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    What a pity to regard them as all the same, what a waste.

    As the French say , 'Vive la Difference'.

    Who was that French singer who said for instance,

    'There is no such thing as a woman who is not beautiful, they all are'.

    What a pity to lump us all in as one. Appreciate the difference and profit by it.

    We have these weird pride that we in this generation know more and act better than all the generations that have bone before us in the history of the World.

    I would say we are the worst and most stupid.
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    I have a drawer full of "should have kept my mouth shut" shirts.

    Incidentally, I mis-spoke in my previous post. It's Jesus (not us) who saves. People get extra grace in answer to our prayers. That extra grace could be the difference between a soul being lost or saved. We'll find out if we make it to Heaven. At least I think that's the Catholic teaching. I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
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    As a former Protestant, I think we have some assurance of heaven. Not complete assurance as some think. But I think as long as we stay faithful to Jesus and seek to do his will, we'll get to heaven. Of course, some may make it by the skin of their teeth. There are a few people I think we may be surprised to see there, and some who won't make it who we think of as really godly people. I think the Church says that it depends on the state of their soul at the time of death. As Jesus said in the bible, not everyone who says "Lord, Lord" will make it into heaven. Some may seem to be doing his will, when they are only in it for appearance. They want to "look good." Those people won't make it. Too much pride I think. But the humble can almost be guaranteed entry.
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    The post reminds me of the hymn, 'Blessed Assurance'.:)

    St Paul said that we should work out our Salavation , 'In fear and trembling'. He adds that he can find nothing with which to rebuke himself but at the end of the day it is up to God to Judge.

    I think I do find a certain assurance when I regard God's Mercy, His promise the even though our sins be as red as scarlet He will make them white as snow. I count and rely on His Mercy. But I think like St Paul I can't realy know for certain. The first thing we sinners do is lie to ourselves.

    The Council of Trent in commenting on this said that no one can state their own Salvation is certain save by, 'Aa special revealtion of God'. I always took this to be a nod to the saints and mystics who had such a Special Revelation..but as for the rest of us poor sinners....I think a I do regard the Final Judgement with a certain amount of fear and trembling...

    unsually we hope but we don't realy know...

    This all rmeind me of a story Fr Hardon told:

    One time a gentlman came to him in confession and said that he could not think of any sins to confess.

    To which Fr Hardon dryly replied,

    'Have you asked your wife?'

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    I think if we are truly humble enough, it'll make a difference. Of course, we lie to ourselves. But we can also look at ourselves with a huge disadvantage. Take someone like me who has been put down my entire life. I've had major depression since the age of 7. Of course, that was back when it was believed that kids didn't get depressed. After all, what does a child know about life? Well, there's the feeling of not being wanted, for one. Being slapped for saying anything when someone falsely accused me of saying or doing something was a common thing. I mean, someone would tell my parents that I did or said something, and it would be not exactly right. But I had no say in it. The accusation was seen as gospel truth. So, I'd get punished for it, but would also get slapped if I said they didn't have it quite right. Then there was all the other crap that happened to me, and I made for one messed up person. I still struggle with this stuff to this day, but I'm learning to believe that God has an agenda for my life. I'm still not sure what that is, but there is a reason I went through all that. I know I'm a sinner. Once, when I was on a retreat, it occurred to me that my heart was sort of like encased with stone. This was a barrier put up because of all the pain in my life. But there was a small crack there, so I prayed that God, who can and will go to all lengths for us, would get through that crack and break it up from the inside. I still struggle with that, but I have an email friend who says that I'm much different than when we first started emailing each other close to 20 years ago. It may have been longer than that since we first traded emails, I can't remember. Anyway, I can still be pretty stubborn, but I think God can use even that at times. Whatever our short comings, God can use us. Look at some of the characters in the Old Testament. David, the king, committed adultery with another man's wife, then had that man killed on the battlefield to help cover stuff up. He later was confronted, and confessed his crime. Now, God never said a man can have more than one wife, but look at how many wives and concubines David had. He did all kinds of things, but God still called him a "man after God's own heart." God was able to use him in several ways. And David made a great king, for the most part.

    I think we all need to pray that we can imitate the saints in the good that they did and learn from their failures. Or the failures of anyone actually. I'm still learning how to pray, and I'm using this new year to try and pray each day. I have the rosary, which I've managed to pray every day so far. It's been only 13 days, so it isn't a habit yet, but I'm working on it. And I've been trying to read more books on prayer. I do have the book about Divine Love, from the writings of Josefa Mendelson (I think). I've started reading it, and it's a bit of a hard read, but I'll read it anyway. I have several other books I've had for some time that I want to read. Like the big one on devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. But in looking it over, it makes this devotion sound like a full time thing. Which is a bit intimidating. I guess that's the big thing with most of this, the sense of it all being intimidating. But with much prayer and effort, I'll get to where God wants me.
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