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    For your discernment as many today are being forced into this practice. “Do whatever He tells you”.

    [​IMG]John Paul II: "I cannot be in favor of the Communion in the hand and I cannot recommend it. The priest has a primordial responsibility as a 'servant of the Holy Eucharist and of all the Holy Forms', primordial because it is complete. Touching the Holy Creations is a privilege of the ordained ones" (Dominicae Cenae II) "Communion in the hand was introduced by the modernist hierarchy without the authorization of the Holy See (Cardinal Suenens in Holland etc). Paul VI tenaciously opposed it but decided to grant a pardon only where the use was already rooted to avoid a widespread disobedience.”
    [​IMG]Monsignor Juan Rodolfo Laise, Argentine Bishop, he states: "I know the history of the communion in the hand, was clandestinely reintroduced, disseminated on the basis of equivocation, and confirmed through unwavering disobediences... (to the Holy Father), by imposing over twenty-seven years a use that the Pope did not want to authorize because he considered as dangerous for the good of the Church, until they finally managed to spread it almost everywhere in the world."
    [​IMG]Jesus to Catalina Rivas, (stigmatized seer. Nihil obstat by Msgr. R. Fernández, Bolivian Archbishop: "There are neither 10 nor 20 executioners who hit My Body, but many hands that hurt My Body by receiving Communion in their hand - the sacrilegious work of Satan."
    Jesus Christ to Catherine Rivas on Communion in the mouth:
    1. "To those who DO NOT receive in their HAND My Own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, I promise to fill them with My Blessings in their hands, heart, soul and in all their being.
    2. I promise them many more graces in their earthly life, and the consequent greatest guarantees of salvation and increase of essential and accidental Glory, for all their eternal living with Me in Heaven.
    3. They will feel Me in the Communion a lot in all their being and, with such a fullness that they will take away from themselves their natural desire to touch Me. These ones will always do a greater good to the souls; on the other hand, those who insist on taking Me in their hand, will remain hardened in many things toward My Will, and obscured about My Own Taste, My Own Preaching, and My Own Magisterium.”
    [​IMG]Jesus to Giuliana Crescio, December 1989: "I do not wish to be taken into your hands. I don't want to be taken into your hands! I, the Living Bread, the Living Blood, that Blood shed for you, I am the Bread, but for your soul. I gave the Apostles bread, you are not priests, you cannot touch Me!"
    [​IMG]Some souls of Purgatory tell Maria Simma (seer of the souls) that the sin for which they have to suffer the most is because they have received Communion in their hand. Mary explains: under normal conditions, only the consecrated hands of priests can distribute Communion. Except in "extraordinary circumstances". "Extraordinary" does not refer to the difference between the faithful having to wait two minutes instead of ten to receive Communion. (Today lay people or priests are in a hurry for everything) One day, a woman who distributed Communion, urged other women to do the same, she passed away. Before the funeral, the coffin was open for family and friends to give the last salute. Then it was closed. However, a close relative arrived late and asked the priest to open it so that he could also say goodbye to the deceased. The priest lifted the cover of the coffin and looked inside. Several saw that the woman's hands had turned black. This sign, for me, as for the rest, was God's confirmation that unconsecrated hands cannot distribute Jesus during Communion."
    Maria Simma freed 40 or 50 priests and bishops from Purgatory, most for promoting Communion in hand or other types of irreverence. She calls Communion in hand "the work of the devil." Many are for, due to lack of obedience to the Holy Father, lack of love for the Holy Mass, lack of love for prayer and fasting, not having read the breviary, and I repeat, for the Communion in the hand... "The souls of Purgatory have told me that no Pope to this day has supported the Communion in the hand, a rite that was promoted by a group of cardinals and bishops. All the Popes knew very well that the Communion in the hand was against the veneration of the Holiest of the Holy Ones." ...I know a very good woman who doubted this and simply asked Jesus himself to send her a clear signal so that she could be clarified. Jesus did it! The next time the priest came to give Communion, he put the Eucharist in the palm of her hand. As soon as he did it, the Host rose from her hand, went up and disappeared into the air. This little miracle was also seen by several witnesses..."
    [​IMG]1976 (Un-corrupted). When this 16-year-old girl from a pious German family was suddenly afflicted by demonic possession, the demon (during an exorcism ordered by the local bishop) was forced to say: "The thing (the Consecrated Host) should not be placed in the hands. Priests must have courage. Lay people should not distribute it. During the distribution of that thing (the Holy Communion), you must kneel. By command of that one (pointing to a statue of the Virgin that was nearby) the Communion in the hand must be abolished because it is a work of mine. The bishop must forbid Communion in his hand, if he can do it."
    _ _ _ From the 2008 book “Give Me to Drink”: Jesus says: "Everything has been enabled for desecration and sacrilege, and My ministers do not care, they live comfortable with this. The laity give Communion and there will come a day when the Holy Sacrifice of the Cross also will be degraded in such a way that they prevent Me from descending into the Host."
    _ _ _ The following can be quoted from a Masonic Plan of 1925: "How can the faithful no longer believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist? [...] First we must make people everywhere receive Communion standing and then place the Host in their hands. Prepared in this way they will come to see the Host as a symbol of fraternal coexistence". Indirectly, Communion in the hand has also contributed to the moving of the Tabernacles, which are no longer being in the center of the churches but in a side area, or in another room. This has led to no more kneeler in many temples of the West.
    _ _ _ With the practice of the Communion in the hand is true the desecration of the Blessed Sacrament. The norm of the Catholic Church remains to have Communion in the mouth. The only pleasing way to God is to receive Communion on the knees and in the mouth, or standing, but always in the mouth and from the hands of a Priest only. St. Francis of Assisi: "Only they, (the priests), should administer it, and no others." (Letter 2a, to all the faithful, 3.5)
    _ _ _ When you hear the argument "The Church has allowed it," remember that you are the Church and not the disobedient and treacherous bureaucracies found somewhere far away and inaccessible. The Church has not allowed it but has tolerated it only under pressure..
    _ _ _ St Brigid of Sweden, 1373: "Look, daughter of Mine, I left My priests five gifts... and the fifth one is the privilege of touching My Most Holy Flesh with their hands."
    _ _ _ The Martyr and Holy Cardinal John Fisher 1535: "The times of flourishing or collapse within the history of the Church, were always associated with the handling of the Holy Eucharist."
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    Interesting photograph.
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    My brother-in-law who passed away in May was a priest and if he was sent to pastor a Church where the tabernacle was not in the center of the altar, he would move it back and build it in so it could not be moved again and also had the kneelers and Communion rail put back in... He always said that Communion in the hand was never supposed to be the norm. Rest in peace Fr Bob.
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    It was not supposed to be “the norm”, but look at what has happened. I see people going up for Communion and just before receiving they put hand sanitizer (which is sticky!) on their hands that is always placed right up next to the Priest (or Eucharist minister - but that’s a whole different story). What are they thinking - the Host cannot but be stuck to their hands which they then wash after leaving Mass. if that isn’t abuse, I don’t know what is! So sad for Our Lord!
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    There is a story about the reason for this, but I cannot remember it. Perhaps you can search it on the net.
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    Fr Bob was a true priest! May he be experiencing the peace that passes all understanding.
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    It is amazing that the State Hospital in Syracuse, of all places, has supported the continuation of chaplains visiting patients and distributing Holy Communion on non-covid units (only a few active cases now). Other hospitals in the area, including St. Joseph's, are not as flexible. A couple of months back, a procedure for putting on gloves to distribute Holy Communion lasted about a week; the Catholic chaplains were not for that at all. Personally, I've chosen that receiving on the tongue is the only way to go. Right before initiating the prayers (Our Father, Lamb of God...) I'll wash my hands in front of the patient. Then I'll explain that it is safer for me to distribute on the tongue since our fingers will not touch. No contact takes place. None of the patients have given me any pushback. And the reverence prevails!:D:love:

    It works. It's practical. It's holy!

    Soul of Christ sanctify me, Blood of Christ inebriate me, Water from the Side of Christ wash me, Passion of Christ strengthen me...:notworthy:
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    Not all sanitizer is sticky. Formula with aloe definitely is.
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    Seriously! This is amazing!!!
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    I attend the Italian mass every Sunday, and I can attest that even though we don't usually get more than 50 people for any Sunday mass, between 95-98% of people receive communion in the hand.
    The surprising thing about this is that most of these are older Italians who you'd think would have been brought up with the traditional communion on the tongue. I understand If you can't receive it on your knees, but at least receive it standing and on the tongue.
    The percentage is around the same for the English mass

    I've even tried to explain to my sister that it's sacrilege and how much she offends our Lord, and she's been devoted to the church way longer than me, but to no avail as yet. "The church allows it", she says, "and we're supposed to listen to the church", she says. Hopefully I can get through to her one day.
    I used to follow the crowd when I was younger, through school etc. receiving it on the hand, but since I understood better and what it meant, it's always been on the tongue.
    Luckily here in Sydney, our parish allows communion on the tongue, but we need wait until the very end. It's better than only receiving it on the hand which some other parishes have to endure.
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    The ones at both Churches I have attended this past month have extremely sticky hand sanitizer. I tested them upon entering the Churches to be sure.
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    I just left a Diocese (thank you Jesus!) where we were told we would be put “out of the Church” if we tried to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. There was one “rogue” Priest who insisted that he would allow it, but was called in by the Bishop and chastised. He then had to stop, but he also told us that the Bishop told the Priests that they could not give dying persons Communion on the tongue. His response was this, “How does a Priest give Communion in the hand to someone who is dying.” I am so thankful to Our Lord for moving us to a good Diocese with Holy Priests and a good Bishop.
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    remember, she said she didnt feel Jesus for many years and she also got possesed, this was the reason why,
    but then she talked about it, and said, this was the worst thing you could do
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    In our diocese if the priest gives communion on the tongue he must sanitize and dry his hands afterwards, for each communicant. Although I consider myself “as Catholic as they come”, and used to receive on the tongue before Covid, I do not anymore as I believe this to be an unfair burden on the priest. I look forward to the day when things return to normal but until then I’m hoping the Lord understands.
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    I'm with you Denise. I hate having to do this but the Bishop has ordered it and I have complied. When I can I go to the Maronite Church where it is always on the tongue. Its a terrible dilemma.
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    Our Archbishop said it must be in the hand. I am only exercising obedience.
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    I receive on the tongue or in the hand depending on which priest is giving Communion. Some are more adept than others. I think that it is harder for the priest when there are no altar rails. It must be easier for the priest to give Communion on the tongue when the person is kneeling, especially when the recipient is taller than the priest. I bring my own hand sanitiser. It is not sticky and dries within a few seconds.

    We're on the second wave of infections now and the public are excluded from Mass until the spread of the virus is reduced to whatever the authorities considered to be manageable levels. Heaven knows when that will be because they are testing more people. The more they test, the more cases they will find, so we could be in for a cycle of lockdowns followed by an easing of restrictions, followed by more lockdowns and then more easing. We'll be lucky if we aren't singing Silent Night to a computer screen for Christmas Mass.
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    I’m sorry to learn of your second wave of illness there, Dolours.
    I have remarked as well that it is easier for the priest to place the Host on the tongue when the recipient is kneeling, preferably at an altar rail, with a server holding a paten. I agree with you .
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