My future wife and family.

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by RosaryWielder, Jul 5, 2022.

  1. RosaryWielder

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    I mentioned, before that I believe I have finally found my future wife. However, I'm having doubts because of all the things happening in the world and with her. (And yes, I'm working on myself too) I'm pretty sure I mentioned that I asked for a sign that she is the one for me, and God's reply seemed to be "yes." Almost every time I doubt this sign I end up falling into mortal sin, so it's seems the God really does intend for this woman to be the one for me.

    I need prayers right now that we can get together and have a big family. And that, if she's not the one for me, God let me know and make it clear to me without delivering me into mortal sin; and that he sends another woman like this one into my life, to be the one for me.
  2. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Prayers for you, RW.:notworthy:
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  3. padraig

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    Prayers a huge decision.:)

    St Therese's parents, who were also both Saints, met because they were daily mass goers and met at mass. I think quite a few Catholics met this way down the years. A wonderful sign.
  4. Mario

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    One of the young employees in the Activities department at the nursing home where I served, met her husband at a TLM parish; they were married last November.
  5. 333

    333 Our Lady of Fatima

    I had strong signs from God that I was meant to be with a man that many would deem undesirable. Yet, I couldn't quench the strong and deep love that I felt for him and never realized what being in love was until I met him. When it came time for us to marry it all fell apart. I didn't become bitter which could have happened but trusted and praised God for the experience because in it I learned to open my heart to love and be vulnerable. Trust God with your journey in love.
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  6. padraig

    padraig Powers

    It's amazing to watch Married saints being promoted by the Church now. I love to see pictures of them together.

  7. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    My wife is a saint maker lol
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  8. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels

    I'm glad I'm not young RW.
    But all the very best of wishes to you in your quest.... I'll say a prayer that things work out for you and the future Mrs RW !
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  9. Mario

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    The saint is not one who is faultless, but one who after falling, once more picks up his Cross and follows after Jesus. Never, never forget this. Think of picking up your cross like weight-lifting: each time you get stronger so as to lovingly carry the burdens of others.

    Practice this and you'll train yourself to be a great husband, too!

    How Great God is!
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  10. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I have often thought of the Vocation of the Married Person with a certain fascination , for it was never to be my own. Our Lady explained to me, even from childhood, that I was to be her own, set apart and celibate.

    But I think as I look back to the Vocation of my parents, who brought up ten children and were married for more than 50 years and were drenched in Catholicism...

    I would say this.

    The Path for the Holiness of the Married is laid down by the Good Lord, I believe in Simple Fidelity to the Duties of their Married State.

    God has in a way regarded them as rather like Jugglers and He throws them many balls to keep in the air. The Path of the Married person is to fulfill the ordinary in an extraordinary way.

    My mother whom before she was married spent considerable time in personal prayer was left with little time for this after the first of her children was born.

    She went to a Holy Old Priest about this in Confession , worried that she had so little time for such times alone on prayer.

    The old Priest replied,

    'Your children are your prayers now!'

    All her scruples fled in an instant for she knew at once that this was so...

    the married state is the most extraordinary thing....

    My father, on the other hand who was determined to become a Carthusian Monk, also went also to a priest in Confession who laughed at him when he said this and said at once,

    'You vocation is to get married and have a large family'.

    My father said that as soon as the priest said this he knew it was true. All doubts were removed...and so it was...
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  11. border collie

    border collie Archangels

    It takes a martyr to live with a saint!! :)
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  12. RosaryWielder

    RosaryWielder Founder of Claritas

    That’s one good thing about this woman, she’s good at informal prayer and meditation; and I’m actually getting the hang of it myself.:)
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  13. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I am curious, what is, 'Informal prayer and meditation'?
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  14. RosaryWielder

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    I guess sort of sporadic praying and having the beauty of creation lift your mind to focusing on the Creator.

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