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    thank you!
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    when will they release it? Originally for April....
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    Wondering the same thing... when is release date this time around? Yep, originally was set to release back in last April...
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    if this still holds true, Aug 14. But this was back in April and a lot of states are rolling back their openings.

    Fatima’ film release delayed amid coronavirus crisis
    Sophia Martinson | Angelus News
    Apr 03, 2020 • 3 Min Read

    Jorge Lamelas, Alejandra Howard, and Stephanie Gil in "Fatima." (IMDB)
    Moviegoers anticipating the feature film about the story of the children of Fátima will have to wait a few more months to see the famous miracle story on the big screen.

    The historical drama, directed by Marco Pontecorvo and distributed by Picturehouse, was originally scheduled for widespread release April 24, the second Friday of Easter. But like many films slated for this spring, “Fatima” was pushed back because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    “The circumstances that the world finds itself in now require precautionary measures and action,” the film’s official Facebook profile posted on March 19. “As a result, we are postponing the opening of ‘Fatima’ in theaters to Aug. 14, 2020.”

    Based on real-life events and starring Joaquim de Almeida (“Queen of the South”), Goran Višnjić (“Beginners”), Stephanie Gil (“Terminator: Dark Fate”) and Lúcia Moniz (“Love Actually”), with Sônia Braga (“Aquarius”) and Harvey Keitel (“The Piano,” “The Irishman”), “Fatima” tells the story of Lúcia Santos, a young Portuguese girl, and her two younger cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto.

    In 1917, the three young shepherds reported receiving visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary near the town of Fátima. While the children’s testament inspired thousands of believers, it also incited anger from government officials and put their lives at risk. Jacinta and Francisco, who fell victim to the global flu pandemic of 1918, were canonized in 2017.

    While some distribution companies have opted to make their spring titles available via streaming (such as “Birds of Prey,” “Trolls World Tour,” and “Emma”), “Fatima” has followed the path of blockbuster titles whose release dates have been delayed entirely (such as “No Time to Die,” “Mulan,” and “Wonder Woman 1984”).

    Bob Berney, CEO of Picturehouse, told Angelus that once movie theaters announced widespread closures, “we really had no choice” but to reschedule release. “We really felt that this movie is about community, and we believe that the theatrical experience is the best way to see the movie,” he said. If that weren’t reason enough, the fact that the film’s producers are based in Rome and unable to travel to spring premieres secured the decision.

    According to Berney, the new release date was partially inspired by its proximity to the feast of the Assumption, which falls on Aug. 15.

    A news release summarizing the production of “Fatima” emphasizes the prominence of the story that turned a small Portuguese town into a major pilgrimage site. “The power of its legacy has brought together an eclectic international group of cinema artists who believe that Fátima’s miraculous message of faith and peace, which galvanized the world over a century ago, is more important than ever,” the news release states.

    As a remake of the 1952 Warner Brothers film “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fátima,” this movie seeks to make the story newly accessible for a modern audience. “To tell this story like it was told in 1952 wouldn’t work today,” producer Rose Ganguzza stated in the news release. She explained that putting the events of Fátima in the context of early 20th-century Europe, which was embroiled in military conflict and religious violence, is crucial.

    In the months leading up to the new release date, Berney told Angelus, the “Fatima” publicity team will take advantage of the extended timeline to launch “a broader and richer grassroots movement,” mainly via social media, to raise awareness about the film. “Given the fact that people can’t go anywhere right now gives us an opportunity to show key people the movie so that they’re more prepared to talk about the movie,” he said.

    Despite the series of disruptions, Berney remains confident that “Fatima” will still have a widespread positive impact. “The message of the film, which is really peace and hope and praying, seems more relevant than ever,” he told Angelus. “I think the crisis we’ve been through will make people more attuned to the message.”

    More information about “Fatima” is available at
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    This is Andrea Bocelli's song from the movie. Nice song.
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    beautiful song....he went to Medjugorje?
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    Yeah, I believe he did. There's a YouTube video about that, too. Wonderful man.
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  12. Joan J

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    St Patrick was due for release in GR in March as well, now on DVD for purchase.
  13. Booklady

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    I can't wait to see it!
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    I may watch this with my parish priest, he's trying to organise a viewing in the church hall. He's Portuguese, a former lawyer and was born with problems with his eye sight which he credits Our Blessed Mother for curing as well as saving his ill parents. His parents went on a pilgrimage to Fatima to pray for him. If you want to see his wonderful story. Click here.
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    Thanks for the post. How blessed you are!
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    Thanks AED. Yes, apart from English he also does the Italian mass which I attend. He's a really sweet and gentle soul.
    He's offered to come to bless my home altar soon, too.
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    Anyone who has watched it I have a few questions I made 25 dollars and might be planing on renting or buying this at the same time I really wanna buy passion of the Christ.
    I read somewhere someone says it is sad about all fatima movies at the end are kind of sad but bittersweet cause of (spoiler) but I'm sure you know what happens to the seers. I was wandering how was the three secret scenes the miracle scene and the ending is it emotional
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    Saw this movie on Amazon this past Friday, for $20. It was worth it. While all three Fatima secrets were covered, it was done so in a bit of confusing meshed montage scene. Another issue I had was the NO mention of Our Lady's pointing towards COMMUNISM as a major problem for humanity. It was glossed fact the "error of Russia" was not discussed in the film at all. I can see why though...when a movie, scratch that ANY MOVIE made through Hollywood will never depict socialism and communism as THE scourge upon humanity.

    My favorite scenes were the first time the Blessed Mother appears on screen and of course the Miracle of the Sun. Overall it was good, I recommend it, if you and your loved ones have not seen it.
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  19. Advocata Nostra

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    What a shame it lacks what you’ve mentioned.
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    I too saw it on Amazon, and agree with you , KnightTemplar overall it was a very good film, and well worth the price. As you say Knight's Templar the best scenes are when Our Blessed Mother first appears on the scene to the surprise and joy of the children children. Our Lady appeared as the children were playing an echo game calling out for Our Lady, Ave Maria, By the time the last major scene occurs, the Miracle of the Sun takes place, and you see the crowd in wonder and panic as the Sun dances above them, you have a cathartic relief of vindication for the children, who have suffered so much disdain and unbelief at the hands of the authorities, their neighbors, the bishop and priest, and to Lucia, even some members of her family.

    What I also enjoyed was the film's characterization of the daily life of these children. It shows how close these villagers are to their families and to the Church and to their prayer life.

    It also depicts that despite its remoteness to the battlefields of WWI, the ravages the war were affecting the daily lives of the village reflected in the pain filled scenes of the people as they listened to the Mayor read out loud the names of those villagers who perished or were missing in action. In particular, eventually even Lucia's own brother was named as missing.

    The depiction of how the children were treated by their neighbors when it was known that they had seen our Lady, was sad. At first their response was from disbelief that such a Holy event would happen to these children, they kept asking them, why you? Later, as more and more men were on the Mayor's casualty list, they blamed God and even Lucia; including her mother who blamed her for what happened to her brother. This film was spot on in depicting the suffering these children lived through since it became known Our Lady spoke to them. The camera captured the pain these children were in since Jacinta told her family, and subsequently Lucia confessed what she too had seen.

    The mayor as a self-proclaimed progressive, was the catalyst in the attempt to silence these children throughout the film, even closing the doors of the Church. Sounds familiar. Threatening her parents, and others that the children needed to recant, or else. He even brought in a specialist from Lisbon to examine the children to see if they were having hallucinations. Even the Bishop came and questioned the children, and tried to have Lucia recant what she saw. Really painful to watch what Sister Lucia went through.

    In short, a great film, yes it is missing a lot, but still well worth watching.
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