Message of Our Lady to Josyp Terelya

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    Josyp Terelya---Our Lady –October 21, 2002
    from his book 'Witness' (co-authored by Michael Brown)

    “Our Son, The times have come which St. John had foretold - 'the time of times'. The time has arrived to unveil the truth before the eyes of the Christian faithful - the Truth which is the beginning of the great travails and tribulations, which inexorably seek to kill the soul of men. (Mt. 24,9: birth pangs; cf. Rev. 12.2). The devil has seated himself on his throne, his altar. And he has now become the opponent of all good initiative. The antichrist has assumed total control over all human activity, possessing, as he does the might and power of his father, Satan. The evil spirits are leading the apostates into lawlessness and incredulity. The antichrist is working actively through these evil spirits on the mind of man, conscious and subconscious. As a result man is led to commit yet greater crimes that distance him from Truth. The spirit of the antichrist has long since been operating through the mystery of lawlessness. He is becoming ever stronger in these hapless days. The terrain is being prepared for the future 'benefactor' of mankind. Until now, the greatest obstacle in the final realization of the ideas of the antichrist is the Church of Christ, which alone is completely in unison with Divine revelation, and truly unveils the dark plans of Satan. In our times there are many dark forces and Luciferian organizations that are working to undermine the Christian faith. Christians must remember and know, that the choirs of the saints and martyrs of the Church are looking down upon you from the depths of history, questioning: why are you not defending your faith….” 43

    “My children, as never before the servants of Satan, the masons, are becoming active in their subversive efforts against the Church, the family and the nations of the world. The father of the masons - the antichrist - stands over them. A liar and a thief from age to age. Having infiltrated the Church, the servants of the devil and the lawless one, have begun to eliminate actively from Christian prayers the invocations of the Archangel St. Michael, who is the patron of the Catholic Church. His name is being removed from Masses and liturgical texts. Modern priests and bishops especially are destroying the statues of the Archangel, Saint Michael. They justify this as if this; take away from Christ, which is an outright lie. Things are being done in the Church which are opposed to God: penitential practices are eliminated in Lent. Self-denial and penance are scoffed at. Instead, they preach the happy life and love of fame. The Catholic masons are spreading the idea that Jesus Christ has already won heaven for us by His death on the cross, and that our human efforts are not required. They use modern priests to falsify the Holy Mass, so that nothing of holiness remains. The antichrist through these evil spirits is trying to raise doubts about the truth of the Eucharist. This is why the Pope blessed you to organize Eucharistic Congresses throughout the entire world. On September 17 this year you had the special grace with your wife to kneel before the Holy Father to receive his Papal blessing. The enemies of the living God and of His Church are spreading the idea, that the blessed Eucharist is only, a symbol, and that Jesus is not present under the appearances of bread and wine during the Sacred Liturgy. This is why they forbade the celebration of the Holy Mass in Latin. The antichrist has ordered his evil spirits, the masons, to undermine the authority of priests, comparing them to ordinary people. Women in churches walk around everywhere with their heads uncovered. Modern priests are clamoring to have women serve during Holy Mass on the grounds of the constitution about the equality of the sexes; and are even to be admitted to the priesthood, through which they offend my Son. They are demanding full freedom to act for women as ministerial priests. The antichrist is clamoring to forbid kneeling during the reception of Holy Communion, as though the spirit of democracy required this. They tell children that God loves them just as they are and this is why children have full freedom to do as they wish. The apostate women religious teach the children not to fold their hands devoutly during prayer, for God loves them as they are. Many churches forbid organ music, and they have substituted modern music for this. Modern priests are doing everything they can to destroy a personal relationship of Jesus with those praying….” 44
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  2. Luan Ribeiro

    Luan Ribeiro Archangels

    messages similar to those of Verne
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  3. sparrow

    sparrow The ultimate limit to evil is Divine Mercy

    And this was 15 years ago. You can see it has all come to pass and then some :(
  4. AED

    AED Powers

    Wow! I knew of Josyp Terrleyva. He suffered in Siberia at a prison camp just for being a devout Catholic. I read some of his history in M. Brown’s book. The Blessed Mother miraculously saved his life and got him safely to Canada. These words are so powerful and true and chilling. And that was in 2002. Things are MUCH worse now. God have mercy!!
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  5. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I wonder if Joseyp Terrleyva is the Polish man who I read about years ago. I had a book about him and lost it with moving and all. But if it is the same man, I remember reading in his book that he said the anti-Christ was born in 1977. Born of a union between a Jewish nun and a Catholic Bishop.

    I don't know if Jews have nuns, but it stuck in my mind for all those years, and I could never remember the name of the man who wrote about it.

    If there is any truth in it, that chap would be 40 this year. Just wondering.
  6. AED

    AED Powers

    Josyp was Ukranian. Scary prophecy though.
  7. Scott P

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    I thought I remember that Joseph terelya said that the China and Russia would have a war in 2020

    Does anyone know if that's true
  8. AED

    AED Powers

    I can't remember. I know he said to watch their borders. If China started amassing troops on Russia's shared border that was a sign.
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  9. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    I met him. He gave me some copies of his paintings of angels telling me I should have them. He didn’t take money for them and I wasn’t trying to buy them, either. So, I just supposed I was to have them.It’s a longer story, but I no longer have those prints. This was around 2003-2004 in NJ which was a time of true awakening in my spiritual life. ~AN
  10. KyleHancock

    KyleHancock Angels

    This is my first time reading these but I must admit that I find it hard to believe that the creator of the universe gets hung up on organ music versus other musical instruments.
  11. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I would see his 'prophecies' as personal and inspirational reflections. Joseph had a big personality and like the Irish could tell a good story. Malachi Martin springs to mind. Worth listening to and makes you think.
  12. andree

    andree Archangels

    Funny you should say this, but I think that this comment is totally justified. Bad music at mass is a major distraction. Music should only be part of the mass if it renders glory to God and helps us in prayer, but much of the time for me anyway, it does the opposite. I much prefer a simple mass with no music.

    Having said this, music does have a spiritual dimension and I've read many theories about some music having healing capacities. Some say that organs have the capacity to heal and there were reports of healing through organ music in Churches in the past. Consider the arguments in this short video which touches on organs in Churches too. I don't agree with everything said there, but it gets into the real effects of light and sound frequencies (he talks about Rife, who discovered that viruses have specific frequencies).

    Organs create frequencies and vibrations and can carry a spiritual force so I think Churches have to be careful what songs, music is allowed. I've read some interesting articles about the evolution of the art of composing. Apparently in the middle ages, composers all followed universal rules so that music was written in keeping with knowledge that certain keys, harmonics had certain effects on our emotions and biology.

    I have also read about experiments done in Churches and people have said that there is a kind of sweet spot for vibrations right in the center of the transept (the center of the Cross shape of the Church). Years ago, I visited a monastery in France and the guide was into Gregorian singing and she explained how the shape of the Church was designed to carry the sounds and vibrations and then she demonstrated it.

    It's a big subject for music-lovers and I don't doubt that the evil one has done everything possible to ruin the benefits of music in the mass.
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  13. AED

    AED Powers

    Meeting him must have been very memorable. He had quite a story. What a shame about the angel prints.
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  14. AED

    AED Powers

    Very very interesting. Fr Ripperger has a talk on this on sensus fidellium. The physics of frequencies and vibrations and rhythms is very provocative. What passes for music in these days plays havoc with us on very deep levels. For myself I can't listen to it. In Church I prefer silence to the banging of guitars. (I used to play guitar for yearso_O) I find it intrusive and abrasive. My favorite music in or out of Church is Gregorian chant. I do like classical music as well. "Music to soothe the soul " However I am always aware that some souls love guitar music and this is part of their sincere worship and God is loved and served. I offer it up.
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  15. andree

    andree Archangels

    Oh I will have to find Fr Ripperger's talk on this. I agree with you about popular music wreaking havoc. I came to realize as an adult that music affected me spiritually as a teen and now I can't stand listening to most of that music now. In France, most Churches only allow songs that are from an approved guide, so that prevents what I've seen in the US or elsewhere of people who sing their own songs at mass.

    I also wanted to mention something that convert Zachary King said (he's the former satanist wizard), that he was often asked by musicians to put spells on their music. He also thinks that much rock music has some sort of spell or curse on it.
  16. lynnfiat

    lynnfiat Fiat Voluntas Tua

    Didn’t St. John Paul II desire to have chants in our Churches? Seems to me I remember him saying something like this. It certainly would be nice!
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  17. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    It’s not about being “hung up” as you wrote. In truth, the Church permitted the organ to be played as it is an instrument similar to the human voice box and vocal chords. The sounds made from both come forth due to vibration and the movement/pushing out of air. Prior to the organ, it was the human voice chanting which served as the primary instrument for praising God.
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  18. Scott P

    Scott P New Member

    I believe music is mystical: Try this if you have the patience, you won't regret it:


    Music is the Transcendent Language of the Liturgy

    TUTOR: OK, student, to get back on the bandwagon, we remind ourselves that we are progressively showing that music is revelatory, at least objectively.

    STUDENT: Yes, and it has been an awesome ride so far!

    TUTOR: Yes, it has, and it is only going to get better! Toward that end, we once again remind ourselves that countless saints have testified that the Mass contains the whole faith implicitly. And there is no denying that the ultimate language of the Mass is music, seeing as Scripture persistently testifies that the angels and holy ones never cease to not merely SAY but to SING to God their worship and praise of Him.

    STUDENT: Yes. For example, in a liturgical snippet of Apocalypse, the angels sing Holy, Holy, Holy, which is a reference to what we sing at Mass just before the Eucharistic prayer!

    TUTOR: Yes, exactly! And, moreover, whereas Latin and some Eastern tongues are marvelously poetic expressions of how to communicate in the liturgy, the ultimate transcendence of human communication is music, since immediately, if one hears an instrumental melody, the listener can already interpret some implicit meaning from the emotions, timing, and such, whereas if one hears Latin or Lithuanian or Aramaic, one will probably not understand unless one is native to that land or has studied that language. Hence, clearly, as we saw in that first essay, music truly is the ultimate transcendent communication medium. Therefore, if the liturgy perfectly communicates the essentials of our faith implicitly, and if music is the corresponding language of the liturgy, then music should, in some sense, reveal the mysteries of faith.

    STUDENT: Yes, and we have progressively been showing this through the lessons. More particularly, this has been demonstrated wonderfully in everything we have done so far. Toward that end, maybe you could review what we have worked on.

    Western Music is Not Relative

    TUTOR: Sure. Firstly, we showed that music is not entirely relative: that even though different cultures may divide the music period differently than the West, or hear different things in our music than we do, nevertheless, if we use natural law and harmonics, the Western scale of 12 notes follows as the simplest natural and objective music that exists. Hence, music is not arbitrary but rigorous and logical.

    Moreover, we have begun to establish that this same natural music contains some mind-blowing analogies of Catholic mystery and doctrine that cannot be denied objectively but only questioned about whether God intended them or not.

    The Greater Ages in Music

    STUDENT: I agree. I will chime in on the first analogy: in the second lesson, we showed that the Greater Ages of the World, both in the joys and sorrows, follow a simple musical scale, namely, from the base note of the key all the way up [or down] to the octave inclusive. There, we saw that the octave was an awesome metaphor: that just as the first and last notes of the scale are effectively the “same” note, only one octave higher or lower, so the first and last phases of human history, whether in joy or sorrow, have basically identical characteristics; how? Well, in this: namely, that the world in the beginning is totally wicked, sparing a remnant [Noah and his family], and the world at the end is totally wicked [the great apostasy] sparing a remnant [small portion of Gentiles and most Jews]. Too, the world at the beginning is destroyed by water, and the world at the end, by fire; finally, the first world is starting to be redeemed, whereas at the end, it is being utterly redeemed.
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  19. Te Deum

    Te Deum Angels

    Funny the subject of music comes up today. I've been thinking about my experience of the Mass last Sunday all week, with the tune of Alleluia stuck in my brain. The pop version I dislike! I think the music definitely impacts on my experience and I prefer organ music or none. I wish they would cancel the pop or jazzy music in church...... it really doesn't belong lMO. Never came across this prophesy before. Must look into it .....
  20. sparrow

    sparrow The ultimate limit to evil is Divine Mercy

    I find Gregorian Chant to be soooo spiritual.. I love putting on this youtube video
    Its the 15 decade rosary in Gregorian Chant :love:

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