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Discussion in 'PC Help.' started by Katfalls, May 21, 2019.

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    Sunday afternoon I got a call from one of the Nuns at the Carmelite Monastery in upper Michigan and she asked me to take over and run their website. The current webmaster has gotten too busy to run it. The nuns, of course, cannot see the site because they do not have internet, but kind of direct what they want on it. One of the nuns, Sister Maritas, has a camera and likes to take pictures and small videos that are on the site. She likes to create little slide shows, and the webmaster would load them up. However, the webmaster, instead of loading them directly onto the site, put them on youtube with a link on the site. So at the bottom of the slide show it says youtube, and at the end it says," to see more videos like this click on the box of the topic you want to see." Well, the sisters did not know that was appearing on the site, they would have been terribly upset to know it. Sooooo . . .my problem is to revamp the site. I have had a site of my own on yahoo for years, but it is a simple drag and drop template design. I do not know how to write basic code or how to use wordpress for anything more sophisticated. The current web host company they use charges them $8 per month and Sister Maritas is wondering if there is a free web hosting site because money is so tight for them. I am thinking if you find a free site there will be ads on it, which they don't want of course. I am thinking, if someone can recommend a good web host site and the cost is not too expensive maybe I can find a sponsor from church who would pick up the tab. But the site would have to be user friendly, maybe with templates so I could do it easily. Right now they use a web host called ipage.
    This endeavor is an apostolate for them, to make people aware of the vocation as a Carmelite. And they need more girls, tough to do in this secular world. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    I am not a techie at all. Wish I could help but "I know nuh-think" to quote Sgt. Schultz. However I can pray that the Lord sends you someone. And I would be glad to donate 8.00 a month to help them out. I would consider it an honor.
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    Hopefully there will be donations made. With that in mind what is the address for the Carmelite Monastery and whom to address the letter to.

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    Hi katfalls
    Padraig rang me earlier about your problem I'm flat out at the minute so when I get a chance I'll look into it in more detail as for a Web hosts we use host gator on this site a few niggle problems over the last year's but nothing serious I think they charge 2 dollars a month so maybe look into that first il be in touch with you soon
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