Navy pilots describe encounters with UFOs

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by KyleHancock, May 18, 2021.

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    There was another member who put that theory out there a short while ago.
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    It was a post from mylordandmygod on page 2 of this thread, Mario.
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    Thank you.
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    I have family members who believe that they witnessed UFOs in the 1950s so the generational thing is interesting. As far as God's creation beyond Earth, only He knows, HOWEVER, I have been getting in prayer for years now that this is demonic, and that the Antichrist will appear as a peaceful alien to seduce the whole world with his knowledge, technology, and supposed willingness to bring our race to salvation and peace. Not only atheists but scientists and as Jesus said, even the faithful will for this if they don't know their faith well or have a deep prayer life. This alien will not deny Christ, but say that He was another alien who was simply a prophet, and that now the full truth is here in the form of this Antichrist. If you study the Mormon cult, or as they now identify " the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" this is exactly their belief that Jesus was an extraterrestrial, that He was only one of many of them, and that He was NOT what the Catholic Church teaches in theology for the last 2000 taught to the Apostles by Jesus Himself. So BEWARE! This has been being slowing prepared for all of us to accept for about 70 years by Satan, and I believe it will all manifest out in the open soon. Only Jesus came to Testify to the Truth, to Die for us a horrid death to prove His love, and take on Himself the Justice of God for our sins. This is the perfect scenario for Satan to manifest and lure everyone in. And lets be honest, if there ARE beings from others planets, which there very well may be, why be so weird and mysterious all this time and not just connect with us?
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    Oh I meant to mention, if anyone wants to witness the Navy's manifestations for themselves, there is a new show investigating this on Catalina Island off of Los Angeles and they witnessed and recorded the same phenomena as the Navy several times while there. It is Expedition X the 2 latest episodes, where they talk with the pilots, and video and experience on camera what is going on there, both above water and underwater. Very interesting to see what this is about and see again what locals by the thousands are claiming is happening there.
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    I have heard about this Carmel. My son came out of grad school believing this alien nonsense. ;) I am convinced it is demonic, but as usual I talk into the air at my house. :(
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    You and me both Jo. I have a conviction deep in my soul that it is the great delusion that St Paul referred to--also the book of the Apocalypse. "They preferred the lie to the truth..." so God permitted a great delusion.. Not sure of chapter and verse.
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    They will tell us that the "Event" was an expression of the supernatural abilities of beings from outer space.... rather than God's loving intervention into the mind and conscience of an sick and aching humanity!!

    And ...sadly... I think a whole lot of people will fall for that "fake news".... hook,line and sinker! :(:(:(
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    If this past year is any indication I fear many will.
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    I hate it when our unfounded conspiracy theories start to come to light in real time:

    "'But no doubt there would be immediate arguments about like, well, we need to spend a lot more money on weapons systems to defend ourselves,' the 44th President continued."

    'New religions would pop up. And who knows what kind of arguments we get into."
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    Fr Goring will be interviewing Jimmy Aikin next week on this subject

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    today I was accessing Facebook and an ad appeared for an article saying that aliens created all life on earth... it reminded me that one of the ways to destroy people's faith is the heresy of saying that the manifestations of God and of angels in holy scripture were manifestations of alien beings.
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