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    Fabulous! Nigeria needs Our Lady right now with all the evil going on there. :notworthy::love:
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    This is the original post:

    Unfortunately, those pictures are old and doctored. I have no problem believing in a Marian apparition in Nigeria. Using pictures found online instead of original ones (if any were taken) is really unnecessary and only sows doubt.
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    Show me a photo or picture anywhere at anytime that might not have been photo shopped. It goes with the show. Old new, ancient, whatever they could all have been tampered with. I think by this stage everyone knows this and takes such things with a certain pinch of salt.

    So its always take it or leave it time.

    I am open to it. Because why wouldn't Our Lady appear in the sky in Nigeria? And if she did not, what harm in believing in it anyway?

    A certain child like innocence does no harm, I think ..and much good.
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    Unfortunately not everyone does that and will use the (fake) pictures to discredit the message (see the comments). If I were Fr. Bassey, I would have just posted the message.

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