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Discussion in 'Video Blogs' started by padraig, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Michael Voris is visiting Ireland this week; what he had to say is so sad but true, it makes me sad, I just don't want to hear it:

  2. MomsCalling

    MomsCalling Principalities

    He sure tells it like it is, doesn't he? I think he could go to any major city in the US and the answers would be exactly the same as what he got there. So we are all in the same place...the demise is all around us. I was there myself, not long ago. Mary brought me back. May she bring many more back, with the secrets and the permanent sign(s) coming soon. I pray so, anyway.
  3. Torrentum

    Torrentum Guest

    Digging up an old thread here, but it seems Michael Voris is making a return visit here? According to the opening lines of Fr Zuhlsdorf's blog, Fr met Michael by chance on a flight stopover.


    Anyone any idea what he's here for? Could be a follow up on the posts above.
  4. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I must try and get to see him, but they never come north.:(
  5. Indy

    Indy Praying

    He is coming to Cork, that is a big trip from Belfast Padraig. Admission is free though, its a bit of a hike from Galway also especially with the weather we are getting.

  6. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I am sure he will be back in the future he is a great traveller. :)
  7. davidtlig

    davidtlig Guest

    I would advise those who are taken by 'Michael Voris' to be very careful. Although he always seemed to be speaking sound teaching, if a little provocatively, I kept asking myself, "would Jesus speak like this if He were walking the earth today?"

    A short while ago I came across this video of Mr Voris speaking about contemporary 'visionaries'. Once again he seemed to be giving sound advice regarding the over ready acceptance by people of modern 'seers' who are not approved by the Church. But then he goes on to include Medjugorje in his 'black & white' approach to everything. He believes Catholics should ignore Medjugorje until the Church gives its approval. In other words, according to Michael Voris, Catholics should have ignored Our Lady's appearences there for the past 30 years or so. Really...??

    Here's the video:

  8. padraig

    padraig Powers

    This was always the danger , that the false visionaries like MDM would cause people like Michael to suspect the true visionaries as in Garabandal or Medugorje, thus people like MDM have done the devils work for him. May God forgive her.

    As to Michael he is very much mistaken, throwing the bay out with the bathwater is crazy.

    He is a good person but is barking up the wrong tree this time. May God rebuke him and set him straight.
  9. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I have real problems with Voris too (although I think his heart may be in the right place).

    I prefer my Catholc apologists to be intellectual like Fulton Sheen.

    I am not convinced Voris has a rounded view of the faith. But one cannot question his conviction.
  10. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Hard to beat Fulton Sheen, I would also say Jimmy Akin's work is intellectual and not overtly negative and hard hitting.
  11. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    I would just like to register my support for Michael Voris. I believe in the Medj. apparitions (and have several good reasons to do so) but would never judge anyone for not doing so (I have solid Catholic friends who don't believe in them - time will persuade them). MV gave up a very successful secular broadcasting career to promote the faith through the medium of TV and the internet and initially believed that he would receive the support and approval of the US bishops but then found out that a good number of them don't appear to believe in the teachings of the Church. No wonder he comes across as being a 'bit strong' he knows the score and he knows that it is up to lay people to get the true message across because so many of the hierarchy are trying to appear 'nice' the secular world. He may not be perfect but he deserves all the support we can give him.
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  12. Fatima

    Fatima Guest

    Peter was no Jesus either, but Christ chose him to lead his Church. I think we need to respect each others gifts. I have no doubt Michael lives in sanctifying grace and therefor deserves our utmost respect for defending the faith, where others more whimpy would just leave heresy slide. We need people like Michael in the Church. I look at Michael, to be the man that Mark Mallett wrote about here http://www.markmallett.com/blog/be-strong-be-a-man

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  13. SteveD

    SteveD Guest

    The cri de coeur and prayer of Cardinal Newman seems apt to Ireland ('faithful Ireland as JPII called it not so many years ago!) but also to the whole world especially in the West (taken from the 'Protect the Pope' blog)

    'Vanity of vanities! misery of miseries! they will not attend to us, they will not believe us. We are but a few in number, and they are many; and the many will not give credit to the few. O misery of miseries! Thousands are dying daily; they are waking up into God’s everlasting wrath; they look back on the days of the flesh, and call them few and evil; they despise and scorn the very reasonings which then they trusted, and which have been disproved by the event; they curse the recklessness which made them put off repentance; they have fallen under His justice, whose mercy they presumed upon;—and their companions and friends are going on as they did, and are soon to join them. As the last generation presumed, so does the present. The father would not believe that God could punish, and now the son will not believe; the father was indignant when eternal pain was spoken of, and the son gnashes his teeth and smiles contemptuously. The world spoke well of itself thirty years ago, and so will it thirty years to come. And thus it is that this vast flood of life is carried on from age to age; myriads trifling with God’s love, tempting His justice, and like the herd of swine, falling headlong down the steep!

    O mighty God! O God of love! it is too much! it broke the heart of Thy sweet Son Jesus to see the misery of man spread out before His eyes. He died by it as well as for it. And we, too, in our measure, our eyes ache, and our hearts sicken, and our heads reel, when we but feebly contemplate it. O most tender heart of Jesus, why wilt Thou not end, when wilt Thou end, this ever-growing load of sin and woe? When wilt Thou chase away the devil into his own hell, and close the pit’s mouth, that Thy chosen may rejoice in Thee, quitting the thought of those who perish in their wilfulness? But, oh! by those five dear Wounds in Hands, and Feet, and Side—perpetual founts of mercy, from which the fulness of the Eternal Trinity flows ever fresh, ever powerful, ever bountiful to all who seek Thee—if the world must still endure, at least gather Thou a larger and a larger harvest, an ampler proportion of souls out of it into Thy garner, that these latter times may, in sanctity, and glory, and the triumphs of Thy grace, exceed the former.

    “Deus misereatur nostri, et benedicat nobis;” “God, have mercy on us, and bless us; and cause His face to shine upon us, and have mercy on us; that we may know Thy way upon earth, Thy salvation among all the nations. Let the people praise Thee, O God; let all the people praise Thee. Let the nations be glad, and leap for joy; because Thou dost judge the people in equity, and dost direct the nations on the earth. God, even our God, bless us, may God bless us; and may all the ends of the earth fear Him.”
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