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Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by padraig, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. padraig

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    Ina period of mystical 'drought', when most if not all of the prophetic messages I come across turn out to be false ; it's really pleasing to read some that have all the appearance of being authentic.

    Discernment of course is still required, as in the case of all non Church approved apparitions.

  2. padraig

    padraig Powers

    It's difficult to write about these messages without quoting from them. I note a rider at the end:

    I have translated these messages from google translate, had them refined by someone who speaks Ukrainian, then they were read and approved by Maria of Ukraine and her Spiritual Director. ONLY I HAVE THE PERMISSION OF MARIA AND HER SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR TO PUBLISH THEM IN ENGLISH. --thank you.

    So I am not sure if it is alright to quote from them, otherwise it would be difficult to review them?;)
  3. padraig

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    I hope you may let me in on a few secrets. Like about the next Pope.;)
  4. maryrose

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    Is the Bertone entione thCardinal urrently in Rome?
    Read your blog and your comments on the coming Era of peace are so heart inspiring. Look forward to hearing more.
  5. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    My same thoughts Mary.
  6. bflocatholic

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    What does the woman from NY intend to do with the messages? Is she going to be publishing them as well... or are you and the other lady a "team"? Just curious!
  7. Mario

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    Isn't it precious to have a nation like the Ukraine put the above on a postage stamp! May it reflect the heart of her people! (At least, I believe it is a stamp.)


    I'm touched by the word pictures the seer relays, similiar in form to those we see in the Apocalypse. This one disturbs me as it echoes the confusion in the Vatican which the MSM spews forth these days.

    Yesterday I saw Jesus suffering and he went before me, and blood flowed from his wounds onto the ground and formed bloody footprints. I was following Jesus, and behind me was my spiritual Father and Our Lady explained that this blood is mine and my spiritual Father’s sufferings. I saw Pope Benedict XVI and in his hands he held a book. The book was opened, and Bertone' three times closed the book while it was in the hands of the Pope. Then Mother explained to me that the Pope intends to announce the third Fatima secret, but they will not let him do that. Our Lady said that my confessor is the completion of this mystery. February 8, 2012.

    Notice the mention of Maria's suffering. This is important to note for I must ask the question: "Is my love for Jesus such that I'm willing to undergo suffering?" May the Holy Spirit grant me the grace of fortitude!

    Acts 5:40 So they took his advice, and when they had called in the apostles, they beat them and charged them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go. 41 Then they left the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer dishonor for the name.
  8. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Also I just noticed, Terry, the 'Second Warning 'site quoted approvingly on the blog. Though these may be just hiccups. The messages appear very beautiful; like jewels.
  9. I am writing the book. I am publishing the messages. She is helping translate and communicate with Maria of Ukraine. I am also in touch with her spiritual director who speaks both english and ukrainian.
  10. Lee

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    MS7 I'll keep you wrapped in prayers as you write.
  11. Padraig, whre did you see that the 'second warning' site quoted approvingly on my blog? That makes my day. I have so many more messages! The Holy Father is truly in danger. We MUST pray for his safety.
  12. Thank you Lee!! I need it. I am so distracted. I have 70 people coming at the end of June to my home for a pre-ordination party. The Bishop and many Seminarians from all over and the young priest's family. Eight of the Seminarians are staying with us. I have to finish homeschooling my children for the husband is gone all week traveling and is only home on weekends, and I am helping plan my daughter's wedding and cleaning the yard, garden and greenhouse etc. I'm pooped!! God help me. I did hire some strong boys to get the heavy stuff done, but its the little stuff that will kill me. I have to remember to do all with joy and NOT yell at my children and husband and realize that this is not for the Bishop--which I am thrilled to have in my home, but for the love of Jesus and his newly ordained young priest and his lovely family. The book is so very important, I just need to focus and quit procrastinating.
  13. garabandal

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    Sorry I have come late to this thread - who is the Bishop mentioned in the messages that will be Pope [Pope Peter the Great - the next Pope after Benedict] or is that a secret?

    Are you able to tell us what country he is from?
  14. padraig

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    Here it is here, a link right at the top of the post and directly related to the posted message.

    The link from the false 'Second Coming', site talks of . 'The man of Peace' and under it you write ,apparently in approval/agreement with the false seer of the site, 'Maria',

    'Watch now as the man of peace will present himself to the world.'

    This , 'Man of Peace..and I quote, 'Maria';

    'Watch now as the man of peace will present himself to the world.
    He will be seen to create peace in the Middle East.'

    appears to be the anti- Christ. I was a little alarmed firstly to see you agreeing with a false seer but also to be in agreement over such a serious issue.

    Its no big deal and not the end of the world. But it is a matter of concern.
  15. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I am sorry this appears more grave than I thought you appear to have cut and pasted the entire message of the false seer 'Maria' of the' Warning Second Coming ' site unto your blog. It might well appear to the unwary to be a message from 'Maria' from the Ukraine??
  16. Please help me understand your thoughts on maria of warning second coming .com....I did have a problem with her early on with Jesus saying something to the effect that people were 'stupid'. I wrote her and told her what I thought. She wrote me back and explained that although that is not something that Jesus would normally say, it was a correct term. I do know when some people receive inner or outer locutions they sometimes put intheir own thoughts and words which is why I questioned. The man of Peace IS GOING TO MAKE HIS EMERGENCE soon. That is why I cut and pasted it from her site. If you have discussed this visionary at length, on this forum, please let me know, I need to decern more obviously on this. I need to know why you are adamently against her messages. I should not have mixed apples with oranges on my site and I will erase maria of second coming . com if I can have some help decerning. Thank you.
  17. bflocatholic

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    MS7- thanks for answering my question... also, regarding the "Warning Second Coming" site, you can see one of the more lengthy discussions about it here:

    Also, I recall Maria posting on the site for a bit (or at least communicating with Padraig). One of the other members may be able to direct you to that thread.

    I will pray for your (and all of our) discernment!
  18. padraig

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  19. padraig

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    Ha ! Bi catholic already posted. This Maria is a buisness lady from Dublin Ireland . Two Maria's on the one blog will have folks seeing double.:rolleyes:
  20. RoryRory

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    I am confused. Is maria Divine Mercy from Ireland? is she credible.?
    Who is maria second coming/

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