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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by BrianK, May 14, 2018.

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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    LOL. I don't think Jen Psaki knows what the Biden administration is. She does seem to know she needs to circle back though, whatever that is.
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  4. Jason Fernando

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    We are only just now realizing it.
    1) Cuomo will be indicted.
    2) Newsom will be recalled.
    3) The Lincoln Project is imploding
    4) The “impeachment” bolsters Trump not diminish him
    5) Much more to come

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    Is Something Wrong with Biden's Nose?
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  6. Jason Fernando

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    Joe Biden's Nose Is Weird 2-12-2021
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    I finished That Hideous Strength a couple weeks ago

    3 prophetic themes have really stuck with me

    a). Desensitizing . Deliberately exposing people to ‘non-normal stimuli or experiences to desensitize them to goodness, beauty and normalcy. Causes disorientation and makes one more susceptible to bad influences and accepting of degradation of humanity. If this is not a description of our current situation?

    b). One of the characters was a journalist. He actually wrote articles for ‘both’ sides of the political spectrum to drive either consensus or anger and disunity. Was set in England in early 40’s so think Tories and Labor. Current US would be progressive or conservative. The point was the journalist was neither. He was working for the evil one and he was only interested in manipulation of emotions and driving actions consistent with the plans of the evil one. Has made me question how I react to news and headlines.

    c). Lastly the story is set in a small college town which sold large tracts of the town property to ‘evil inc.’. Large groups of agitators and disrupters moved into town, resulting in huge spikes in crime, lawlessness and ultimately riots destruction and Marshall Law. Sound familiar?

    would love to hear your thoughts. Recommend to other forum members. Book is That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis.
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    You've nailed it Mary. Each of the themes you cited are my takeaways as well. It seems more relevant today than when he wrote it. We are surrounded by the N.I.C.E.
    I found my old tattered copy. I am going to start rereading it tonight. Merlin is a bit of a deus ex machine but then isn't that what angels did for Lot and his family in Sodom so no problem there. Lewis did call it a fantasy. Doesn't he handle Jane's feminism well. He shows perfectly how wrong headed she is. But then so is Mark. They both have to go through the crucible. Mark is afflicted with wanting to be with the "cool kids" and he pays a terrible price. Jane is full of grievances. How they emerge from their errors is really quite wonderful.
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    Funny, right after I posted this I stumbled on a new Catholic blog which had article referencing this book. They compared Biden to the disembodied head. Head was used as a mechanism for demons to dictate directions.
    Biden is definitely being used by many unknown persons as a front to drive a sinister agenda. Gave me chills.
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    Jim Caviezel Discusses Adrenochrome

    okay, now even Jim Caviezel is coming out about the adrenochrome thing in public after doing his new movie the Sound of Freedom.
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    Matthew 18:6
    “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
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    Please God I hope this is conspiracy theory nonsense. Please God.

    Is this what his film is about? If so how are they ever going to get it released.
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    Just because Trump "lost" doesn't make the horror of what we found out during the election go away. The evil that infects our culture is unspeakable. :cry:
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    And the necessity for God to directly intervene increases exponentially
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    I have a friend who works for Homeland Security. I'll never forget one night, he was so disturbed because they found like 50 women and children in a container ship from China...he said it was the most horrible thing he has ever witnessed.
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    So so horrible— much much prayer.
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    Actually, the film is only about children being kidnapped and trafficked inside America. I believe the movie does not talk about adrenochrome. I was just surprised that Jim Caviezel would talk about it as real, so I guess there must be really something true about the adrenochrome as Jim Caviezel is an insider in Hollywood

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