Michael Matt speaking at a conference yesterday, 1st May

Discussion in 'Church Critique' started by josephite, May 2, 2021.

  1. josephite

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    'From Enlightenment to Globalism'

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  2. sparrow

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    I like and follow The Remnant.
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  3. Carol55

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    Thank you for posting this Carolyn.

    I think that the following from Father Richard Heilman is a little similar.

    I truly love Father Heilman and the way that he continuously has called us to prayer. Like Our Lady of Fatima, here he is asking us to continue to pray for our priests.

    Here We Are
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    Fr Richard Heilman April 19, 2021

    Here we are. We priests and bishops thought we could just keep the perfunctory programs and mandatory sacramental preparations going, along with the standard amount of Mass offerings, with a half hour of Confessions each week, while we made sure we never offended anyone, for fear of keeping the offertory collection at an acceptable level, or losing cred among their fellow clerics.

    All while we watched the wolves of this world devour our sheep.

    I’ve lost count as to how many have approached me to ask for prayers or any advice whatsoever on what they can do about their child, or their sibling, who has totally turned their lives over to the culture and its “normalization of evil” that is now at historic proportions. Sodom and Gomorrah seems like an Amish community in comparison to our culture today.

    My first question I ask is, “Where do you worship?” And then, “Can you describe it to me?” It usually boils down to something “common.” While it is a nice community, they are not challenged, and they never hear sermons that challenge the anti-Christ movements in our culture today that seek to normalize evil. If it is this kind of wishy-washy parish, I then ask if they have any other options of “strong” parishes within driving distance. Staying there is like sending your child to a public school that asks what their preferred pronoun they choose to use.

    It seems we priests and bishops avoid speaking against this current culture and the new super-flood of “normalizing evil,” for fear of appearing to “take sides.” This would “cause division,” and we’d prefer to welcome everyone, so we avoid “triggering” anyone.

    Balderdash! (socially acceptable word, right? ;-))

    Just look at Peter and John in this Sunday’s readings. Peter says, “YOU denied the Holy and Righteous One and asked that a murderer be released to you!” John says, “Those who say, ‘I know him,’ but do not keep his commandments are LIARS!”

    I bet their ears didn’t feel “tickled” there!

    And, let’s not forget that, while Peter and John were giving their “drill sergeant like” sermons, “the number of the disciples in Jerusalem increased greatly” (Acts 6:7). People want something SUBSTANTIAL that calls them to engage in the battle, not thin gruel.

    At some point, we priests and bishops need to MAN UP, like Peter and John, and begin to be the TRUE shepherds we are called to be, instead punch-the-clock functionaries that we are now. Our flocks are being kidnapped by a force that is FAR MORE passionate than we are!! They are being devoured while we calculate whether we are at the acceptable level of political correctness.

    Those who speak out are accused of being political. POPPYCOCK!! Those who remain silent, for fear of offending, are in fact the ones putting politics ahead of the well-being of their flocks!

    Please pray that we priests and bishops grow some hair on our chests.

    I speak about this in this Sunday’s sermon: https://rumble.com/vfsivz-sermon-for-the-third-sunday-of-easter-april-18-2021-no.html
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  4. BrianK

    BrianK Powers Staff Member


    It’s not that long ago that publications like The Remnant and speakers like Michael Matt weren’t welcome at MOG.

    Praise God that MOG is now 9CCAA1FA-5129-424C-9686-0B96E7253FE7.jpeg
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  5. AED

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    Awesome shirt!
    Thank God for Michael Matt.
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  6. AED

    AED Powers

    This is wonderful! God bless this good priest.
    A sad fact for Fr Heilman--when he evolved to the Latin Mass his uncle who is/was a priest and was his boyhood hero refused to accept his move back to the traditional understanding of the faith and the TLM. He stopped speaking to him.
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  7. sparrow

    sparrow Exitus ~ Reditus

    Does anyone else here watch the United States Grace Force? We do.. and we're Canadian!
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  8. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Thanks be to God, I have been told of heroic actions by Priests that give me Hope that no matter what; there are some good men who will be prepared to face martyrdom in the service of Our Great and Holy Awesome Almighty God, and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ our Saviour.

    I will not be specific because we could be heading for times that will require protecting the people we love and need, on our journey in this exile.

    It saddens me that there are Roman Catholics in Ireland, and no doubt everywhere who will report Priests who are prepared to make the Sacraments available to the people of God. And who suffers, the Roman Catholics who want at all costs to receive the Bread of Angels and the Mercy of Absolution through God's ministers because they believe, they have Faith.

    The snitchers are no different than Judas. I know God help them, they have been drowned in fear by the media and government propaganda; but let's face it, if they had the belief and trust in Jesus Christ, they would be protected from the fear that is being spread by politicians for their own ends.

    We have to Keep Watch and Pray, especially for our fellow Catholics at this time that God may have Mercy on them and lift the fear that has dimmed their wits, when they become snitchers to the detriment of their fellow man. God help them, and forgive them for they know not what they do.
  9. AED

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    I do.
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  10. Jason Fernando

    Jason Fernando Archangels

    me too!
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  11. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    As do I , Michael Matt has real catholic guts and speaks the truth, regardless of the consequences. He’s been ringing the bell on a host of issues long before others and I truly respect this good family man.
    He is a role model for both fathers and men. The Remanent YouTube channel is one of the best.
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  12. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    You are so right Brian. Years ago I had posted one of his videos about the leftist direction the church was going and one member condemned my post horribly. Well sadly history has proven him more than right. That just shows how low our church has fallen. It’s pretty hard to argue that the evidence right in front of you doesn’t exists. Michael Matt is trying to open the eyes of catholics to correct the leftist agenda of the current Catholic Church....and I for one applaud him for his efforts. His passion and love of the traditional faith is a grace from Gods. If I want the truth, he is one of my first sources. His views are now the traditional mainstream....no longer in question.
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  13. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    That is sad....
  14. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    The snitchers are no different than Judas. “ These words are so true Julia!
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  15. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    You are, unfortunately, quite correct and the time is upon us. I urge all to pray to have the fortitude and charity to respond to the growing threat that will soon break loose.
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  16. garabandal

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    Wow -

    Does Michael Matt use an autocue or was this 'off the cuff'?

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  17. Mario

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  18. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I do. The latest video is very good. Fr. Heilman talks about praying for guidance when a strip club opened up very near his church and receiving a kind of locution in response.

    I also watch Taylor Marshall, Timothy Gordon, Matt Fradd, Michael Lofton and Charles Coulombe (he has covid now) and Fr. Goring , but my favourites are Fr. Meeks and Fr. Kirby. Here's Fr. Kirby giving a gentle reminder about some do's and don'ts at Mass. (About 4 minutes into the video).

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  19. josephite

    josephite Powers

    Thanks Dolours for this informative sermon of Fr Kirby, on the Holy Spirit and the Mystical Body of Christ.
    Many inspiring words to ponder....
    'The Holy Spirit constantly offers grace upon grace to the Mystical Body of Christ because "Grace is the life blood of the Church!"
    The church has become weakened, due to life blood depletion, therefore we the church must use these graces and not grieve the Holy Spirit'.
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  20. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    His sermons are always excellent. Check out his Bible study. He did a series on Samuel and is currently going through Genesis. It's a different approach than Fr. Mike Schmitz (Spelling?) Bible in a Year. I can't really explain why, but I've decided that I will benefit more from Fr. Schmitz's Bible in a Year series if I follow Fr. Kirby's study first.
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