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  1. ...but the visions of Blessed Anne Emmerich written in her book proved that Mother Mary was born in August, and not in September, even though she was not able to notice nor say it directly...
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    Feel blessed to know that Aug 5th is also my Baptism Day as an infant.
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    Will you please explain what you're saying, because I seem to be missing what you're seeing...
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    I was only thanking you for posting it not for agreeing with me.
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    So do I.
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  6. The Life of The Blessed Virgin Mary

    Go to page 66:


    Read the Yellow Shades as well as the footnotes of Ronald Conte.

    Since it is a November 6th vision of Blessed Emmerich, the 3 years and 3 months age of Mary would give you a computation of early August birth as explained by RC (or even earlier.)

    Blessed Emmerich said she "learnt for certain", therefore she was sure that Mary is indeed 3 years and 3 months already on November 6...

    A September 8th birth would only give you 3 years and 1 month by November 6...

    So it is looking more plausible what the other mystics are saying: that Mary was born on August 5...

    * Supplementary notes by Ronald L. Conte Jr. are indicated with (RC)
    * Blessed Emmerich generally received visions of events either on the day of celebration in the liturgical calendar or on the actual day of the event.
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    I don’t trust Ron Conte as a source.
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    Ask Padraig
    I think he knows him
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    No. Ron Conte, no never.ive been to his site. I'll research on my own. But Bl. Catherine Emmerich also said that Blessed Mother was born on Sept 8th.
    She said the date. She also spoke of 2 Pope's and paganism in the new Church. Ron doesn't think it's now . Although there are stories attributing the 2 Popes and false Church to a past Pope, but they were just opinions by a few Priests.
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    He has falsely predicted the year of the warning many, many times. He has his own unique timetable of eschatological events, which is obviously wrong since his predictions have always been wrong.

    He has a basic degree in theology yet is dogmatic in his views with a huge dose of arrogance in his own self importance.

    He runs his forum like a dictator, kicks people off when they disagree with him. You have to be a yes man to remain on his forum so it is not really a discussion forum but the Ron Conte I know everything board. He determines which apparitions & messages are true or false according to his insights so you get the picture.

    I'm sure he's nice enough in person but he is most certainly a key board warrior. Catholic Planet should rename itself the Ron Conte show.
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