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  1. Agnes McAllister

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    Then why would Mother Mary tell other mystics it was Sept 8th. ???
    Approved mystics.
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    Just sharing this good sermon for today's mass. The priest links several things for today's date starting with the minor feast of the dedication of St Mary Major basilica in Rome and the miraculous events on August 5th that led to its construction. He ties this in with Our Lady's anniversary date as She announced in Medjugorje and the first Saturday.

    This is the Church in Canada where Fr Mark Goring is also priest. Sermon starts around 11:50.

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    I was a little confused about this being put down as Our Lady's birthday until I went to the Traditional Mass this morning and there I saw it used to be held to be Our Lady's birthday in the old days and still is in the Traditional Rite. Now maybe I understand.

    I am sure Our Mother does not mind too much either way.:)
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  4. PurpleFlower

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    Which ones did she tell that to? I am unaware.
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    Bl. Anne emmerich in the Life of the Blessed Mother, Venerable Mary of Agreda. And also a Saint for the year 480 after Christ. But I don't have a pen to write his complicated name down. There are many. Obedience is first in Blessed Mom's eyes as it was in Gatabandal. My opinion I'll keep researching
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    If you can point me to a quote or source, I am very interested in seeing where these mystics specifically state Mary told them her birthday or they saw the birth date in their mystic experiences. I do believe in Medjugorje as of now, but I'm always looking for the truth.
  7. Agnes McAllister

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    I will but I'm at my daughter's right now with grandkids. Tomorrow I will
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  8. Agnes McAllister

    Agnes McAllister Archangels

    All u have to do is Google it. Both have written books dictated by the Blessed Mother on her early life and Jesus's early life I' only have my phone. Away for the week.
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  10. I only heard of this "August 5" in MoG.

    For Blessed Anne Emmerich and Venerable Mary of Agreda, they had visions of Mary having Her birth at September 8th, and they mentioned several stories involving Her birth being on September 8.

    But in the end, I am very surprised that the book of Blessed Anne Emmerich might prove the "August 5 theory" correct...
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  11. PurpleFlower

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    Please share!

    I was reading last night from Blessed Anne Emmerich and was a bit perplexed to read her saying Mary's soul came into her body when her mother Anne was 17 weeks pregnant. It was the first time the unborn child moved in her mother's womb, Emmerich said, because this was when her soul was joined to her body.

    I don't know what to think of this. I know that back then, people didn't know that babies were already moving in their mother's wombs long before their mothers could feel them, so naturally many, including St. Thomas Aquinas, thought that "quickening"--the mother feeling the child move for the first time--was when the child received a soul.

    But knowing what we do now.... It just doesn't make sense. I can watch my little 8 week old baby on a sonogram wiggling around like a perfect little person. Babies are fully formed, sucking their thumbs and all, long before many women can feel them moving around.

    So I just don't believe Mary didn't receive her soul until she was 17 weeks along, any more than I believe my unborn children who died before then were inert, soulless creatures with no immortal souls whom I will never see again.

    So this is very strange to me, because Emmerich says these things were revealed to her.
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  12. andree

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    Fr Laurentin wrote a book about the differences in various "facts" revealed to mystics over the centuries. One of the reasons for this has to do with human meddling that gets in the way of the saint or seer and the public revelation. Some mystics never wrote anything for themselves but had a scribe. That was the case for St Catherine Emmerich who had a scribe named Brentano. My understanding is that all (or nearly all?) of the revelations left behind by that saint went through the hands of Brentano. So she was a great saint but some of her writings from what I understand were problematic with the curia judging her case, but not through any fault of her own.

    St Mary of Agreda wrote down her revelations and then burned them all. The texts we have now are the ones that she rewrote under orders I think many years after her mystical experience.

    The revelations given in Medjugorje and to Fr Gobbi are contemporary and we have these things from them directly so that this generation has heard it from the mouths of those who have seen or heard Our Lady.

    One thing that I am hoping to live to be able to read is the life of Mary as revealed to Vicka. I understand that Our Lady will tell her when it can be published. And I hope that this happens before Vicka dies so we can be certain of the validity of the texts. Mysterious writings tend to pop up after the death of saints, their confessors and people who knew them (eg Marthe Robin).

    I have come to conclude that not everything passed on to us is accurate and not because of any fault of the seer but because of human meddling.

    The sermon of that priest that I posted earlier is very good because he says he believes in the revelation given about Our Lady's birthday in Medjugorje but honors and respects the date given by the Church.
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  13. Mario

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    Blessed Anne was shaped by understandings of her day. Any spiritual lights she received were filtered through her mind as well as her heart. This is how I see it.

    How special the gift of sonograms are for us now.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:




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  15. I read that the Divine Mercy writings of St. Faustina was banned by the Church because some of the translations were incorrect...
  16. Congrats padraig!

    and who that mystic be?

    Looks like your "November 8 theory" might be true too, I know because I read one too...
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  17. Agnes McAllister

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    I just read that again the full passage from the book. It is believable to me because Mary was born free of original sin, we weren't. Saint Ann fell into ecstasy when it happenned. Very unlike my pregnancies. Blessed Mother's pregnancy and birth were completely different than ours. Catholic planet's
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  19. PurpleFlower

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    This is what I do as well. My daughter was born on Sept 8, and we always have a joint celebration for her and Mary's birthday. Even if Mary was actually born on Aug 5, I know Heaven honors what the Church honors, and dates are often symbolic.

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