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    QAnon is (supposedly) a group of people at the highest levels of military intelligence working in conjunction with President Trump in the White House, releasing cryptic clues or “crumbs” on the 4chan and 8chan image boards, detailing the attempted political coup by individuals in the Obama “deep state” to get rid of President Trump by false claims of “Russian collusion.”

    If you’re on Facebook, here’s a decent introductory video explaining the QAnon phenomenon in more detail:

    Please feel free to add any videos or resources to help explain the QAnon phenomenon.
  2. AED

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    Thanks Brian. I hope others on the forum will check this out. It creates form out of seeming chaotic events. I think you may have mentioned her before but Lisa Mei Crowley on Twitter is very good.
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  3. BrianK

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    My top three QAnon decoders are
    1) Tim Shea (Facebook)
    2) PrayingMedic (Twitter)
    3) Lisa Mei Crowley (Twitter)
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  4. BrianK

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    Q's latest regarding the Pope.

    The owl of minerva. This is becoming exactly what I thought it would from the beginning. Now, we should all consider the people who follow this and pay close attention to what they are posting about the Pope and the Faith.

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  6. HeavenlyHosts

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    The owl of Minerva is an Illuminati symbol
    Also Bohemian Grove
    Also witchcraft
    This is ghastly
    I sincerely hope I am wrong about this implication
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  7. Don_D

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    Sure seems to me like a whole lot of signs and wonders are coming out of all of this which has lent me to become extremely leery of it.

    I am skeptical not because I do not believe that there are evil powers at work because I certainly do. However, these worldly powers behind this wish to reveal them self and in the process burn down every thing they can so as to build them anew. In an image not of Christ but of the natural and evolving man. Denying outright the Divine Kingdom of Our Lord.
  8. Pray4peace

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    I'm not good at reading between the lines. What does this mean?
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  9. AED

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    Sadly there are very occultist elements in part of the Vatican since VII. Who knows who allowed them—no way of knowing. But Malachi Martin and others always insisted that in 1963 Satan was enthroned in the Vatican by some very Judas like prelates. We have been in a kind of scorched earth spiritual war ever since.
    I propose a theory. I know Q sounds antiCatholic but the military intelligence knows a lot. A lot. And I dare say they know how connected some in the Vatican are to this Cabal. If God is empowering the “good guys” to systematically dethrone these NWO people then it may not just scourge political, entertainment, banking etc but also may unmask the Cabal within the Church. It will be horrific. No doubt. But who knows how God intends to purify His Church? His ways are not our ways. In the end a Holy Pontiff will consecrate Russia and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart will triumph. In the end—as Sister Lucy heard from a vision—“one Church. One faith...”
    Let’s hold on and pray earnestly for The Father’s Will to be done.
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  10. HeavenlyHosts

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    This is really true, AED. I converted to Catholicism when I was in the 9th grade in 1963!!!!! I made my First Holy Communion on Corpus Christi which was then a moveable feast. June 13, 1963. It was during the time after John XXIII had passed away and the Conclave had not yet begun, I don't think, to elect Paul VI. It was a strange time in the Church. We were praying for the success of the Ecumenical Council, on those little prayer cards stuck behind the pews. I know you remember that. It all makes sense now. Or most of it. There is a lot still to be revealed.
    And I honestly think Q is onto something. Remember, Q had said that the Pope will have a bad May. Something along those lines. I just pray that if he resigns, that it will be time for the Godly Pope, and not for the election of some unsavory prelate.
    What you have said above is really astute. I recall recently that Padraig posted about a visit he had to Rome wherein he realized that there was a Satanic mass going on there, and I don't recall in which of the churches it was. These occultists are everywhere now. It's totally sickening.
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  11. Pray4peace

    Pray4peace Ave Maria

    Thank you AED.

    So if this Q person posts a picture of this owl, then he/she is indicating an occult connection? How does one know that this is the owl of Minerva? I'm not questioning anyone's analysis, I just don't see anything written about it being that particular owl, so I'm wondering how others knew. If I'm supposed to make a lot of my own inferences, then I'm afraid that many of Q's posts will fly right over my head.

    When I saw the picture I just thought of the Guardians of Ga'hoole!:p
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  12. HeavenlyHosts

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    I LIKE owls. I have some occult neighbors and the woman drives around with an owl (fake) on her dashboard. (I know, go figure) I looked it up. Lots of references to it in Greek and Roman mythology but also in witchcraft, and concerning the evil Lilith in the Bible. Lilith is associated with human sacrifice, I learned, and that to me is also abortion. All of this is starting to fit.
  13. BrianK

    BrianK Proud2bRC Staff Member

    The individual(s) who post as “Q” are most likely Evangelical or Fundamentalist Christians, and are suggesting that this pope is controlled or protected by occult figures, symbolized by the owl.
  14. BrianK

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  15. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Would not surprise me, unfortunately.
  16. ComeSoon!

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    Right, and I highly doubt it will take on the appearance many envision. ;)
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  17. AED

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    The owl turns up a lot in Illuminati symbolism. Native Americans associated it with the spirit of death.( some tribes anyway) minerva(Athena in Greek mythology) has the owl as her symbol signifying wisdom/arcane knowledge. I don’t know why this Q post associates it with PF. I have taken a vacation from Q for the month of May—hard to be out of the loop but it makes a good sacrificial offering of reparation. However previous pics posted by Q of the Vatican show some troubling things. A welcome center at the Vatican where the throne looks like it is in The mouth of a serpent!! That is disturbing! Fr Amorth made reference to the presence of the devil in the Vatican so this is not a secret any more. I pray for the rescue and restoration of the Church all the time. So many of us do. Is God working toward answering that prayer? I just keep praying that this blasphemy and sacrilege will be driven from the Church and our countries/governments/media etc.
  18. AED

    AED Powers

    Q has made references btw to Rothschild money controlling the Vatican citing all sorts of agreements over the years. I don’t know . I know the Vatican bank has been plagued with scandal. It gives me spiritual heartburn!!!!
  19. Booklady

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    More bad news for Pope Francis...

    All Chilean bishops quit over child abuse scandal

    Thirty-four Chilean bishops announced their resignation Friday over a child sex abuse scandal within the Church in Chile after three days of intense meetings with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

    "We, all the bishops present in Rome, have tendered our resignation to the Holy Father so that he may decide freely for each of us," the bishops said in a statement read out by a spokesman at the Vatican.

    "We want to ask forgiveness for the pain caused to the victims, to the Pope, to God's people and to our country for the serious errors and omissions we have committed," the statement continued.

    The striking announcement comes after Francis summoned the bishops to the Vatican over the scandal that has come to haunt his papacy.

    Several members of the Chilean church hierarchy are accused by victims of ignoring and covering up child abuse by Chilean paedophile priest Fernando Karadima during the 1980s and 1990s.

    "We thank the victims for their perseverance and courage, despite the enormous personal, spiritual, social and family difficulties they had to face, to which were often added the incomprehension and attacks of the Church community," Friday's statement said.

    On Thursday evening, Francis promised "changes" to the Chilean church to "restore justice" following the private meetings with the delegation.
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  20. josephite

    josephite Powers

    Brian I believe this article you link is so important that I have taken the liberty to print it below.
    Thank you for alerting us to this.

    Anne Catherine Emmerich, the Two Popes, Pagans, and the Pantheon.


    Patrick Archbold May 15, 2018 One Comment

    In the wake of growing crisis in the Church that came into more stark relief after the startling resignation of Pope Benedict and the equally startling and disheartening papacy of Pope Francis, a number of Catholic prophecies came under widespread discussion. Among the most prominent was Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s oft (partially quoted) vision on the “relationship between two popes,” and the “baleful consequences” of the “false Church” that would supposedly follow.

    It seemed to many that the vision was a glimpse offered to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich of our troubled times and our troubled Church, particularly with its precise reference to “two Popes.”

    However, the full context of that vision, as ably demonstrated by Steve Skojec on OnePeterFive in 2016, did not support that interpretation. The vision, in its entire context, seemed to refer not to two Popes at the same time, but two Popes set apart by quite a lot of time. To some, that seemed a disappointing interpretation as we desperately try to make sense of the situation in the Church we currently find ourselves.

    Yet, the vision, understood in its full context, may even be more striking in its precision about current events and what it tells us about the root causes of our current problem. I recommend you read Steve Skojec’s full piece on the vision, but for the sake of brevity, I will try to fairly sum up its contents.

    The vision relates to Popes and the Church in different times, one ancient and one modern, and the Pantheon. The first part of the vision clearly refers to Pope Boniface IV and his dealings with the emperor (Phocas) about how the Pantheon, a Roman temple dedicated to all the pagan Roman gods, would be transformed into a Catholic Church and that all the pagan filth and the worship of things other than God would be stricken from the temple.

    On May 13th in the year 609, the cleaned temple was dedicated to St. Mary and the Martyrs and Blessed Emmerich, in her vision “…saw the consecration of the temple, at which ceremony the holy martyrs assisted with Mary at their head. The altar was not in the center of the building, but against the wall.”

    In a description given in “Il Settimanale di Padre Pio” (the Weekly Magazine of Padre Pio), 10 December 2017, n. 48., as quoted here*, we are given an understanding of just how dramatic an event it was when Pope Boniface IV claimed the former pagan temple for Christ:

    At one time, when the city was still pagan, all of the gods of Roman polytheism were venerated there in one place. In A.D. 608 the Byzantine Emperor Phocas gave it to Pope Boniface IV, and an evocative ceremony was organized to consecrate it to the Christian God. On May 13, 609, a huge crowd gathered in the environs of the Pantheon to assist at the event. The historical chronicles describe the commotion and chilling screams which came out from the Pantheon: the pagan demons were aware of what was about to happen. The great doors were opened, and the Pope, standing before the threshold, began to recite the formulas of exorcism. The cries of the idols increased in intensity and the commotion stunned the ears of those standing outside. Fear seized the crowd, and nobody was able to remain on their feet watching and hearing the horrific spectacle. Only Pope Boniface IV resisted and, undeterred, continued to pray and consecrate the Pantheon to Christ. It is said that the demons fled the ancient temple in disorder, causing a great din, fleeing out of the open eye in the cupola or out of the great doorway.

    When the ceremony was completed, the Pope dedicated the edifice to the Madonna of the Martyrs, in honor, perhaps, of the many Christians who had been killed in honor of all of those unclean idols. The Christianization of Rome was a gradual process which involved the systematic reconversion of the ancient places of worship which had at one time been dedicated to the pagan gods. The renovatio Urbis(renovation of the City) in a Christian key, which was begun by Saint Gregory the Great (590-604), was carried to completion by his successors and lasted until Pope Sixtus V in the 16th century.

    It was difficult to drive the old beliefs out of Rome, and even today there is folklore about these idols who, it is said, continually make an effort to reenter the City.

    Before I move on to the latter part of Emmerich’s vision, I want to note two key items of the vision as it pertains to the end of false worship at the Pantheon. Firstly, the date of May 13th should stand out to all Catholics at the same day that the Apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima began. It should also be noted that Blessed Emmerich’s vision took place on May 13th, 1820. So the day is one thing to note. The other is the altar. Blessed Emmerich’s vision makes particular note of the altar in the Pantheon as this will figure in the other part of the vision.

    Then, in her vision, Blessed Emmerich is taken to a different time of which we she has seen often in her visions. A time of darkness in the world and in the Church. Again, she sees a temple, perhaps (likely) the same temple, but at this future time (from her perspective.) But now in this temple, a temple with no altar, the worship of idols has returned.

    “When I had witnessed this vision even in the smallest details, I saw again the present Pope and the dark church of his time in Rome. It seemed to be a large, old house like a town hall with columns in front. I saw no altar in it, but only benches, and in the middle of it something like a pulpit. They had preaching and singing, but nothing else, and only very few attended it. And lo, a most singular sight! Each member of the congregation drew an idol from his breast, set it up before him, and prayed to it. It was as if each man drew forth his secret thoughts or passions under the appearance of a dark cloud which, once outside, took some definite form.”

    In this temple of her vision, the altar (previously against the wall in her vision) is missing and the few attendees are now worshipping idols that spring from themselves, an idolatry of self.


    “I saw no altar in it, but only benches, and in the middle of it something like a pulpit. They had preaching and singing, but nothing else, and only very few attended it.” – Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich
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