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    Best wishes this Christmas and may your New Year bring renewed love in our Lord, the Father, and Holy Spirit. May or Lord’s Mother keep you throughout the New Year and always, until the day our Lord calls. The attachment I made from a phopt I took at EWTN and did some modifications to it.

    Cecil & Kim

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    And to you, and health and happiness to you and yours throughout the new year also.

  3. Lee

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    Cecil, thank you and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well.

    I'm interested in your trip to EWTN. Was it like a tour or a pilgrimage? Can you tell me about it?
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    I made several trips with my wife, only once meeting friends to share the spiritual experience. We are blessed with the location, a five hour drive from my house.

    Mother Angelica Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament is located in Hanceville Alabama and the Eternal Word Television Network and EWTN Chapel is located in Irondale Alabama – 70 – 80 mile drive between the two locations.

    We stay in Irondale to attend the daily mass at the EWTN Chapel, which you see televised daily. The Chapel is beautiful but very small. It has an overflow with a large TV screen not seen on TV; however, it is located just to the left of the Chapel and those in attendance receive the Blessed Sacrament. The Liturgy of the Hours start at 6 AM – beautiful. They also have confessions, Adoration, Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and other hours of the liturgy at the appropriate times. We totally enjoyed the Mass and did not want to leave. The silence is breath taking and you really feel the presence of or Lord.

    We then leave for the trip to Hanceville and the Shrine. This is the home of Mother Angelica, the sisters, and is out of this world beautiful. The gold altar, seven foot monstrance, sisters singing the Liturgy of the Hours, and Benediction (televised on Sunday TV) is also a must.

    We normally spend two days/nights and then go to West Virginia and North Carolina to visit family and then back to Florida.

    I will attach two photos’ I took, the Shrine and Chapel. If you have a chance to visit, I think you would totally enjoy it. web site has all the information concerning Pilgrimages, maps, logging, etc.


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    A Blessed Christmas to you and yours , Cecil and to all on the site!!

    Did you ever get to meet Mother Angelica , Cecil, I am sure she will be canonised someday?

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  6. CRW

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    No we never had the pleasure of meeting Mother Angelica. Her medical condition always prevented that during our visits. I agree that she will be canonized if the USCCB does not prevent. She made many enemies by not turning her network over to the Bishop's Conference and making it privately owned. Many do not know that 5 to 7 people totally funded the Shrine for Mother Angelica and did not spare a penney to make it the best. We plan to make the trip again before Good Friday 2009, if my medical condition allows.

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    And to all my other friends on the forum. I'm so glad to be Catholic and have a whole Christmas season to use in catching up! :D

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