Nipah Virus; Kerala, India

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    According to the WHO, Nipah virus can be difficult to diagnose due to some patients having few symptoms, and others having "nonspecific" symptoms.

    Health Canada states that there can be a range of symptoms in those who are symptomatic, ranging from mild to severe.

    Flu-like symptoms tend to emerge first, including fever, vomiting, headaches, sore throat and muscle pain. Afterwards, patients can experience more serious neurological symptoms as well, including dizziness, altered consciousness, and symptoms indicating a swelling of the brain.

    "Brain swelling and seizures occur in severe cases, progressing to coma within 24 to 48 hours," Health Canada explains.

    Health Canada advises people to visit a health-care professional immediately if they have travelled to an area where Nipah virus is present and believe they have symptoms or have come into contact with someone who is infected.

    There is no vaccine or treatment for Nipah, but accessing supportive medical care as quickly as possible increases the chances for recovery.


    Nipah virus appears to be significantly more deadly than COVID-19.

    While the case fatality rate for COVID-19 — the confirmed cases versus confirmed deaths — has fluctuated wildly depending on countries and outbreaks, soaring to 17 per cent in China early in the pandemic, it currently stands at 1.7 per cent in Canada.

    According to the WHO, the case fatality rate for Nipah virus is estimated to be 40 per cent to 75 per cent, a number that varies depending on "local capabilities for epidemiological surveillance and clinical management."

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    There is nothing so bad that it couldn't be worse
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    It kind of reaches a point where...oh yeah of course there is a worse virus....because people aren't scared of covid anymore.
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    Keep that ivermectin handy. Nipah virus is a negative-strand RNA virus:
    “…The results also showed that ivermectin is a potent inhibitor of both positive-strand and negative-strand RNA production. A strong decrease in virus protein expression was observed…”​
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    Our Blessed Lady has said through previous credible apparitions that far worse virus's were in the pipeline. Which is why I pay attention.

    It reminds me of something my mother used to say to us children,

    'Don't complain about things or God will send you something to really complain about..'

    The Coronna virus was never anything really to complain about. Yet we screamed to the high heavens with fear as though it were the End of the World..

    Maybe the Good God is sending us things to complain my mother warned.
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    Nipah virus also a Henipavirus belonging to the Paramyxoviridae family. From the same link:

    Hendra virus (HEV)
    In an in vitro study, researchers examined the effectiveness of ivermectin on HEV, a Henipavirus belonging to the Paramyxoviridae family and a negative-sense, single-stranded RNA virus. The main pathogenicity of this virus is partly due to its ability to inhibit the host type-one interferon response by producing the polycistronic p gene. In this study, researchers showed that HEV moves dynamically between the nucleus and the cytoplasm through the IMP α1. The study found that ivermectin inhibited HEV infection in mammalian cells and even reduced the virus by five times in a non-optimized single dose of 10 µM, without drug cytotoxicity. The researchers concluded that ivermectin could be effective in treating HEV infection by inhibiting the transmission of the virus by IMP α1/β1 [28].
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    It seems like years and years ago, but it was just when the virus was getting of the ground, I was away camping near Newcastle.

    anyway I got locked out of 10am mass, because they were afraid of letting too many people in to mass.

    I saw two old gentlemen sitting outside talking. . They had been locked out of mass too.

    One said to the other.

    'Why are they doing all this? Do they think they are going to live forever?'

    That will stick with me always.

    Such fear.

    We are only passing through.

    Do we, any of us think we are going to live forever?

    By the way I got locked out of 1pm mass in the city centre today for the very same cause.

    Who has the right to lock any brother or sister out of mass? Who has the right?

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    Psalm 144:4

    Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.

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    Unlike an encephalitis outbreak, which is an annual occurrence, Nipah is sort of like a new-age plague. It is caused by a deadly, brain-damaging virus of the same name that has made only rare appearances across the globe. It killed more than a hundred people when it first appeared in a Malaysian village called Sungai Nipah (hence the name) in 1998. While the treatment for encephalitis involves simple care such as providing glucose and ensuring a meal at night for the patient, Nipah has no known vaccine or cure. Protection, if any, comes from the person’s own immunity and a clampdown on the spread of the virus.

    The previous time, in 2018, the virus supposedly jumped to humans via fruits infected by Nipah-carrying bats and then spread rapidly, with a fatality rate of over 70%. But the deaths were just the beginning of the damage. Most of those who died were from the two northern districts of Malappuram and Kozhikode. An outbound flight ban and a freeze on fruit and vegetable exports followed, which crippled several businesses. Tourism and the local economy briefly collapsed.
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    Perhaps the so-called 'elites', those who control commerce and run the governments behind the scenes, have realized their mistake. Covid-19 simply isn't deadly enough.

    They need something scarier to make those who are currently resisting their dictates give up their freedoms, including sovereignty over their own bodies, and do whatever the government says.

    If the actual disease doesn't get us, the toxic vaccines eventually will, which is a Win-Win scenario as far as the 'elites' are concerned.

    I never thought I'd be reduced to this level of distrust toward the earthly powers-that-be. We are to the point that only direct intervention from God can save us from this mess.
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    But perhaps not.

    It's the perhaps not that concerns me.

    When the coronna virus started folks were saying the exact same thing.

    'It's all a wind up'. 'They 're trying to scare us

    Well yes and no.

    it's the perhaps that draws attention.

    This isn't virus is not even on the media radar yet. So if they are trying to scare us , they're doing a very,very bad job of it.

    This particular virus would not scare people , it would turn a stone to a blob of jelly.
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    I've thought this for a long time. I too mistrust all of them. All.Of.Them.
    Our kingdom is not of this world. This is what I am meditating on these days.
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    At first, the coronavirus wasn't on the mainstream media radar either. I don't recall how I stumbled across the story, maybe it was on this forum, but I was well aware of it before most people because I don't rely on mainstream media alone for my news.

    In late January or early February of 2020 (I can't remember the precise date), I was at work. Some of us were standing around this young guy's cubicle. He sneezed, so I half-joked, "I hope it isn't coronavirus." Nobody knew what I was talking about. I apologized for making light of a serious situation, then quickly explained what was happening in China, and how there were concerns the virus would make it's way here. My point is this was the first any of them had heard about the outbreak because the media hadn't latched onto the story as of yet.

    At the end of January 2020, I texted my four sisters to stock up on supplies because lockdowns and shortages were just around the corner. They thought I was nuts. Of course, later on I was glad to have the text as proof, and was able to say, I told you so!

    Sometimes we're ahead of the mainstream news curve here on MOG.
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    If they don't get the full vaccine and vax pass compliance they are seeking they will pull out another more deadly virus. They know now it works almost perfectly. This tracking and control system they are starting is going to happen and no rights and freedoms are going to get in the way. This is why they are demonizing the unvaxxed, they are a roadblock to their plans. This is why they are mandating vaccines and digital passports.

    God's great reset can't come soon enough.
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    I, too, somehow knew about Covid before almost anyone else did. I honestly can't remember where I first found people discussing it online, but I took it seriously and prayed and felt God telling me to stock up on a few things. My husband and I felt silly, walking through the store grabbing a few extras of toilet paper, lysol wipes, and canned goods, while everyone else was oblivious and normal.

    But sure enough, a mere couple weeks later, the media caught on and the fear began...and the shelves were empty. In the aftermath, as people panicked because they were running out of toilet paper and Lysol wipes, we never had to stress because we had just what we needed. Things came back into stock just as we were running low.

    That experience re-confirmed for me that God will lead and protect us no matter what comes, giving us what we need when we need it, if we trust and stay close to Him.

    The other cool thing is I was nearing the end of my pregnancy and talk of mass deaths and shutdowns was looming... So I began praying to St. Joseph to help me go into labor as early as I could (then my husband would be able to stay home for 4 weeks and we wouldn't have to go anywhere). No one in my family goes into labor early; as a matter of fact, we're more often late than on time. Well, I went into labor 2 weeks and 2 days early. It was a smooth, quick labor and I was home again that night. The very next morning, my county went into lockdown.
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    Ordinarily I might agree, they are trying to scare us.

    But Our Lady has said in several apparitions I take seriously that much, much more serious virus's are on the way.

    Not just one but several.

    These seems logical to me as there is little sign of repentance for sin or conversion.

    For instance the great flu epidemic at the end of the First World War which some say killed off 100 million souls, far, far more than the war itself. Including two of the Fatima visionaries.

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    Pestilence is one of the Four Great Horsemen mentioned in the Book of the Apocalypse.

    It is the same horseman that is mentioned over and over and over again throughout Scripture. there is nothing at all new in this.

    The Pale Horse of Pestilence . The Red Horse of War. The Black Horse of Famine

    Chronicles 7:13-15

    13 “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people, 14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15 Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place.

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  19. Rain

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    "Ordinarily I might agree, they are trying to scare us."

    Are you equating where I said, they need something scarier [than Covid] to make those who are currently resisting their dictates give up their freedoms, to mean I believe Nipah's high mortality rate is exaggerated and of no concern?

    If so, that's not what I'm saying at all.
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    I had a very similar experience Rain. I started loading up in Jan of 2020. Everyone including my husband thought I was nuts too. I heard it from Chris Martinson on you tune. Epidemiologist with PHD from Duke. He really steered me in the right direction.
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