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    hello brothers and sisters
    i would like to share with you this video about modernism

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  2. picadillo

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    Modernism explained:

    1. Seamless Garment
    2. Liberation Theology
    3. Most Jesuits
    4. Uncle Teddy Mcarick
    5. Joe Bernadin
    6. Carlo Martini
    7. Jorge Bergoglio
  3. picadillo

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    1. Spirit of Vatican 2
    2. Kumbaya
    3. Laudatio Si
    4. Frutti Tutti
  4. padraig

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    Modernism is a boat without an anchor.

    True Catholicism is a boat moored to the Rock of Peter.

  5. padraig

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    One day the reign of Pope Francis will only be a dark blip in the history of the Church. A sad, passing comment by a Church Historian.

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