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    I think you misunderstood my intentions. I asked for clarification. I certainly did not assume that your ideas departed from Pope Francis's, that is why I asked.

    I certainly did not ask you to leave, nor would I.

    Perhaps you are not aware of the history of this forum. There have been members that have led others for many months by their postings only to in the end find that the leader brought others into error.

    I think you would agree, we are called as Christians to discern and be prudent. An online forum is a particularly difficult place to use discenment.

    For all I know you are a very holy saint. But if something strikes me as off when reading and praying over your meditations I don't think it is wrong to ask for clarification. To the contrary, if I reject your meditations out of hand because something doesn't sit right without asking for clarification, that would be wrong. We are called to use our intelect, the teachings of the Church, and advice of our spiritual directors and, of course, the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern.

    If you do not wish to clarify when people have questions I understand. But if that is the case, each of us who read your writings will have to be especially prudent.
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    Well non sum dignus, this is exactly what I felt...
    You wrote:
    "There have been members that have led others for many months by their postings only to in the end find that the leader brought others into error"

    I also have a forum, I know what it is, and when one goes out of his way,
    reallly out of his way, then I know there's a problem. (Here is not the case, if we read more than one post at a time. And more answers where in this post: 115. Spiritual laziness)

    Or else, if it's not quite what I want to read but seems fair,
    from that person on my forum,
    I'll encourage what is right and true,
    what is luminous and that is helping people to
    get closer to Jesus and his Love.
    At that point, I know I'm walking, working (works) with that person.

    And I cannot write each time the Catechism of the Catholic Church
    and add the Bible and the Councils to all of my posts.
    I just can't do that.
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    non sum signus, you wrote:
    But if that is the case, each of us who read your writings will have to be especially prudent.

    I'll be obedient and leave... so...

    I don't understand, if you have a forum, why you don't walk with people...
    And I do understand that you already aren't giving me no choice.
    You've already discredited, and that is upmost damaging.

    Wish you all to be blessed in God's Love.
    May your path end up in God's Kingdom of Love.
    God's knows, we may meet in heaven.
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    115. Spiritual laziness video:

  5. non sum dignus

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    I am sorry you feel this way, and I am sorry if I offended you.

    You are more than welcome to stay and post on the forum if you like.

    I am no one here...I am not a moderator. I am just a sinner trying to discern. Perhaps I am blind to my own blindness?

    Peace to you.
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  6. non sum dignus

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    If anyone on the forum would like to give me advice about how I was wrong on this thread I welcome the advice.

    I promice not to defend myself or take issue with the advice.

    I do not want anyone to tell me I did nothing wrong...That wouldn't help me if I was wrong in my postings....please do not defend me.
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    I am not judging one way or the other but making an observation.

    I like these mediations. I don't see them as up for discussion. I have seen a lot of squabbling on threads such as rhe Divine Will which make the thread very difficult to follow. The person who initiated the thread spends their time firefighting.

    I hope Fr continues to share these mediations which I find very good.

    God bless all
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    I don't think anyone was judging. They were just asking questions for clarification. Nothing wrong with that.
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    non sum dignus...

    Ok, so saying to everyone to be prudent, it's placing a brick on this topic,
    and putting a distrust, a non confidence, it's breaking the thread.
    And this I can't relate to it.
    Telling me that I'm going out of the Popes way, it's really demeaning
    and judging. I don't see that writing of yours for now. You might have taken it down.

    Like I said
    I know that spiritual thoughts are for people who love to meditate.
    I know that it's not perfect because we're getting a phrase or a page
    at a time.
    To meditate is to give a chance to let ourself sip out what's best of a fruit.

    So please, non sum dignus, before making assumptions on a person's
    credibility, really try hard to find a way to Jesus' heart.
    Ask Jesus how to understand.

    This is not political, like I see you're in a political thread.

    I do pardon.
    And I ask for forgiveness if I dealt this with a little toughness.
    And I'm starting a new thread

    I'll be starting a new topic because this one is destroyed.

    If a moderator or Admin can take this thread down in one week please
    or after non sum dignus has confirmed reading my last post..
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    I think I might see what the problem might be here...

    One person wants to publish a book on this thread

    And forum users see it as a thread on a forum which is open for discussion? Which is what a forum is designed to do...

    Either way it's Mother's forum which is used for evangelism?

  11. Normandt

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    Y'a for evangelization.

    For me, it's not the books that interest me,
    it's touching hearts with what the Lord has given me.
    That's the point,
    I've given most of my books around me, because I believe in
    the inspiration of the Lord, and the power of conversion.
    Mother Mary is in the 8th.

    So, having these inspirations,
    isn't it for all, and not only for my own?

    That is the foundation of evangelizatio,
    to give to others what we receive.
  12. Normandt

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    I've never stopped one person once to reply
    or add to my posts. Never!

    What I mean about breaking a thread is the insinuation
    that I would not be with the Pope.
    Those are words that are political in thought and destroys one's credibility.
    Then that puts a doubt in the minds of people who read mine, as to say:
    "People be prudent" (when reading my posts... and not saying why)

    That is not evangelization from the ones who do that.
    That's it, that's all.
    Everything else would be out of proportion by thinking that I am against the way of this forum and not my will.
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    117. A natural law

    We have in our hearts a natural law that is a grace of God. It helps us to discern and choose between good and bad. It is better to remain stationary in the face of evil than to be trapped in it.

    It is better to think a while than to act too quickly and engulf ourselves in evil. The drug is a striking example. It is better for children to learn at length about the negative effects of drugs, so that they can get around it, i.e. alcohol, all drugs, divination that places the pride of a person between God and others, selfishness and all that leads to evil.

    Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to increase in us vigilance, courage, determination and constancy; to offer us his grace, as well as for the neighbour. If we want them, God gives us his graces.


    May freedom always lead us to perfect goodness, with the desire to always return to the Paschal Meal that is placed upon the Altar of Love, by Christ, for us. It is the only true source that assures us a free and fulfilled life, thanks to the Life and Love of God.

    May Mary and Joseph, who freely chose the will of God in them, inspire us with their total and definite “yes”. May our life be offered with joy to him who gave us his life, Jesus, for our well-being and for the salvation of the world.

    Book: … for Love
    Normand Thomas
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    116. Nourished by Love

    The heart of flesh is one who is nourished by the Love of God and shares it with his neighbour:
    “To everyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich.” Matthew, chapter 25, verse 29

    The one who has shares, the one who has and does not share, has nothing. That is to say, the one who blocks the talents that God offers him closes up and he will go so far as to believe that he has nothing to share. This sentence can be a good indicator: “Ah, I’m never doing anything good… I’m not able. It’s impossible.” Do continue and you’ll get there! Give yourself small goals and, with experience, you will achieve bigger ones.

    Blocking God’s Love prevents him from circulating in us and sharing it. This causes us personal suffering and distress.


    Graces will become numerous when they are passed on to others by the one who shares the Love of God. Let’s continue with the catechism:
    “Freedom is the power, rooted in reason and will, to act or not to act, to do this or that, and so to perform deliberate actions on one’s own responsibility. By free will one shapes one’s own life. Human freedom is a force for growth and maturity in truth and goodness; it attains its perfection when directed toward God, our beatitude.” Catechism of the Catholic Church, number 1731, website:

    Our freedom becomes total when our whole life is given to God for the neighbour. This attention to the other teaches us to become also charitable toward ourselves. Our freedom becomes mature when it is also engaged by the mercy of God. He seeks mercy givers.

    Book: … for Love
    Normand Thomas
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    Thank you for the clarification....

    It might be wise to note that some on the forum are halfway up the ladder, some hold the ladder and some are just beginning on the first rung..(y)

    the fundamental part of evangilising is .....

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    118. Our judgment

    From God’s Love and Light, we can observe in ourselves and in people the shadows and the lights. Then, discern with wisdom what would be the best way to help.

    If we move away from God, we close the shutters of the windows, and instead of having the full light of day, we glimpse at some rays that seek to join us. Again, it will be necessary to be aware of these rays and not worry too much for the specks of dust in it. Dust does not alter or define the purity of light.

    The less we let the light in, the more we seek to protect our eyes. This phenomenon occurs during night time. When we wake up at night and open the light switch, our eyes close alone. We try to move away from the light. We even place our hands on our eyes. Even sometimes, we immediately turn off the light.

    This is what happens when we move away from God. The less we seek God, the more we sink into darkness. We have trouble supporting what is clear and bright. Then we have difficulty receiving the power of his light. We may not find the door.


    To flee the Light, to flee Wisdom, to flee the Love of God is already our judgment. The judgment of others is not necessary since we judge ourselves. We develop a fear of God, we close the Light … on God. Then we dig deeper into the illusion that we are better, surrounded by our defences, going deep down and away from the Light.

    This passage of wisdom has been transmitted for our greatest joy:
    “If you choose you can keep the commandments; it is loyalty to do his will.” Sirach, chapter 15, verse 15

    That’s totally God! He tells us: “If you choose.” Around a buffet, we choose whatever we want. It’s not for others to choose for us. They will also choose for themselves.

    It’s also up to each of us to remain faithful and to unite our life to Jesus or not. We are free, we are responsible for our faith. If we accept what God offers us, then we will have an overflowing buffet where everything will be good for us and for humanity.

    Book: … for Love
    Normand Thomas
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    119. A personal choice

    The author continues:
    “Before man are life and death, whichever he chooses shall be given him.” Sirach, chapter 15, verse 17

    According to the choice of each person, life is proposed to them by God and death remains a personal choice … “whichever he chooses”. It’s not God’s choice. Death is not God’s choice. He does not offer us this choice.


    The choice for death is nothing but the rejection of God’s Love, the refusal to let us love God, the refusal to welcome him and share the immense love that everyone expects. The refusal to receive Jesus’ Love leads to evil and finally, to death.

    Yet it is much easier to share what we receive. The buffet is not only there for us. Let’s receive the Love of God and share it.

    Book: … for Love
    Normand Thomas
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