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    Please don’t ask how I found this out but, over the weekend I discovered that a man who makes and uploads sexually perverse pornography, passed away back in December due to cancer. I have been praying for his soul throughout these past days, today I offered mass for him and made plenary indulgence for his soul if he’s in Purgatory. I have also sent a donation to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Cape for a mass to be said for him, and will be finishing a Three Day Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel this evening, among other things.

    Please join me in praying for his soul, that in the last moments of his life, he dies embracing the love of Jesus and Mary, and receives Eternal Life. I don’t know his real name, but the initials of his username are NT.

    Please pray also for his friends, he has a girlfriend who calls herself “Lancelot,” and he’s also associated with two other women who identify themselves as “Claire” and “Cass.” All three of these women are involved in, and have made, the same sexually perverse porn that NT has made. But now these three are rallying together to emulate and produce his style of porn in an effort to preserve his legacy. Please pray for these three and all else involved.

    This has all been a very sobering experience for me.

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