October Convergence

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    Fr. Heilman on a grace force interview with Mark Mallett
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    Thanks for sharing!!!
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    Ahh so it's much nicer nuclear missle than we were led to believe. Thx Putin
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    The language people use often betrays much about their inner workings; I just wanted to point out that this is a literal example of demonizing something for political reasons.
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    A wee bit of sarcasm's taste.:coffee:
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    I got it! lol
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    Luan is Brazil about to legalize abortion? I see Mexico had done it and the article said Brazil was close to doing it. All of this seems part of the convergance too.
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    In a speech in the Plenary on Tuesday (12), Senator Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE) once again criticized the Federal Supreme Court (STF) after the President of the Court, Minister Rosa Weber, authorized the trial of the action filed by PSOL which deals with the decriminalization of abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy, of which she is rapporteur.

    Girão claimed that the agenda demonstrates an ideological position and that the efforts to judge the issue represent the “judicial activism” practiced by the STF. The senator also said that the issue could “set the country on fire", since, he said, the majority of the Brazilian population is against abortion.

    — Is this what the Supreme Court wants? Set the country on fire by setting an agenda at this point in the championship? After everything we are seeing from the highest court in this country, persecuting people, illegal investigations, tearing up the Constitution, releasing corrupt people, will they want to legalize abortion? What is the priority of legalizing abortion on the national agenda today? Is this the desire of the Brazilian population? Obviously not. It is the desire of a few activists who wear toga, just as they did on the drug issue – he protested.

    The senator also mentioned the example of the project (PL 1,135 / 1991) which proposed to suppress article 124 of the Penal Code, which characterizes abortion caused by a pregnant woman or with her consent as a crime. The parliamentarian recalled that the text was defeated in the Chamber of Deputies after almost 30 years of processing. He stated that matters related to abortion are widely rejected by the National Congress, reflecting the position of Brazilian society.

    — Only in the CCJ, if I'm not mistaken, it was 33 to 0. And look, at that time, the Lula government was in favor, there was a whole system [...] the deputies acted in accordance with the Brazilian population, they defeated the project that had been pending in the House for almost 30 years. Here in the Senate, you can be sure, it's the same thing. Matters in this sense are strongly defeated by the parliamentarians of this House, because it is a matter that is on the national agenda, which afflicts evangelicals, Catholics, spiritualists — he argued.

    AgênciaSenado (Reproduction authorized upon citation from Agência Senado)

    know more

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  13. Luan Ribeiro

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    I found out about this today through the forum, because I don't participate in any political groups or even about the Catholic faith on Facebook or Whatsapp. The trial at the hands of the Federal Supreme Court, still undefined, represents a greater challenge to the pro-life cause than all previous attempts by the left to legalize abortion in Brazil, because although former president Jair Bolsonaro obtained a majority in Congress and in the Senate in last year's elections, the Federal Supreme Court demonstrates that it has enough power to sometimes overturn executive decisions.
  14. AED

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    These death culture people are relentless. I pray and hope Brazil resists. I am betting most Brazilians are opposed to it. But that minority of aggressive pro aborts wield some power.:(:cry:
  15. Luan Ribeiro

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    The vast majority of the Brazilian population is against abortion; so much so that last year a survey by the IPEC Institute (Intelligence in Research and Strategic Consulting) revealed that 70% of the population is against legalization, and this may explain why no left-wing government took the issue to a plebiscite that would castrate its perversion for murder of children in the mother's womb; Since in 2005 there was a plebiscite on civil disarmament and a majority of 66.94% voted against, then imagine what would happen in the case of an issue that is not even divisive for true Christians.
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    There are so many so called revelations which are time based that it leads to confusion and disappointment. I also think that this continues, more and more people will simply get fed up
    and come to believe that it is all false. I respect Mark Mallet, but he is not always on target. Yet, I find much n his writings that make me think as well.

    Pray, trust, and hope, everything else could be a distraction from the evil one.

    Br. Mark
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    For the very first time since you've ben on the forum and you're on the forum quite a while now Father, you doing more than giving an uplifting message

    Would this have something to do with getting a wake up call from Pope Francis's recent goings on?

    Of waking up and smelling the coffee?,
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    I have known for along time that our culture was in trouble, even when young. When God is put aside, there is only self will and havoc that is the fruit. So the way are things are now
    is no surprise to me, or I would say, for many others this is true.

    God is the only center, the love the only path, and trust the only way to overcome failure, fear, bitterness and anger.

    So I pray, hope, seek to speak truth, and leave all else up to God. And yes, when I fail, trust allows me to continue.

    Br. Mark
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  19. Luan Ribeiro

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    In my opinion, 99% of the alleged private revelations that exist in the world today are untrue. In fact, I think that imposing a poverty vow on anyone who claims to have visions and draws large crowds would significantly lessen the disappointments that gradually erode people's faith.
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  20. Add regular fasting or abstinence from meat too for atonement of sins, will they do it?
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