Missionaries murdered in Haiti

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    I had not heard about this story until today. It is certainly very heartbreaking. But at same time, it is inspirational to see the courage that young people have to stand up for the Lord and to go on mission. I know there are many missionaries throughout our world- Catholic and many Christian denominations like this couple. I know these denominations don't create saints but in my mind these three people who were killed are martyrs for Christ and I am sure are with Him now. I am always amazed by people like this who have the strength to go to a dangerous place to witness to and for Jesus Christ. It humbles me. I pray for these young couple and their parents. And, since they cared so much about Haiti, I must also pray that these vicious criminals repent and convert.

    Missouri Rep. Ben Baker’s daughter, son-in-law mourned at packed memorial service after slayings in Haiti (msn.com)
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    John 10:16

    When evil appears .most to triumph it is only to ensure it's greater defeat.

    Witness the Passion and Death of Christ our Lord
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    Haiti reminds me how evil consumes itself turning our poor World into a living hell

    The Doctrines of Death
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    Satan wishes to turn the entire World into a Great Haiti
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