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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by BrianK, May 14, 2018.

  1. Donna259

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    Red October.....this is going to get crazy this week between Coney Barret and Hunter Biden's can't make this stuff up now days before and election.....
  2. AED

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    Just like a soap opera!
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  3. WTW

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    This seemed like an appropriate thread to post this...

    “4chan exploited a bug in the OR and WA voter websites wherein they can CANCEL and change someone's vote”

    ETA stick with the Twitter thread and avoid going to 4chan

    eta2 They can cancel votes but not change them
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  4. Want another "WOW"?? As it's prefaced....."If True", but it's a stunning reveal to investigate.


    That is weird because the Chinese guy in this video pauses, in the middle, and says, you better be sure to take your heart medicine for this, make sure your blood pressure doesn't rise, then continues.



  5. Yes, I saw that. I doubt if there wasn't cooperation involved.....just consider the states involved!
  6. WTW

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    I know! I’ve read same system is used in Broward county FL as well and that this goes back to 2012 in some states. Explains how some of these clowns are able to get elected.
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  7. WTW

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    Pictures and video are so damming. It’s one thing to hear about a bad thing but it’s totally different to see it. The pictures that already came out of Hunter were awful. I cannot imagine if these allegations/rumors turn out to be true.
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  8. Q offers 4 examples of the "pattern" of cover-up of these major stories of corruption to the point of national security by the highest agencies of "justice".....including of course all fake news which now also has FOX working for them.
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  11. Sunnyveil

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    It might also be dangerous if the Dems, globalists and Chicoms get desperate.
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  12. Tanker

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    I signed as well.

    Probably nothing will happen because they are so "protected" but she honestly is not fit to stay House Speaker. She has exhibited some really unstable behavior for awhile now.
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  13. Christy1983

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    I didn't follow Q when I saw many things predicted did not happen. Today comes the news the Republicans have lost the Senate. This means both presidency and Congress goes to the Democrats.
  14. Andy3

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    we shall see what happens over the next 2 weeks but it is not looking good
  15. Donna259

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    I followed Q in the beginning but lost interest 2 years ago....too much baiting not enough physical proof or results...I think it's a Psy OP
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  16. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    The whole thing is not what people think. I am not defending it in any way, I followed some of it myself. It's been a way to secure and raise up a large group of support from the very beginning using lots of intrigue and enough truth to keep the real intent behind it all masked. A digital as well as physical army if you will. It worked and it scares people as well because in spite of what they say to the opposite anyone who believes in it is unhinged and dangerous.

    It served its purpose well.
  17. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    [P] = Plantagenet
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  18. Jason Fernando

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    I believe this is the right thread for all those conspiracy/speculation stuff. I would just post them here as it is more proper so as not to accept them as reality first...

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