My St. Maria Goretti miracle

Discussion in 'The Saints' started by PurpleFlower, Jul 6, 2022.

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    Well, I have seen him twice that I know of. The first time was very odd . . .it was in a grocery store. I was standing in the check out line, this was about 10 years ago. I was just kind of staring at the front of the store and this man was walking rapidly across the front of the store, very authoritative, regal almost, looking straight ahead like he was trying to catch up to someone. I was very startled and couldn't take my eyes off him and had this amazing FEELING it was Jesus!!! It was all in the spance of about 20 seconds and he disappeared, was gone. I just knew it was him and couldn't shake it for several days.
    Second time was much more personal. Last year in church as the Priest was processing up the aisle before Mass, I saw Jesus coming up the aisle. Waving and smiling to various people and he had little pet nicknames for them . . .he looked at me and said "Kathy, who is devoted to My Holy Face" . . .and he got to the front and disappeared. I will never never forget that. I was the only person that saw him . . .
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    He had little pet nicknames...
    Struck by your post, Katfalls. Totally believe this. He once called me His "little adorer". Never in a million years would I have ever described myself that way so I know it came from Jesus Himself. Reading your post now, I believe the Lord is calling me back to Adoration. It used to be my daily practice but I've not been able to find the time for this in many long weeks. It's time for me to return to it.
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    My story too.i used to do two scheduled hours a week at the Adoration chapel. Since covid it had been seemingly impossible to get there. I too feel called to go back.
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    How special!:ROFLMAO:
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    My family traveled from Rome to visit the shrine dedicated to Maria Goretti. Her remains shown in the clip above are beneath the sacred altar. My two priestly sons were with us and Fr. Benjamin and Fr. Patrick were given permission to con-celebrate Holy Mass there. But if you truly want to visit where her saintly presence can be felt, visit the home where the Goretti family lived in their poverty. One can experience the holiness there, especially the spot inside where Maria was stabbed and died.

    St. Maria, pray for all on the MOG forum!
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    How beautiful, the little Adorer. He loves you so much!

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    How special! What a blessing!
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    I'm sorry for situations have crept in that have disrupted that habit. Perhaps starting once every other week would help loosen up the gears, and then after a month shift to once a week. I'm unaware of your particulars.

    When I'm at Adoration this Tuesday night, I'll take you with me!:D
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    Thanks Terry.
    Its my own fault I guess. But life has gotten so busy and I don't even know how. Or what I am busy with. Joejerk likes to keep us busy with minutia. I am determined to change it and get back to my schedule.
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    Wonderful St Maria Goretti seems to be exactly the right saint to pray for such a thing.

    They say saints are better at doing some things than others. I think, for instance, St Anthony of Padua is very good at finding lost objects.
    St Joseph of domestic things and work.
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