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    Not exactly, see my post#58. I do believe an exception for deacons should be permissible. For instance, in the Diocese of Syracuse, NY, the number of active deacons outnumber the active priests and that gap is likely to grow over the next 10 years.

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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    Thank you for the explanation!
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    I have mixed feelings about extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist. Many of them provide a wonderful service bringing Holy Communion to the sick and elderly who can't get to Mass. They do it week in, week out, with little or no recognition for their dedication. Also, many of our priests are elderly and may not be able to stand for long periods now that nearly everyone at Mass receives Communion. I don't believe that the Lord would begrudge those priests the assistance of an EMHC.

    On the other hand, I think that EMHC's are over-used at Sunday Masses. I suppose the idea behind it is to get as much lay involvement as possible. One priest in a parish where I occasionally went to Mass always asked for any EMHC's in the congregation to come and assist him no matter that the church was never even close to being full or even half full. One Sunday, we all had to wait because there were only two EMHC's and he wanted three. Eventually a third stepped forward but I don't know how long he would have been willing to wait. They didn't give Communion from the chalice in that parish and
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    I confess to being extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. I was asked to go forward by my priest more than once but always resisted as I had reservations about it. Our parish has two nursing homes and I eventually went forward to help with the nursing home. I myself receive on the tongue but in the current situation I accept the request to receive on the hand. I wish things were different but I don't see it as my job to challenge the request from our priests.
    We have 2 elderly holy priests in our parish. I was wrestling with the whole thing during our last lock down when we couldn't go to church. Every Sunday I went to the church door and I was given Holy Communion for my family. When I got home we watched Mass online and I distributed Holy Communion to my family. When I was wrestling with this I remembered the word extraordinary and thought well these are extraordinary times.
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    I attend a TLM parish where Holy Communion is distributed exclusively on the tongue. Not a single parishioner has yet to have contracted the virus, thanks be to God.
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    It’s NJ. We are all still wearing masks during Mass. And the priests wear theirs during Communion and hand sanitizers right before.
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    Same here
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    Mary Rose, I am also an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion but have been reluctant to say so on the forum as there are some strong feelings on the subject. I have often questioned myself as to whether or not I should be doing this and have prayed a lot about it. I have been assisting our Pastors over the years by bringing the Eucharist to the sick and elderly in nursing homes, hospitals and hospice and I pray that I am not dishonouring Our Lord in any way by doing so. Thank you for sharing your own experience Mary Rose.
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    I am just curious Terry, but do Deacons get the Power to do Exorcisms.?:) (I am not saying they ever would but do they have the Sacramental Power?}
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    Not that I know of. Deacons, through ordination, are configured to Christ the Servant (Mk 10:45) Presbyters are configured to Christ the Priest (Ps 110). Exorcism falls under sacerdotal or priestly authority, I'm pretty sure.

    Safe in Our Lady Arms!
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  11. Julia

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    Timothius722 said: Is it for you to deprive me of Grace.

    No one has the right to deprive you of Grace. But surely you know to receive Holy Eucharist in a state of sin is described in the scripture as "eating and drinking your own condemnation." Which means it is a deadly sin if you have not repented sincerely and got absolution.

    I believe Luther taught that you could sin all you wanted and still be saved, maybe you are a Lutheran.
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    STOP Holy Communion in the hand Campaign in Poland. New developments and reactions
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    fot. FORUM
    On October 1, 2020 the Piotr Skarga Association of Christian Culture started a new campaign expressing the concern of Catholic laity about the proper reverence due to the Most Holy Sacrament. There were many positive reactions coming from Catholic priests and the faithful, as well as some saddening but very telling comments made by some priests. In a few cases those reactions were quite shocking.


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    A very interesting Catholic site. I enjoyed reading the news article about Ukranian bishops' brotherly correction of German bishops.
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