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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by CRW, Sep 14, 2007.

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    EWTN had their first Latin Mass today - beautiful. If you visit there web site,, click on the link Motu Proprio Resources in the upper right, you can get a file or print out of the Latin Mass and English translation. If will be shown again at 6 PM Eastern Time in the US. I guess other times may be available in different countries.

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    Hi Cecil!

    I just replied to you over in CP, and here you are. You know, I'm 53 and remember tenderly my years with the Latin Mass. To this day, when I attend the Extraordinary form of the Latin Rite (as our Pope would say), I treasure it still. It has proven difficult for my young children when we attend because it is so foreign. I believe one must be called by the Lord to return completely to the Latin Mass in order for the family to benefit from its riches. Geralyn and I decided not to do that and so my re-exposure to it has been limited. Praise God that he has chosen both forms. May the Lord give us the strong popes and bishops we need to curb liturgical abuse.

    In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    We do not have the Latin Mass in my location so EWTN will have to do unless I am traveling to a location that has the Latin Mass. Our priest was over tonight (he is not the Pastor) and stated it is unlikely that our pastor will allow it. Training and the skill required is the primary reason. The servers have to be trained and I lost all I did know, so many years ago.

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    I think some of the priests are learning in Ireland through training DVDS which are excellant. I attended the Tridentine Mass a few months ago, the old priest who said it was a real saint. I notice that the Pope had to do this on his own bat, there wasvery strong opposition to this from Bishops in France and England , they nearly went into open rebellion.
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    I think it was not a matter of changing the Mass, as much as the Bishops objecting to the authority of Rome and the Pope. Bishops are now their own little Popes or CEO’s as I see it.

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    I'm a post Vatican II baby. I've never experienced a Latin Mass. It'd be confusing for me, but I think I could learn to appreciate it though.

    Thinking how every Mass around the world used to be said in Latin . . . and a person could be in the USA, Italy, Spain and find there what they knew and loved at home, in the same language. . . well, that was just plain cool.

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