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Discussion in 'The Saints' started by fallen saint, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Wheat and looks like the division is happening world wide. Its pretty clear whats right and wrong.

    The difference is the nobility of truth has been destroyed.

    And it makes no sense why...the very rich want global control. Its not about money anymore.

    It seems to me...both sides know its spiritual.

    Sin, abortion, homosexuality and control.

    Its a very weird time we live in...i don’t think this train can change.

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    Thank God for Archbishop Vigano!

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    All things are possible with God. Ninevah is an example of how that can happen. Trouble is, who will lead us? I think that Archbishop Vigano puts too much trust in President Trump. I admire Trump and hope he wins re-election, but I'm always conscious that we shouldn't put our hope in princes. Trump is not the person to lead us in a spiritual battle, and the one tasked with that role has sided with the zeitgheist. So, what do you suggest we do? I've just watched online the new "Pandemic Mass". The priest assured us that Christ's healing presence is still with us - in the Eucharist. This while only priests can receive the Eucharist. If I didn't know better (or hope I know better) I would think they were laughing at us.
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    "The Church is Dying Because her Pastors are Afraid to speak in all Truth and Clarity. We are Afraid of the media, Afraid of public opinion, Afraid of our own brethren! The Good Shepherd gives his life for his sheep."

    ~ Robert Cardinal Sarah.
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    Trump is not leading...he is not the spiritual leader.

    But he could be used by God to slow down the inevitable.

    Globalism will bring in a bad person.

    Trump could just be slowing down the process.

    If USA is ruined...that pretty much opens gate to globalism.

    Not sure where all this will lead... but the world will never be the same.

    And for those of us that are spiritual...our eyes are opening much wider.

    Why two Popes, why does one sound like globalist? Why are people looking for mystics? Why is lying and abortion the new norm? Why is there a argument that there is more genders than male and female? Why do demons manifest daily on videos?

    Very strange!

    Not to scare people. Don’t fear!

    At this moment, we need to be more normal then ever! Prayers, family dinners, holiday celebrations, being neighborly is all part of our weapons.

    But we should prepare spiritually and for any worldly chaos.

    Interesting time...not sure WE will see it, but hopefully we can slow it down or lessen the magnitude.

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    Yes, Trump could be used by God to slow the inevitable. He could also be used to hasten the inevitable. Right now, he seems to be a stumbling block to the death cultists. Please God, that won't change. Our prayers could make a difference.

    Why two Popes? The Jews had two High Priests at the time of Jesus' Passion. Annas and Caiphas had some kind of sharing arrangement. They were puppets of the Roman authorities and chose to submit to Caesar. The Jews of that time probably got the leaders they deserved, just as we have the leaders we deserve.

    Taylor Marshall has a video on youtube where he discusses the katechon (restrainer) with Dr. Edward Mazza. It's interesting but I would like to hear a more in depth discussion of that topic from, say, Dr. Scott Hahn or Fr. Mitch Pacwa.

    All we have to do is keep ourselves in a state of grace and pray.
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    We are not putting our trust in princes if we pray for our President. That’s what we are supposed to do, pray for God to bless us with Godly leaders and then we continue to pray for them. Ideal situation.
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    I agree that praying for your President is not putting your trust in princes. It's good to pray that the Lord will give him the grace to be a good leader. Trusting him to lead you in a spiritual battle would be a different matter.
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    I trust God to lead us. To whom shall we go, Lord?
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    Dolours, I’m not trying to be obstinate. But. :) I am not sure where you are drawing the line in your last two sentences. For me, none of us knows for sure what tomorrow will bring, but we know that God has told us that His grace will be sufficient for us if we believe in Him. We are IN the spiritual battle now and Trump IS leading us. Maybe I’m not making myself clear. My trust is in God, and Trump is the President. It’s all together, not separate. I respect how you feel, however.
    There are some people who think Trump might be the Great Monarch. I just threw that in. :eek::notworthy::D
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    \i don't think that President Trump is equipped to lead us in a spiritual battle. That's the role of a person of faith. Catholic faith. A man consecrated to God and with the authority of a successor of the Apostles. That's just my opinion, and it is not meant in any way as a criticism of President Trump.

    Have a look at that video where Taylor Marshall and Ed Mazza discuss Archbishop Vigano's letter. Now, much of it is over my head and my attention tends to wander, but I gather that there is or has been speculation that the katechon could be either a religious leader or a political leader. They seem to interpret the Vigano letter as saying that, with the Pope (religious leader) marked absent or on the wrong side, the role of katechon falls to President Trump. I'm not convinced. Whether or not the katechon will be a case of both a religious and a political leader (e.g. the great monarch and holy pope) or the katechon is a single person, I think that if it is a person that person will be a man of deep faith.

    My own belief is that the spiritual battle won't end no matter who wins the US election although a Trump win would give breathing space to faithful Catholics. I believe that this spiritual battle is an internal one that will be waged in the Church and that it will continue possibly through a few more pontificates before we get the prophesied holy Pope and I think that the Mass will feature in it somehow. I should say the absence of the Mass, whether that be by means of the Mass being banned by a secular power or a corruption of the Consecration. No secular power can stop the Holy Sacrifice as long as there is a valid priesthood and valid matter. Underground priests will always find a way to offer Holy Mass but a valid Mass depends on a valid Consecration.

    Sorry if that sounds convoluted. My thoughts tend to be all over the place on this.
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    I see your point. As Julia says, keep watch and pray.

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