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Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by PurpleFlower, Nov 24, 2021 at 5:33 AM.

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    It's one thing after another these days. This time I'm asking for prayers because two of my kids (the oldest and the youngest) have caught a stomach virus from their cousins. The cousins have had this virus for almost a month now...They'll throw up, go several days, then throw up again, then again several days later...and now they have hives!

    My two have thrown up once so far...the youngest about a week ago and the oldest 4 days ago. The oldest is the one I'm most worried about, as he is super skinny already and has a major phobia of stomach bugs which causes him to avoid food and lose even more weight. He doesn't know yet that his cousins have been throwing up every several days, so I've managed to get him eating again, albeit not as well as he should be yet. It will almost certainly be disastrous if he throws up again. He'll be so much more afraid to eat.

    This has been a major practice in trust for me... Trusting God will care for him as I can't make him eat if he refuses. He's skin and bones and that hurts my heart as a mother. I've entrusted him to St. Joseph's care and am praying for a miracle...that the throwing up won't come back like it did for his cousins.

    The baby just got over a respiratory virus a couple weeks ago and now we've gone right into this one. He's been hit with sickness every single month since last May and always has a high fever with it. God was so kind as to limit his fever this time to only 1 day instead of the usual 3-4 days. He has a poor appetite and diarrhea but thankfully is still breastfeeding to supplement his diet. Please pray that he doesn't develop hives as he is too young to take Benadryl.

    I put holy water in all the kids' drinking water today, my husband anointed them all with St. Joseph oil, and we've specially entrusted them to St. Joseph's care. Please ask for St. Joseph's intercession for them. The constant sickness has been so wearying. I would love for my children to actually be able to enjoy the holidays. They'll be missing Thanksgiving with their cousins (please add the cousins to your prayers as well, that this nasty virus will finally leave them). Thank you!
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  2. Yes PF, praying to St. Joseph to heal your children and their cousins...
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    I hear ya PF i've two at home down with sickness...I prefer calamine lotion for the hives instead of an antihistamine drug..have the children high temps could well be chicken pocks ? seems to be few cases here in northern ireland.
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    Just as a precaution, do you have some Good Samaritan oil on hand? I would use it. A few drops behind the ears.

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    Oh PF.... You certainly are paying the price for being a "friend of Jesus"!! :rolleyes:

    You know he only gives these heavy, heavy crosses to his closets friends.

    I will add your family (relief from illnesses) to my "running novena " to St Joseph until Dec 8! He certainly is the man to go to for family affairs! :love:
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    Having the same problems with no stop sickness
  8. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie are right to ask for prayers here….the children sound very sick and sadly over the holidays. It’s sure hard to watch your little loved ones sick, especially for a prologue period of time. They’ll recover, but you’re feeling it now. In my prayers for all of you!
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    It's pretty rare to have chicken pox here in the U.S. since most kids are vaccinated against it now. I don't think thats what it is, as no one but the baby got a fever and the cousins got hives after nearly 4 weeks of tummy troubles. Also I believe the cousins are vaccinated against chicken pox, though mine aren't.
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    No, I don't have any.
  12. PurpleFlower

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    I'm sorry to hear this. I will pray for you as well!

    When I took the baby to the doc a couple weeks ago, the nurse said it's been overwhelming how many people are coming in with various sicknesses in the last couple months. She said Covid had seemed to die down but everyone was now really sick with other things. I'm wondering if it's the collective lowered immune systems of all the people recently vaxxed that are leading to longer sicknesses and higher viral loads for others to catch? Or perhaps all of the mask-wearing and sanitizing is creating stronger bugs to get around those barriers? Who knows.
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    I wonder if it's radiation from 5G
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    Prayers for your family.
  15. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}---

    I am praying to St. Joseph.
  16. Beth B

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    I think both of the suspect causes you mention are resulting in increased numbers getting sick.
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  18. RosaryWielder

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    Praying to Our Lady, Health of the Sick for them.
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    PF follow the diet for stomach virus. No oil, no fat, no sugar. Keep them hydrated with Gatorade, but no solids for 24 hours. Then introduce a toast with Gatorade. Next day toast and rice, and at night slice of turkey with toast. You need to starve the bug from greasy foods and sugar. Do this for a week. These bugs have become more difficult to eliminate. It may take 48 hours of just liquid, before going back to solids. Prayers!
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    I will pray for them all !
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