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Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by PurpleFlower, Jul 25, 2022.

  1. PurpleFlower

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    After a lot of delays due to unreliable contractors, our house that we moved out of nearly 2 months ago is finally on the market. What used to be a very hot market is now cooling down, and it's a bit nerve-wracking. We've put it in St. Joseph's hands, but it's been hard watching things slow down in the market over the last few weeks while contractors dragged their feet on getting our house ready.

    We are in need of prayers. We need enough money from this sale to purchase a modest home on a few acres and get out of the city. We are all stir-crazy in Grandma's house and can't wait to get started in our new life, planting trees, gardens and a chicken coop!

    So please, if anyone can spare a few prayers that our house sells quickly and doesn't have to drop in price, I would be so grateful!
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  2. Mary's child

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    Prayers for a speedy and stress-free house sale.
  3. Jo M

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    Prayers said to St. Joseph. Sorry to hear that you are in a frustrating situation with the sale of your home. Hopefully you will be in your own place in the very near future. :)
  4. BrianK

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    Will you build your chicken coop?

    We’re are still building and selling coops but I suspect you’re a bit too far for a delivery. DA0B7865-6354-43D2-B2E7-D7E04B198086.jpeg 5FD99623-C794-4DD7-9758-FE3CC371CEA1.jpeg
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  5. PurpleFlower

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    That's very cute! I think my husband found a building plan he really likes.
  6. ellen

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    PF.. Prayers to St Joseph for a speedy sale!
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  7. RosaryWielder

    RosaryWielder Hoping to get into the Illuminative stage soon.

    Definitely will pray!
  8. HeavenlyHosts

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  9. Byron

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    Trusting God with the Sale of My Home Prayer
    God of Enduring Faithfulness, during this uncertain time in my life when I am trying to sell my house, please keep me from worrying about whether it will sell or how long it will take. Encourage me to keep my faith strong and trust that You hold my future in Your hands. While the news rambles on about the real estate market, home sales, and interest rates, remind me to ignore the noise of the world and keep my eyes fixed on You. Set my sights on Your mercy and grace and calm my nerves, for I know You are in total control. I cast my anxiety on You, God, because You care for me. In Jesus’ loving name, I pray. Amen.
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  10. djmoforegon

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    Mass and rosary for you tomorrow, PurpleFlower.

    Somehow, God's timing always ends up being so perfect.
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  11. HeavenlyHosts

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    I agree. God is always on time.
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  12. Mario

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    You are in my prayers, PF. Geralyn will join me. Our best friends are in the same situation, so prayers will be multiplied. When we think of you we'll also pray for Cunninghams, and when we pray for Cunninghams, we'll also pray for you all!

    Trusting in Divine Providence!

    Have you considered praying the Novena of Divine Abandonment?
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  13. PurpleFlower

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    Beautiful prayer, thank you!
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  14. PurpleFlower

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    We prayed the Holy Cloak Novena to St. Joseph for him to help us move to where God wants us. For the most part, I have felt so at peace and know God's timing will be perfect. Occasionally small fears and stresses pop up, and asking for extra prayers is of great comfort!
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  15. padraig

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    Offering up Mass this morning in to Our Lady of Good Success.
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  16. PurpleFlower

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    Update: We received 3 offers on our house. Two were from unnamed investment firms and one was from a man who owns a Greek restaurant we've eaten at before.

    Last night our bishop came to visit our FSSP parish to see our tremendous growth and need for a bigger church, and to reassure us of his support and love for ALL of his flock. So we were there along with nearly the entire parish, when we received the call from our realtor. We had just finished praying the rosary for our bishop, our parish, and our own personal intention of selling our house. We stepped out and called her back, and as our family stood around the little grotto of Mary outside, we accepted the restaurant owner's offer. We had determined to avoid possibly accepting an offer from BlackRock or the likes at all cost. The offer was basically for our asking price, so prayers were answered.

    My oldest son and I went into the chapel to thank Jesus. I told Him I hoped that was the right offer and that all was going according to His plan. I looked down and directly in front of me, there was a lone prayer card sticking up out of the pew. I looked at it, and it was St. Joseph. :D It was the perfect little sign, as it was the Holy Cloak novena to him that started the whole affair of moving. It's been in his hands all along. My son and I smiled big together.

    Now, as we wait for the sale on our house to close, we begin the 2nd part of our journey: finding our new home.
  17. Mary's child

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    Thanks be to God on High!
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    Glad you went with the Greek, :ROFLMAO:
    Since I am half Greek. lol
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  19. Jo M

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    You must be thrilled! St.Joseph and Our Lord came through. :):):)
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  20. Lumena

    Lumena Archangels

    Wow, you must be over the moon !
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