Motus in fine velocior [Motion accelerates when the end is near]

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Blizzard, Apr 12, 2017.

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    My husband and I are experiencing what you have just described...we commented on it just this evening. We were discussing the LaPlata, MD tornado which occurred 15 years ago today, and we saw some photos of it on the news tonight which were showing how it was in the aftermath, 15 years ago. Well, we both felt like it was just yesterday. In fact, my mother passed away the following day and I remember telling her about it as she was dying. She was always so interested in my choral singing, and I was telling her that our rehearsal place had been hit by a tornado. I didn't even know why I was telling her, except I was just being her little girl and talking to Mom. Not three years later, I found another choral group, and I joined it. My audition was on her birthday. LOL Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good for those who love God and who are called according to His purpose."

    AED, we must be on a similar path. I crave silence, as well, and the sounds of nature...and I hold everything up to see if it is of God or the world. I don't want anything of this current culture!
    It does indeed seem as if time is collapsing in on itself. Good way to word it.
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    Yes it seems to be speeding up with the general population not noticing. I am constantly reminding myself that I am in the world but not part of the world. Silence and prayer have become my norm even while at work.
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    ...I've only briefly read over this thread, as it's very late and I'm ready to sleep. But, if I may add my own, fairly useless 2 cents; I recall, in my late 20's and early 30's, having many a conversation with my mom about the speed in which time was passing. I'm 51 now, and time seems to be at light speed. Before I continue, yes, many people have dismissed what I have felt is supernatural in origin as just part of life. They chuckle and say, "just wait, it goes even faster as you age". Well, I get that, and am not disputing it. But, though I have no means by which to prove it, I firmly believe time is speeding up. Months go by like weeks, now. It seems like there are maybe 4 months in between birthdays. I have a neighbor who just turned 86. When he reminded me of his age I said, "Wait a minute! Didn't you just tell me you were turning 82??" The same thing happened with an older friend, several years ago. I swear his birthday came around every few months. He since passed, and it's been 5 years since. But, I feel like I wished him Happy Birthday just a year or two ago.
    ....Maybe it is, "in part", me. I have no concept of time. I'll find someone I knew 30 or 40 years ago on Facebook, and send them a message with great excitement...reminding them of who I am and about our friendship of long ago, like it was maybe 2 years ago. Half the time, they don't even recall (of course, that "could" be saying something about me!).
    ...I recently mentioned to someone that my parents passed 10 years ago. It not only shocked me to hear myself say it (10 years!), but her response was equally shocking. She replied, "Oh ten years...that's a long time ago". Well not to me it isn't. The best way I can describe it is it's as though the past 30 years are one, big year.
    ...Anyway, I could go on with little examples, but I've rambled enough. I'll never be able to prove it, but I am completely convinced time has been sped up.
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    I feel the same. But I wonder why? Why has time sped up? What are we hurtling towards?
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    Yes I love silence and to be on my own. Since most people I know are not really open to spiritual conversation it seems to me wasted time that is not used for good when it is not spiritual. The Jesus and Mary I encounter in scripture seem to me to have been people of silence and deep prayer as with the saints. When they do encounter people in conversation it is all about God as the Word of God is all about God. I think our deepest communications with people is at a deep spiritual non verbal level. I have noticed this when encountering people whom I consider to be saints. For instance there was one old Monk, long since gone to heaven , Fr Eunan, from whom getting a single word out of was like getting blood from a stone. However to work with him in the garden was an inspiration. He was clearly a man in constant pray and everything he did he did perfectly.

    I know we cannot all be monks and hermits, but there are very,very many chances in daily life to be alone. For instance at work I go for walks alone. Many of the rest of them gather away in the tea room and chat away. This would drive me mad.

    I read one thing from a psychologist on the perception of time. He said that when we are young we putting down , 'New memories', all the time and so our brains have to work to do this and so things seems slower. However as we get older and our brains get filled with memories we have a , 'Been there done that' mode and our brains go into kind of automatic. So time seems to speed up a lot .
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    FWIW, a study on perceptual psychology was done a few years back which showed that as people grew older their sense of time passing quickly increased. Young children perceived time passing more slowly than did older people. What's more, studying the same subjects a few years later showed that it was a function of age, not in personal perception, i.e., those subjects as children who felt time passed slowly, as they aged, their perception of time sped up.
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    Intuitively it makes sense, since as we encounter more and more experiences our memories are filled with information. Every day long and short term memory is filling our memory storehouses with experiences. A lot of chunking is going on. We tend to lose short-term memory, regardless of age. But retain long-term far longer, some until death.

    As a child there is little stored in your memories, so it takes forever for the end of school to come around, but at 62, it seems that the length of time between birthdays gets shorter and shorter. Of course, then comes the time, different for most people, when we can't remember anything or anyone, and we live in the present moment all the time. I now walk around with a small notebook on my purse, and when I meet people, I write down their names.
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    ...but, it doesn't explain why I felt this way in my late 20's and early 30's. In the end, studies aside, no one can prove or disprove the suggestion that time is speeding up.
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    Look what Mark Mallett just wrote about.

    Posted on April 29, 2017 by Mark

    for April 29th, 2017
    Saturday of the Second Week of Easter
    Memorial of St. Catherine of Siena

    Liturgical texts here


    IF time feels as if it is speeding up, prayer is what will “slow” it down.

    Prayer is what takes the heart, constrained by the body to the temporal moment, and places it into the eternal moment. Prayer is what draws the Savior near, He who is the calmer of Storms and the Master of Time, as we see in today’s Gospel when the disciples set out upon the sea.

    The sea was stirred up because a strong wind was blowing. When they had rowed about three or four miles, they saw Jesus walking on the sea and coming near the boat, and they began to be afraid. But he said to them, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” They wanted to take him into the boat, but the boat immediately arrived at the shore to which they were heading.

    At least two things are revealed here. One is that Jesus is always with us, most especially when we think He is not. The storms of life—suffering, financial burdens, health crises, family divisions, old wounds—they push us into the deep where often we feel abandoned and helpless, out of control. But Jesus, who promised He would always be with us, is right beside us repeating:

    It is I. Do not be afraid.

    This, you must accept with faith.

    The second thing is that Jesus reveals that He is Lord of time and space. When we pause, put God First, and invite Him “into the boat”—that is, pray—then immediately we hand over to Him lordship over time and space in our own lives. I have seen this a thousand times in my own life. On the days where I don’t put God First, it seems as if I am a slave to time, at the whim of every storm wind that blows this or that way. But when I put God First, when I seek first His Kingdom and not my own, there is a peace that surpasses all understanding and even a new and unforeseen Wisdom that descends.

    See, the eyes of the LORD are upon those who fear him, upon those who hope for his kindness… (Today’s Psalm)

    The rest of his post can be found here:
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    Is it me or are more alleged messages increasingly conveying a sense of urgency?

    I have absolutely no idea if the messages below are credible but it is interesting how many of them mention that the prophesied events so often referred to in the past may be about to start.

    I tend to think they are often a mix of true divine inspiration and the recipient´s subconscious but what do I know!

    For your discernment.


    We’re told that on his current swing through prayer groups in New Jersey and New York, Edson Glauber, the reputed seer from Itaparinga, Brazil, mentioned that what he has been foreseeing, as far as events coming to the world, have now started, that we have entered into it — whatever “it” may be.

    Glauber declines public comment because he has a new bishop, foregoing interviews and exercising prudence with statements.

    While a previous bishop, Archbishop Carillo Gritti of Itacoatiara, officially approved Edson’s initial apparitions (1994 to 1998), more recent ones, often occurring in far-flung places such as Italy, and now the U.S. (which he is visiting until November), are still up for discernment and thus should be dealt with very cautiously. [See our original article on him]

    But there are supposed messages from Mary he has publicly announced in recent months, and when we asked what he is now saying privately — as far as world events — we were referred to them. For discernment only. At the least, considering our times, they’re — interesting.

    [​IMG]January 21, 2017:

    Peace my beloved children, peace!

    My children, God is calling you to conversion and many are deaf to his voice. Turn back to God, repenting and asking for forgiveness of your sins, for when the Lord says “enough,” everything on the face of the earth will change and many will be those who will cry and mourn for not having been obedient to His call.

    Convert, convert, convert, therefore for the times are serious and evil. Welcome my invitation to prayer and live out my messages, with great faith, within your homes with your families.

    Pray the Rosary every day and fill your day with little prayers so that the Holy Spirit would enlighten you much more and so that in you the desire would grow to pray more and more and to be in the presence of God.

    Brazil is becoming black because of the terrible sins that are being committed. A dense darkness is wanting to envelop your country, a dark cloud of violence, death, and lack of faith. Receive my motherly words in your hearts and ask for God’s light and grace, so that all evil might be warded away from you and your families. Pray and God will hear you!

    Return to your homes with God’s peace. I bless you all: in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

    Today, during the apparition, the Blessed Mother showed a dark and fierce cloud that was enveloping the map of Brazil. This dark cloud, as she said, means the violence, death, and lack of faith that plague the Brazilian people who are not praying or being obedient to God’s call. If Brazil does not listen to God’s call to conversion, it will suffer greatly. Let us pray our Rosary and live out the messages of Our Lady with great faith and thus, only thus will God hear us. [Italics: Edson Glauber]

    [​IMG]December 29, 2016:

    I had a vision of the arm of Jesus raised above the world, prepared to strike it. The Lord gave me a reading for us to read, meditate, and for us to change the course of our lives, while we still have time to convert and be good people.

    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who change darkness into light, and light into darkness, who change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own sight, and prudent in their own esteem! Woe to the champions at drinking wine, the valiant at mixing strong drink! To those who acquit the guilty for bribes, and deprive the just man of his rights! Therefore, as the tongue of fire licks up stubble, as dry grass shrivels in the flame, even so their root shall become rotten and their blossom scatter like dust. For they have spurned the law of the LORD of hosts, and scorned the word of the Holy One of Israel. Therefore the wrath of the LORD blazes against His people, He raises His hand to strike them. When the mountains quake, their corpses shall be like refuse in the streets. For all this, His wrath is not turned back, and His hand is still outstretched.

    (Isaiah 5:20-25)

    October 8: 2016

    When Our Lady raises her right arm she is showing us a sign of protection and blessing. Often she has made this gesture during the apparitions. She is warding off a great evil and danger, in order that it might not occur, that it might be lessened. This happened recently when I was in the USA. May the power of her motherly love and her intercession continue warding great evils and calamities away from this country and all the other countries where she has sent me to speak about her holy messages.


    Unfaithful men, open your eyes because you will be surprised by a fire coming from the sky.
    Do not be stubborn, open your hearts because only in me you will find salvation!
    I am the only one to have power over every creature and over all things.
    The doors of My Heaven are open now: I am coming to the Earth, I will come to dwell among My faithful children and will be their God forever, I will pull up the roots of sin forever and make My people free in Me.
    In this time I will send My angels of justice, my envoys, in order to make the way easier for you and to lead you to Me: in the infernal struggle you will be protected by them by My will!
    Beloved children, the world is in its decline, its end is imminent!!!
    My Divine Light will rise in the heavens, it will signal the beginning of a time of renewal, but not everyone will be able to enjoy it because many will have denied me by choosing corruption!
    The days prophesied are being fulfilled; everything will take on the color red, fire will mark the end of this miserable life corrupted by Satan.
    Wait for me, I am arriving!
    You will be surprised in the night!
    Renounce the ancient enemy and his destructive plans.

    Open your hearts to my love and I will cover you with my beatific Light.

    I will always be with you now and always love you. +

    Message of Jesus given to Giulio Massa. (Aug 11, 2017)
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    The solar eclipse, Hurricane Harvey, and Judgement- August 26th, 2017

    All of creation bears My signature and responds to the commands of their Maker, the Great I AM. I have put signs in the heavens, the sun, stars and moon that foretell My story and design, and that have been placed there for you in order that you know the season you are in.

    This past solar eclipse that was witnessed in your country of the United States signified and marked great change for your nation and its people. I have been lenient and I have been merciful, in that My warnings have been proclaimed for some time now, calling the wicked to repentance and chastening those whom I love. No longer will your country see leniency, as I now bring forth judgment to an unrepentant people as you have witnessed with this storm Harvey. My sign in the heavens for the eclipse was your harbinger, announcing the immediate beginning of great judgment for your land.

    I not only cause the earth to shake, the wind to roar, and the water to bring upheaval as all the elements of this earth belong to Me, but I also allow evil mankind to use weaponized technology against you to bring about the punishments I have so long forewarned about.

    Do you now see how My words are being fulfilled before your very eyes and My words do not come back void?

    This is only the beginning. I am removing My arm of protection from a people ignorant of My ways and slothful in all manner of living. This land will suffer greatly and be severely punished for all its transgressions. Not only does the blood of the innocent scream out to Me for justice, but the filth of the wicked will no longer now go without recompense.

    For those who have waited for My instructions with an obedient heart and will, listen very closely now. Many of you will be told to leave densely populated areas now in advance of what comes next.

    Intercessors, pray fervently as many will suffer, many will die in need of a Savior. Pray for these as often and continually as you are able.

    There are entities all around you now that are not what they appear to be. I tell you, as it was in the days of Noah, so it is today. There are beings amongst you that are not of Me, not made in My image, and not fully human, although they appear to be. You are living in the time where iron has been mixed with clay, and in an attempt to make himself like Me, your adversary asatan, has used forbidden knowledge to bring about vessels through which he can control and manipulate, instruments of death and destruction, with the sole purpose of destroying you, that which I have poured My Spirit into and created in My image; and, to elevate himself to a god-like stature, as he believes he can and will rule the earth and have his dominion here. This is an abomination in My sight!

    I will speak more of this very soon, as this technology that has already been presented and is being utilized by many across the world will alter your very DNA, and you will be separated from Me forever, should you take this into your body. This beast system will strip you of ways of life you have become accustomed to and try to force this technology on you or you will not work, and you will not even be able to eat. Fear will drive men mad, as they comply with anything that will satisfy and gratify immediate needs, without understanding the implications of their choices.

    Stand ready My army as you will go forth to witness and minister amongst chaos and destruction, bringing My light to the lost, as the darkness attempts to consume them.


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    Thanks for posting, Blizzard. I feel the sense of urgency as well. On a note totally unrelated to these prophecies, I recently saw a married couple, friends of mine for years. They are both Protestant believers. The lady was discussing with me some plans she and her husband were making for the future, but she included the caveat, unless the Lord comes back before this plan. It is just something she felt she had to tell her husband, and then relate to me. I truly feel the Lord's shepherding in this area. We have had our lamps lit and we are waiting for Him.
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  14. Double bump

    I can't believe how fast the weeks are going recently its insane :eek:
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    :eek:Yes, it's just yesterday that we had New Year's and now look.
    Yes, the weeks fly by. Sunday flies by, can't seem to get enough rest on that day.
    The chore list grows longer and the time to work on them seems to fly by so fast that I feel as though almost nothing of real importance gets done. That's why I make sure to get my rosaries said each day. "Seek ye first the Kingdom"
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    Yes yes yes!!!
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    Same here. It truly gives a new meaning to 'time flies'.
    Great thread, thanks for the bump HH.
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    Thanks to adoremus and blizzard as well.
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    (y) :)
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