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  1. Q has been saying that all assets will be used. What this implies is pretty scary......Pelosi has announced today their attempt, again, to remove Trump via 25th amendment using his COVID treatment having some kind of effect upon him....(she just declared a lot of citizens as non compos mentis)....but this also implies missile attempts are also on their agenda??

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    Very scary. More prayer.
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  4. Yes, I think Judge Sullivan has orders from Obama et al to stall this no matter what as long as possible w/ the possibility that the other side gets control of things and sends Flynn into solitary confinement prison as was/is being done w/ Stone and Manafort. Since this Judge wasn't so biased in his earlier trials it makes one imagine that "they" have something on him.....that's pretty much Obama's modus operandi = blackmail.
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    Don't you think that Trump would provide a presidential pardon for Gen. Flynn, if the unthinkable happened? The others as well?
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  6. They don't want to be forced into a pardon.....that would be a stamp allowing history to choose to think that the good General did commit some crime to be pardoned for. He should be exonerated in truth but a prolongation of this circus with Sullivan w/ the possibility of a stolen election that could criminally sentence Flynn would indeed force a pardon if there is no other way to avoid prison time. Sydney Powell plans to take the situation to SCOTUS...w/ the additional justice of ACB! They are so desperate to get Flynn that I wouldn't doubt if his "doing in" won't come in some other way even if he gets exonerated.
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    I think so.
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  8. Uh oh! Another drop re: those missiles:

    t 11 2020 18:22:21 (EST) NEW

    Stage being set?
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    Well the alleged prophets are speaking of war too. Here is one of the latest:
    Gisella – The Devil is Unleashed
    Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on October 10th, 2020:
    My children, thank you for having responded to the call in your hearts. Dear children, I have again come down to touch this sinful earth in order to help you, to ask and beseech you to help me save the lost souls of my children. Evil is gripping my children as never before; at the moment the Devil is more unleashed [1] than ever because he knows that his days are numbered. Your love must be total. You will see people going mad, you will see unexpected reactions, people cursing God for no reason, and all this is the fruit of the Devil; but you must love, forgive and offer up all your discomfort so that Jesus might transform it into Graces. Children, the God of humanity has been replaced by technology. Be ready at any time for when the Illumination [of Conscience] will arrive. Children, your prayers mitigate future events: pray, pray, pray; do not continue thinking about trivial things, but spend your time in prayer rather than in speaking. Pray for America. Children, all is prepared for war: pray, pray, pray! Now I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.
  10. What you call a Clock Rundown..Possible Q proof in the making


    On Oct 9, Pompeo drops that Crooked Hillary's 33,000 'deleted' emails are going to be declassified.

    OCT 9….10/9 Disney clock per Q.

    Soon after, POTUS retweets BinLaden/Benghazi/SealTeam6 whistleblower article that implicates Crooked, Brennan and Panetta for high treason:
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    Time for a Rosary!:censored::love::notworthy:
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    He will have no choice though once the original 302 shows up. That could come before the election. So much is coming out right now daily. So much being revealed to the public. It's about time!
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    Yes. Its like headline whiplash. Headlines from all directions.:cry:
  15. W/ all the Hunter Biden news breaking....I guess this has made sense! Last Q drop today, so far....

    ct 14 2020 20:02:48 (EST) NEW

    After today, make more sense?
    Buckle up.
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  16. Two interesting drops from Q today re: the whole Hunter Biden laptop expose...Hunter no longer wishing to be used and abused for being among a crime family? Reached bottom and wanting to expose the whole thing?:

    Oct 18 2020 00:01:04 (EST) NEW
    Those who provided Hunter w/ underage girls [trafficked?] _same people who also took the pictures?
    If large sums of money are being paid by foreign [state] actors [to protected [in powerful positions] US pols] would they want assurances the deal will be kept?
    Bribes & blackmail.
    Dark secrets.

    ct 18 2020 00:12:32 (EST) NEW
    How do you inform your target(s) ['business partners'] what you have?
    Why would H. Biden have such material on his laptop?
    How was the content *originally* received?
    Why would H. Biden risk turning over such material to a computer repair shop? [contents unrestricted?]
    On purpose [years of being treated poorly by 'Pop'] or simple negligence?
    If such information existed on laptop why wouldn't contents be claimed?
    Several attempts made to contact to claim?
    Messages left?
    Why wouldn't H. Biden want to reclaim *knowing* the contents on the drive could bury *Pops* & family.
    A troubled life?
    A troubled family?
    Looks can be deceiving.
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