On the "New Age" in Ireland

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Roger Buck, Apr 26, 2014.

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    Thanks Thomas for the suggestions. Yes we did all that and more and problem solved. Where would we be without our priests and the Church?

    Yes, and I think that's true for most Christians too. I shared the point-of-view that it's harmless a few years ago, but when I looked into it, I found out how the postures themselves are inseparable from the context of Hinduism in which Yoga is rooted, which makes it not-so-harmless!
  2. Hi Padraig,

    I've always understood the enneagram to be rooted in the occult. A priest friend who is also an excorcist agrees, and this is also confirmed in catholicculture.org

    If the roots are from a dark source how can the fruits be good?

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    The Enneagram is a bit like the rosary, no one really knows the source, it is so old. People say the rosary came from St Dominic but actually the rosary is so ancient and Universal (in its primitive from) no one can get a handle on its origin.

    Some people claim some of the Fathers of the Church used it in some form or other.

    A lot of the occult stuff are cultural baggage which put on it. It reminds me of a wonderful old car that someone has covered in eggs , well you can abandon the old lady and drive some other way or you can take it to the car wash get the rubbish off and drive away. :)

    I think the Enneagram is like that and so because she is covered in eggs she gets dumped. But in my experience , ignore the nonsense surrounding her and she is good to go.

    I can only tell it as I found and find it, a wonderful old driver. My Spiritual Director who recommended it was also an exorcist.

    I can see where folks might be frightened off , though.

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  5. It is interesting though that the vatican document, "Jesus Christ, The Bearer of The Water of Life," mentions the enneagram in its warnings of new ways of practising Gnosticism.
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    The New-Age is perilous and very deceptive. Unfortunately before experiencing the grace of conversion a number of years ago I meddled around in the New-Age, unaware of the negative consequences it would present. Fortunately I met a number of very good priests, now of whom was an exorcist and he said a series of prayers with me and I haven't had any difficulties since thank God.
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    remember Christina Gallagher is from Ireland and she is connected to Maria of Divine mercy
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    Being from Ireland is not always bad.;):D

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    Time for mass again, thank God for the Mass. Praying at the Feet of Mary for all here. Blessings and joy and peace.:)
    Great peace and holiness.
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    Everywhere you walk in Ireland, great saints like St Patrick, Brigid, Ciarin, Bendan and many others have walked before... We just have to remember to ask them for help.

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