and if I want to serve as chaplain, I'll have to be vaccinated.

    More shackles on the way.:(:mad::notworthy:

    But Our Lady says: You will win with me.

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    I forget how many times I have watched the Song of Bernadette, to me it is like saying the rosary.

    A very great grace..
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    It's not just in Slovakia Our Lady has been saying this. She has been saying the exact same thing in Marian apparitions right across the world...including I may say in Medugorje.
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    Thank you so much Dusica, and welcome to the Forum. It is perfect timing for you to post this Good News.

    What a welcome relief for us to look away from the earthly happenings and draw our attention to Blessed Mothers work in Slovakia, it helps take our minds off the strains and stresses we have, while we struggle with all that is going on in our Church and the world around us.

    Thank You dear Lord for sending us Dusica, and thank you Blessed Mother for sending us Dusica. Praised be Jesus and Mary. All the love in the world to our dear Heavenly Father Who never ceases to find ways to encourage us as we journey through this exile.

    We love You dear Heavenly Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit. :love:
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